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Dinar Recaps is not set up for questions and answers and is not an open forum. If you have a question, they can be left in the comment section of each post by scrolling all the way down. Registration with Disqus is required to leave a comment on a post.

Dinar Recaps is a FREE Blog page of stories we would like to read.

We are NOT the customer service or help desk of the Dinar Community.

We do NOT answer personal questions or give any advice.

We do NOT answer any questions pertaining to banks or anything about exchanging, buying or selling Dinars

We are a blog that posts items from many other forums. EVERYTHING we have we post on our Blog page. We do have a "Advice" category on our BLOG page of posts from the Dinar Community.

If or when a RV should happen, we will be posting important items on our POST RV Page. (This page also has information to join our FREE Email Newsletter that we email 2 or 3 times every day with all our Blog posts.)

If you have a general Dinar question or if you have a question about an item we post, contact the person at the forum it came from. Or ask your question at any Dinar Forum that is set up for questions and answers.

Do not use the form below to ask us how to get to a different Forum. Try Google, it really does work.

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