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Wealth On The Whole Is An Illusion

.Wealth On The Whole Is An Illusion

The Final Wake Up Call  By  Peter B. Meyer

Makes More Money Happier?  Happiness Is Independent Of Money

Over half the people of the world work just to survive, while the other portion works to get ahead. They aim to get richer. Why so much effort if there is no connection – none at all – to happiness?

And why are so many people investing their money, if there’s no assurance that it will contribute in making them wealthier?

As there is no link between more money bringing more happiness, could it possibly be the other way around: more money equals less happiness? As actually more money can result in more of the wrong choices!

 Growing up during childhood, it was experienced that happiness is independent of wealth. Happiness comes from the home and the family. As a child, we learn that this is the base to face whatever challenges and hardships may come our way, confident as were that our happiness was safe at home.

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Government is Your Enemy

Government is Your Enemy

By Peter B Meyer  The Final Wake Up Call

Governments are not serving the public

The Solution is Anarchy, which would bring forth Freedom

Aren’t we all anarchists?

Wealth-distribution and the destruction of it

Democracy is a scam for sure and it will fail sooner or later. It is the highly esteemed western ideal, but nothing more than a dictatorial corrupt mob rule, because it constantly violates the inherent rights of individuals, or any minority by the omnipotent rule of the majority, which doesn’t respect the natural rights of individuals above the demands of majorities.

The ordinary people vote. But insiders – the elite, the cronies, the Deep State – make the important decisions. These few can increase their own wealth and power by simply taking it from the many they are meant to serve, otherwise known as the public.

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.Hidden Criminals Rule the Earth

.Hidden Criminals Rule the Earth

The Final Wake Up Call  by Peter B Meyer

Globalisation is the Path to Complete Dictatorship

Committee of 300

The Origin of the Black Nobility

Secret Societies

  Black Nobility

History describes world events resulting from the machinations of a powerful, hidden cabal of secret organisations, comprising the global elite: the banks, wealthy families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, non-official organisations like the Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, organised crime, shadowy agencies within the government, secret societies like Skull and Bones, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, and so on.

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.The Great Awakening Has Begun

.The Great Awakening Has Begun

From The Final Wake Up Call By Peter B Meyer

Anger, Hatred, Aggression And Fear Are The Food Source Of The Archons

The Mainstream Media Is The Last Bastion Of The “Deep State”

The Real Question Is How Do We Become Conscious? 

We All Are Slaves To The System

We All Want To Be Free, Healthy, Educated And Live In A Peaceful Society

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.Era Of Politicians Is Over

.Era Of Politicians Is Over

Post From The Final Wake Up Call By Peter B Meyer

BREXIT Is Going To Happen, No Matter What

The Public Has Become Disillusioned

Politically, truth is outright claptrap as Brexit is torpedoed

Politicians are commonly bribed by the Deep State, forcing them to dance to their music for fear of public exposure for anything from financial fraud to paedophilia. Be assured they don’t represent the interest of the people as they should do.

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.Money Getting Faker By The Day

.Money Getting Faker By The Day

Post From The Final Wake Up Call  By Peter B Meyer

The Economy Is Controlled By The Issuance Of Fake Money

Doing The Same Old Thing And Expecting Different Results

The Financialised Economy

Fake-Money Bubble Will Burst

Let Mr. Market Set Prices And Interest Rates

False Money, Phony Interest Rates Gives Fake Capital

Measured In Gold For The Last 20 Years The World Has Been In A Bear Market

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.The Archon Bloodline Rulers

.The Archon Bloodline Rulers

Post From The Final Wake Up Call

 The Rockefellers Are Offspring Of The Old Corrupt Dutch East India Company

The Real Danger Lies With The Home-Grown Traitors

Secret Crime Cabal Rules The Earth

Rothschild Family Resented Rockefellers, Displacing Them In The U.S.

Frenetic Power Struggle Taking Place In The World

How Big Is The Swamp Which Is Being Drained?

Committee Of 300 Member List

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.Rothschild’s Crime Construct 1 

Rothschild’s Crime Construct 1   8-7-19 

Post From The final Wake Up Call   By Peter B Meyer

The Rothschilds Are Headquartered In The Babylon-BIS-Tower In Basel

Debt Is Their Control Mechanism

Their Power Goes Far Beyond The Banking Empire

War Is Their Most Profitable Business

Countries And Individuals Turned Into Corporations

The World Is Ruled From Three Independent Sovereign States

Debt Must First Be Created Before Being Able To Create Debt Money

The Rothschilds Have Infiltrated Royalty And Aristocracy Through Breeding

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