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IQD CALLS Chat Monday Evening 10-21-19

IQD CALLS Chat Monday Evening 10-21-19

Sandyf   @Sergio Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar - The best example of Iraqi dinar revaluation is the Kuwaiti Dinar revaluation that occurred in 1990 and people who invested in the Kuwaiti dinar became billionaire over night.

Hi Seck, glad to see you are still out and about, I am getting a bit too old these days for it all. Thanks for bringing the General Tant interview up, I did some time ago and it was rubbished. Some would rather shoot the messenger than consider the facts.

As for Kuwait, there was never any revaluation, during the occupation the KWD was removed as the national currency and then reinstated.

During that time the Central Bank of Kuwait still operated in exile and they never changed anything, a revaluation can only come from the Central Bank, anything else is speculation. This is how the reinstated value came about.

" The banks were instructed to set their accounts at their August 1, 1990 levels, and to pay interest on savings and fixed deposit accounts for the entire period of the occupation."

You can read the whole Kuwait saga in this document "The Impact of the Iraqi Invasion on the Kuwaiti Banking and

Financial System: Lessons Learned from a Financial Crisis"

You may have a problem finding it as it looks like it has been removed from CBK website.

biff   I wonder why

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IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 10-21-19

.IQD CALLS Chat Early Monday 10-21-19

Chattels    The stability of the dollar exchange rate on the local stock exchange

Monday 21 October 09:22 2019  Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Monday, stability in the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price on Al-Kifah exchange reached 1202.5 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 250 dinars for one hundred dollars.

chattels   Waiting for the upcoming demonstrations: What is the way to absorb the anger of the street and achieve the desired reform?

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The economic expert Baqer Mashat called for harnessing human resources to activate the Iraqi private sector.

Al-Mashat said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): "The private sector has proved in many countries of the world a great success," stressing: "The Iraqi economy now needs to activate the private sector in order not to rely on the single financial resource realized from the sale of crude oil Just".

Al-Mashat pointed out: "The activation of the Iraqi private sector will provide a lot of factors, including the employment of unemployed hands in addition to the development of new urban projects, which will lead to a greater flow of funds in the Iraqi market."

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IQD CALLS Chat and News Highlights Sunday Evening 10-20-19

.IQD CALLS Chat and News Highlights Sunday Evening 10-20-19

Larrykn   Economy News _ Baghdad   Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Fouad Hussein on Sunday discussed with World Bank Group Ceo Marzar Hassan in Washington initiatives that support strengthening the role of the private sector as an effective economic partner in boosting the Iraqi economy.

"The latter met with World Bank Group Ceo Marzar Hassan in Washington to review the economic and financial situation in Iraq, as well as discuss the bank's activities, particularly the bank,"" said a statement issued by the office of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Fouad Hussein. "Initiatives that support strengthening the role of the private sector as an effective economic partner in revitalizing the Iraqi economy."

"The government has adopted a comprehensive policy of economic reform by laying the foundations for fighting red tape and corruption, introducing technology and using advanced global expertise in building economic sectors in various activities," the deputy prime minister said in a statement

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Sergio: "I have a UN update"

.Special Post By Sergio - UN Update

From IQD Calls Chat

Sergio   Hello everyone. I have a UN update. I just got off the phone with the person who heads the communication with IRAQ. Call went like this. Hello a lady answered the phone, hello my name is seck and i have a question on Iraq Chapter 7 and their currency.

She then asked me what organization i was calling from? I said i was a private individual who is looking for some information. She said we do not answer questions to private person, she then paused and said hold on let me see if i can get the person to help you, i thanked her for the help she was giving me, she came back on the line as asked if i could hold on he was on a call with someone from Iraq. i said yes i will hold.

then with in mins a man came on and asked was i such in such a persons name who had emailed him on the 8 th i said i have emailed 4 times in the past month LOL told him my name he said wrong person lol anyway he ask what can i do for you.

I said i wanted to know if Iraq has t come out of chapter 7 before the can have a tradable Currency? He said NO!! i then told him i was told from a person in the UN before that they would have to come out of Chapter 7 he said the person gave me the wrong answer and he will email me with docs that pertain to iraq and what ever else he could give me, I said thank you for all you help he then gave me his email address, said goodbye .

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IQD CALLS Chat Early Sunday 10-19-19

.IQD CALLS Chat Early Sunday 10-19-19

Francis Albert   Some believe that Iraq is Sovereign and the GOI and CBI can do what they wish. This is just a short paragraph from Sadr's Friday address to the mosques.

Francis Albert   “All of them want to make some temptations to silence you, such as appointments, salaries and the like. All of them have prepared themselves for the worst-case scenarios, and all have come together to find solutions. “They all know that they have surrendered to those outside the border and that they will not be able to make any decision without their consent,” he said.

Sparky   Francis Albert ... apparently Sadr does not like intruders in his country...

Dave   ....and he dont care mucH for M

Dj   Um, just heard iraq announced international the a rate of bout 8.

Sparky   Matt ... interesting observation...

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IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 10-19-19

.IQD CALLS Chat Early Saturday 10-19-19

 Larrykn   I think it will happen or I wouldn't be here. the ? is when and what year .

chattels   larrykn Positive illusions are powerful mindsets.

chattels   larrykn My developing attitude, which explains my absence in part, is that if is going to happen, if it happens whether, I am in here or not. :)

larrykn   I was hoping that the protest over there would turn in our favor but no one would know what Iraq will do. they surprise us all the time

larrykn   I don't look like this is the fix all solution but live life daily and see what God will bring to us.

chattels   larrykn We have learned that nothing is certain in Iraq, eh ?

larrykn   very true

chattels   larrykn It is said that if money will solve all of one's problems then one has no problems.

larrykn   God as always provided for us. we might not get all our wants but we do get our needs :)

larrykn   Al-Hakim calls for media freedom, protecting activists

Wisdom Movement leader Ammar al-Hakim called on the government and parliament to preserve media freedom and protect activists and bloggers from assassination, pressure, and prosecution.

Hakim said through his official account on Twitter: "the media and freedom of expression is the tool of any democratic system receives the other opinion with the same spaciousness that receives opinion."

He went on saying: "by these wings -media and freedom of expression,- democracy flies in the space of freedom to find those who discover its negative performance and evaluate its positives."

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IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-18-19

.IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-18-19

 Dave   Demonstrations of October 25 postponed to another date .. Protesters submit 5 conditions “impossible” knownThe coordination statement, received by Yass Iraq, said that ‘to the people of our great Iraqi people, to the free of our spare youth who refused to continue injustice and corruption under a chaotic system led by whales of corruption and gangs of looting and conspiracy, history has shown that the masses are stronger than the tyrants and that the people

The statement added: ‘You started with your previous demonstrations, which started on 1/10/2019 and was a volcano of anger against the corrupt and greedy wealth of the country, and thus we are able to remove this system roosting in the chest of Iraq for a decade and a half.’

“But we decided the following: 1. Giving them a ‘thirty-day’ opportunity to make a constitutional amendment that includes the following: a. Merging the Prime Minister with Majoriya; b) electing the President directly by the people; c. Limiting the session of the Council of Representatives to two sessions only retroactively; The power to choose conservatives to the President of the Republic, e – the trial of corrupt through the media and retrieve what they stole from the wealth of the people ‘.

Dave   In a second point of the statement, the coordination, said that ‘in the absence of response to the demands above, the date of major demonstrations on 22/11/2019 corresponding to Friday’.

It wishes to clarify the platform “Yes Iraq” that this statement is anonymous and was issued in the name of the youth coordination and did not include the name of the president or members of this coordination and the platform has not yet been able to access the source of this statement, which I received from an anonymous email and tried to follow up the issuance of this statement and did not find.

The platform noted the issuance of statements by anonymous since October 1, without the name, signature or knowledge of the body behind these organizations, which raises doubts of the attempt by some to send and circulate these written data and exploit the speed of social means to spread.

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IQD CALLS Chat Early Friday 10-18-19

.IQD CALLS Chat Early Friday 10-18-19


Before you Pray * Believe

Before you Speak * Listen

Before you Spend * Earn

Before you Write * Think

Before you Quit * Try

Before you Die * Live

Sandyf   @Dave under liabilities......7,903,265,458

@Dave thought reserves would be an asset

You are misinterpreting the word "reserves", that figure along with the capital would be the "equity" which is used to balance the statement. It is seen as debt because it would normally be funds that would be owed to the owners/investors.

Dave   sandyf so where in this spread sheet do reflect their not see it.......thanx for the drive bye

Matt   Dow Jones Industrial Average INDEXDJX: .DJI   27,025.88 +23.90 (0.089%)^

Portmagaland   We are in the Matrix laying in those pods being used like batteries and everything else is just pretend. This is the only thing that makes sense. Good night and hopefully we wont wake up in Groundhog Day.

Matt   Portmagaland Or the Bible and the fallen angels are running the place.

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