Dinar Recaps Twitter - Signup and Help

 There are two easy ways to signup with Twitter

First Way - You can join online with this link

Follow DinarRecaps on Twitter

VERY IMPORTANT: When joining online to follow Dinar Recaps Tweets, make sure you add your mobile phone number under Settings/Mobile.

  1. From your Twitter account page online, in the upper right hand corner, click your name for Settings.

  2. From your Settings page, click the Mobile tab towards the top of the page.

  3. Enter your text enabled phone number.

  4. Then from your phone text "ON DINARRECAPS" (no quotes) to 40404

Second Way - You can join directly from your mobile phone

From your phone, text "FOLLOW DINARRECAPS" to 40404 (outside United States, see HERE.)

  1. You will receive a text from Twitter that you are to reply to with the word "SIGNUP".

  2. If you already have a Twitter Username, reply back your Twitter username to the next text received.

  3. If you do not already have a Twitter account, you will need to pick a Twitter username (maximum 15 characters, no spaces). This you will reply back to the second text message from Twitter.

  4. You will receive a text from Twitter that your username is accepted.

  5. To stop receiving texts, from your phone text "OFF @DINARRECAPS" (you can turn them back on at any time by texting "ON DINARRECAPS" to 40404).

By following Dinar Recaps on Twitter, does not give us access to your personal information or phone number. Quote from Twitter: "Twitter does not disclose personally identifying information to third parties except in accordance with our Privacy Policy." See Twitter's Privacy Policy for more information.

Twitter messages are limited to only 140 characters. Most of our Tweets will include a link to our BLOG page with the complete posting. On most smart phones you will be able to click the link to bring you to the complete message. If you do not have a "smart" phone, you can still receive our Tweets to alert you that something has been posted on our Blog.

As Dinar addicts, we search online all hours of the day and night for interesting news and quotes to pass along to our followers. We usually will not send out any Twitter Tweets between midnight (ET) and 10am (ET). Any good information will be posted into our BLOG but not Tweeted late at night or early mornings. We will Tweet a message if it is especially ground breaking if we feel that our Twitter Followers would want such a message.

"Sleep Time" allows you to schedule an OFF and ON time for Twitter updates going to your phone. If you do not want to get Twitter updates late at night for example, you can schedule your updates to shut off when you go to sleep, and turn back on automatically when you wake up. Here are the Twitter instructions to set this up.

Twitter commands
Do more than Tweet! Send these commands to Twitter (40404 - outside United States, see HERE):

Start following us

"ON" or "OFF"
Turn all Tweet notifications on or off

Set Tweet notifications for us to on or off (you'll still be following us even if you set it to off)

Shows you the latest tweet from us

"RT username"
Retweet our latest tweet to someone else

Favorite our latest tweet

"D DINARRECAPS your-message"
Send a direct message to a user