IQD CALLS CHAT Saturday Night  8-24-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Saturday Night  8-24-19

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  larrykn   Cleric issues edict forbidding US troops in Iraq

larrykn   Maliki threatens Israel after shelling IMIS camps

larrykn   Explosion in Iraq near Shiite mosque kills 3, wounds dozens

larrykn   Operation Claw 3 launched in North Iraq: Defense ministry

larrykn   Iraq launches fourth phase of anti-ISIS military campaign in rural Anbar

larrykn   Abdul Mahdi's oil Ministry demands the implementation of its obligations to eliminate smuggling oil

Economy news Baghdad:   Demanded Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the oil Ministry should be committed to implementing recommendations for oil smuggling file to eliminate corruption in oil file systems.

Abdul-Mahdi's Office said in a press release received news "economy" in the prime necessity for the oil Ministry to implement recommendations for oil smuggling and file schedule for this purpose with follow up operational procedures to ensure the Elimination of corruption in oil "file systems.

larrykn   Have a great weekend all :)

chattels   The Iraqi National Business Council proposes a solution to the national electricity crisis

Saturday 24 August 20:32 2019

chattels   That ought to do it.

chattels   They can afford 100 billion dollars, eh ?

chattels   Assuming 20,000,000 homes at $ 5,000 per home.

chattels   The stability of the dollar against the dinar in Baghdad today

Friday , 23 August 11:44 2019

chattels   Selling price per dollar 1207.5 dinars,

or 120 thousand and 750 dinars for one hundred dollars.

The purchase price for the dollar is 1200 dinars, or 120 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / The Supreme Council for Combating Corruption held its seventeenth session under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, where he reviewed the latest developments, especially with regard to the measures taken in the field of fighting corruption by the executive, judicial and supervisory authorities, and follow-up the implementation of recommendations approved by the Council and implemented according to competence.

chattels   If one could " meet or committee away " problems then Iraq would have none.

Doug_W   amen C

chattels   Former Iraqi PM Maliki & leader of State of Law Coalition: Iraq will respond with force if it is proven Israel is responsible for bombardments of PMF (Hashd) bases.

" / Twitter  …

chattels   Wonder why force is not threatened against Turkey over sovereignty violations in Kurdistan ?

chattels   Selective outrage, bluster and puffery by buffoons.

Chattels   Kurdish deputy: the visit of officials of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad, the last chance to resolve the oil file  Friday , 23 August 23:26 2019

chattels   "The visit by a delegation of officials from the Kurdistan Region to meet with their counterparts in the federal government represents the last chance to reach a final solution between the two parties in accordance with the law and the constitution," Shamsuddin said in a statement.

chattels   This would be the agreement that some gurus say is done but not publicized.

Chattels   Is it not strange that there has been no mention of vice presidential positions in this government ?

chattels   Maliki, unsurprisingly, will have none of this neutrality stuff & says "we will help Iran." And of course this is a conspiracy from regional states & Israel "will target all resistance fighters."

spankie   they need to hang Maliki for crimes against the people

spankie   just shows how corrupt this joke of a government is

spankie   Maliki has always been pro Iran-- likes the jihad b*