Post RV Information

This will be a landing page for all the important Post RV postings we make.

Dinar Recaps will post here ALL Bank Packages that are made available publicly at the many Dinar Forums we get information from.

Everything we post will also be in one of our email Newsletters. If you are not on our FREE Email List, now is a time to join.

UPDATE from August 20th, 2013
This is RECAPS stand on the situation. UNTIL a RV happens, we can NOT be 100% sure Recaps will be allowed to post EVERY bank deal or opportunity. We hope and believe we will. But is up to the people in charge of those deals to decide that. And as we all know, it is a very fluid situation and subject to change.

Recaps cannot recommend any group, or do we have sign up information for any group. We repeat, Dinar Recaps has nothing to do with them or recommend them or any such group. Recaps only re-posts what others are saying.

Do NOT email Recaps about "Groups", as we have no further information at this time.