List of Bank Services to Request or find Out About

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(Feel Free to use which of these Suggestions may fit your own personal circumstances and discard those that don't)

List of Bank Services to Request or find out about


Ask the private banker or bank manager to provide the following items:

1. No spread fees or bank fees of any kind charged on the currency exchange.
(With the “1% over-nights”, the “Quarterlies” and the “fractional banking loans”, this should not be an issue.)

2. Highest interest rates available to be paid on my accounts.

Forever Waive all bank account fees, cashier’s check fees, notary fees, wire fees etc.

Bank to provide and pay for insurance to cover all account balances. Lloyds of London - Abbott Downing with WF for accts with over 50M$

5. Access to information on investments such as pre-IPOs, real estate (REO), and bank trading and sweep accounts.

6. Bank to provide a team to include a Tax attorney, CPA, wealth planner, trust attorney, Estate planning, etc.

Private bank debit card such as opal or black card with no RFID

Multiple insurance types (Health, kidnapping, etc.)

Low or no interest loans rate if needed in the future

Increased ATM withdraw limits and Use of out of network ATMs without fees

12. No foreign exchange fees for debit card usage outside the U.S.

13. Concierge services (possible Vertu phone for mainland), First class travel arrangements as needed.

14. Unlimited limo service when visiting any city, in any country other than my hometown.

15. VIP Concert tickets

The following benefits will be available and apply to all accounts as long as a minimum balance of $____________USD (or it’s equivalent) is held in one or more Wells Fargo accounts by ____________ Trust or another entity who’s primary signatory is the client, _________________________.

All benefits will be available for my immediate family (son, daughter and their domestic partners) as long as the above requirement is maintained.

Banking Services
Complimentary Notary Services
Free courier services and overnight delivery with return
Two free safe deposit boxes (largest available, at preferred branches)
No fee/charge for cashing any form of check.
Free Traveler’s Checks

Wires and Bank Checks
No fees/charges for obtaining certified/cashier’s checks or money orders.
No fees/charges for sending/receiving domestic or international wires.

Foreign Exchange
No spread fees or foreign currency exchange fees on foreign currency exchange.
Bank rate (“no spread,” zero difference) on all currency exchanges.

ATM/Debit and Credit Cards

No annual fees on all credit cards
Zero percent APR on all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, et al) for purchases and cash advances if paid in full within six months, followed by 2% APR on any remaining balances.
No cash advance fees.
Fully adjustable debit and credit card withdrawal limits set by card holder, changeable 24/7
Guaranteed “next day” replacement of lost or stolen cards.
No fees for additional debit cards (ie “linked” debit cards for employees, children, home staff, et al with specific monthly spending and withdrawal limits set for each cardholder.)

Checking and Savings Accounts
As stated above, all accounts shall be free of all bank fees and service charges as long as the client maintains a balance of $______________________USD (or it’s equivalent) is held in the client’s accounts.

These fees/charges include, but are not limited to:

Free checks (No fees or charges for any checks, including online overnight checks/payments from BillPay).

No online banking fees, checking account or savings account fees; No ATM or human teller fees, non-system ATM fees, debit or credit card fees.

No international/foreign transaction fees; transfer redirection charges, overdraft fees, excess transfer fees, returned deposit fees, stop payment fees.

No monthly or annual account maintenance/service fees or card fees, inactivity fees, account closing fees, lost card/replacement card fees.

Any “non-system” or “out of system” banking or ATM charges/fees will be paid for by Wells Fargo and reimbursed to my account within three business days.

In the event of any accounts being closed, all estate administrator fees will be paid by Wells Fargo.

Maximum 0.5 percent above Wells Fargo’s ________ bank rate from mortgages, real estate, auto and business loans

No loan application fees

There will be no limitations of time or amount, penalties, charges or fees on transfer or withdrawal of funds from any of the client’s accounts.

Concierge Services and Misc Benefits
Complimentary Concierge Services 24/7
Complimentary premier lounge access at airports, ballparks, arenas, hotels, clubs, et al worldwide.

Lloyd’s of London or Abbott Downing insurance coverage for all accounts.

Private Banking

Dedicated Private Banker / private banking services available 24/7
Upon request Private Banking will provide information and access to pre-IPO offerings and other “by invitation only” investment offerings.
No charges, fees or annual membership dues for full and unlimited access to Wells Fargo Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO) Portal or similar online executive banking management and market analysis services.
After hour appointments on request

Dispute Resolution
Any and all disputes will be resolved by an independent third-party mediator.
Their opinion will be binding and serve as a final ruling.
All parties will honor and abide by their decision.