.The Great Awakening Has Begun

The Great Awakening Has Begun

From The Final Wake Up Call By Peter B Meyer

Anger, Hatred, Aggression And Fear Are The Food Source Of The Archons

The Mainstream Media Is The Last Bastion Of The “Deep State”

The Real Question Is How Do We Become Conscious? 

We All Are Slaves To The System

We All Want To Be Free, Healthy, Educated And Live In A Peaceful Society

Mass Awakening is the Cabal’s greatest Fear

The awakening is erupting. Being awake comes with a price. It may have been difficult and painful going through the stages of awakening, but convincing others by challenging circumstances and conditions to open the eyes and minds of others is even more difficult. It has become a struggle against time when awake and one sees all the injustices that could have easily been avoided.

It’s very sad to see unawakened people being tossed to and fro, without having a clue as to what is really going on. But even that is an “engineered” shake-up designed by the Deep State. Nevertheless, that should help every one of us to come to our senses and surpass this false reality.

Millions are flocking to alternative news sources to try to make sense of what’s going on, stumbling across realities they never considered possible, or could have ever imagined before.

If the truth be known, the awake are responsible for sharing it ardently, but also for doing it with a passion. Not always pleasant, but a duty that must be done. The hour is late and the timeframe we are living in is terrible, the necessity brings forth optimal awareness and swift action. There’s no alternative left.

The world is bankrupt financially, economically, and morally, but through manipulation and deceit, people are led to believe that all is well. It’s absolutely absurd that all the bubble assets are at such astronomical highs, while wealth-preservation assets like gold and silver have been totally annihilated through manipulation. The elite and the media continuously fool the people regarding the state of the world.

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