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Updated List of Bank Perks


LC:   Updated 7-7-19 List of Bank Perks

DISCLAIMER: Some of these bank perks will be based on the amount you are depositing or the quantity of currency you or your family group have to exchange.  I hope this info will be helpful to everyone to negotiate during your bank appointment.
Bank Perks
1.     No exchange or spread fees ever for foreign currency exchanges

2.     Stability rates for customers holding large amounts of currency (new)

3.     Bank Tier 2 long term contracts for qualified depositors (new)

4.     IMF humanitarian projects (new)

5.     Provide a Private Banker/Wealth Manager at the time of exchange to initially park the funds in an overnight high yield interest rate account that will yield a minimum of 1% per month. 
6.     Family Office Services

7.     Perks can be based on AUM (Assets Under Management) in a tier grid

8.     Discounts on AUM fees

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Currency Exchange Checklist and Tips for Banking Appointment

.From Recaps Archives

Note: All items on the checklist may or may not apply to your own individual circumstances…some of the items listed may or may not still be applicable at your exchange apt....ask your banker at the time of your appointment.

Bank appointment for Currency EXCHANGE Instructions/Checklist

Bank Name_________________________________________

Bank 800#__________________________________________

“I am calling to schedule a foreign currency exchange”

My name is___________________________________________

My zip code is__________________

My e-mail address is  (If they ask for it)________________________________

I have________________________ IQN/IQD (Iraqi)currency

I have________________________VNN/VND (Vietnamese)currency

I have________________________1000 notes from2000 of IDN (Indonesian)currency

I have_________100Trillion,________50Trillion,_______20Trillionand_______10Trillion
2008 AA notes of ZWN(Zimbabwe)currency

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13 Things to do if You Suddenly Become Filthy Rich

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.13 Things to Do If You Suddenly Become Filthy Rich
Becoming rich instantly, or in a very short period, is part of the great American dream. It happens each and every day to someone. What many people fail to consider ahead of time is that becoming wealthy also comes with great responsibility.
People can become wealthy in many ways. Some sell a business or an asset.

Some people become wealthy in a very short period because of a smart or lucky investment. Some of the instantly wealthy win the lottery, win a legal judgment or receive a settlement.

Others inherit more money than they expected, and some inherit money that they never knew was coming to them.

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List of Bank Services to Request or find Out About

.From Recaps Archives

(Feel Free to use which of these Suggestions may fit your own personal circumstances and discard those that don't)

List of Bank Services to Request or find out about


Ask the private banker or bank manager to provide the following items:

1. No spread fees or bank fees of any kind charged on the currency exchange.
(With the “1% over-nights”, the “Quarterlies” and the “fractional banking loans”, this should not be an issue.)

2. Highest interest rates available to be paid on my accounts.

Forever Waive all bank account fees, cashier’s check fees, notary fees, wire fees etc.

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