More From Judy, Bix and KTFA Wednesday Afternoon 9-18-19

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Sept. 18 2019

Compiled by Judy Byington (Excerpts)

Judy Note: (Rumors) Defense Contractors have exchanged in Iraq, 27 Native Nations have received payment, sources at the Pentagon confirmed that limited exchanges have taken place on military bases and today Wed. Sept. 18

MarkZ reported that a couple of his Contacts in Europe were expected funding today Wed. Sept. 18 or early tomorrow morning Thurs. Sept. 19 when they woke up, which would be late evening Wed. Sept. 18 EDT. Other of his contacts were expecting it to happen tomorrow morning Thurs. Sept. 19.

Sat. Sept. 14:

The attack in Saudi Arabia appeared to be a False Flag to get the price of oil up and trigger Contract Rates. They were back to full production by Tues. Sept. 17.

Mon. Sept. 16:

According to Bruce Tier 2 and 3 were made liquid at 6 pm EDT.

Tues. Sept. 17:

Benjamin Netanyahu lost the election in Israel and as a result, the Banking Cabal lost their power.

The Repo Rate – the overnight rate Banks pay to borrow money from each other – roared from 2% to 10% and the system would have locked up if the Federal Reserve hadn’t injected 53 billion dollars (which was not enough), the same metrics as what happened in 2008, almost to the day. This meant that there was no liquidity in the banking system.

Derivative payments on $1.43 quadrillion dollars were cleared up as the old fiat Federal Reserve System gave up to the gold-backed Global Currency Reset system takeover.

President Trump gave Iraq the go ahead to release their new rate.

President Trump ordered immediate declassification. This could refer to the FISA report that proved the FBI and DOJ violated protocol in order to target Trump. The well documented “Deep State” plot to overthrow President Trump was overseen by the Obama-Clinton Regime’s known communist party member CIA Director John Brennan

The ordered declassification could include release of information on over 100,000 investigations and sealed indictments filed in Federal Courts across the nation since Trump took office. For close to three years US AG from Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been using the Homeland Security Super Computer and a Utah Grand Jury to file the charges, the majority of which involved Child Exploitation and Sex Trafficking.

Yesterday Tues. Sept. 17 shortly after Trump landed in LA, Ed Buck, the notorious pedophile drug dealing money bundler for those who opposed the RV, was arrested in LA on an airtight case – a continuation of the Mass Arrests that began with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.

Wed. Sept. 18:

Bruce, MarkZ and Tony all reported that the reset was likely to occur with 800#s release.

MarkZ reported that a couple of his Contacts in Europe were expected funding today Wed. Sept. 18 or early tomorrow morning Thurs. Sept. 19 when they woke up, which would be late evening Wed. Sept. 18 EDT. Other contact expectations were expecting it to happen tomorrow morning Thurs. Sept. 19. Package deliveries would happen at some point this week and Paymasters were in Reno expecting to finish up distributing funds (like an Escrow Agent) and go home Wed. evening Sept. 18 or Thurs. Sept. 19.

This week:

A series of announcements was expected by President Trump, perhaps on Disclosure, the Restored Republic, Mass Arrests and/or a return of the US Dollar to a Gold Standard.

Fri. Sept. 20

A Quadruple Witching Day for the Cabal’s Central Banking 1.2 Quadrillion derivatives debt due on Sept. 30, or the World Banking’s Bond, Commodity and Stock Markets’ Ponzi Scheme would collapse and cause an unprecedented Depression. However, on Tues. Sept. 17 those involved in the Global Currency Reset were said to have taken over and cleared up the problem.

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Courtesy of Dinar Guru:

Breitling     [When I got into the dinar]...they were not talking about getting it to a $1...But as the country developed...they were like, no, we're going to get it to $3.25.  And even with the markets changing, Do I think they can get it to $3.25? 

If they can get into the markets in the west, yes, they can get it too $3.25.  I don't see what would be able to stop them...will they?  I don't know. 

But once they do start adding value to their currency remember they said they were going to put a new currency out at the same time that will both coexist equally and one currency would be phased out over a two year process. 

They will both gain value equally...this is coming from the CBI who have the authority to talk about this and implement that authority...


Samson:  Zimbabwe's currency has lost 82% of its value since February

18th September, 2019

: The currency of Zimbabwe has witnessed strong losses recently despite the measures taken by the government and the central bank to cope with the decline, which reached 82 percent since February

The Zimbabwe dollar fell from 2.50 to 13.52 per US dollar, equivalent to a loss of 82 percent and makes it the worst performer in the world, after Venezuela, which faces hyperinflation, according to Bloomberg

The losses came from last February, when the government decided to launch a new currency "RTS GS" that would be equivalent to the US dollar

But in June, the Zimbabwean government decided to revert its currency to the Zimbabwe dollar and ban the use of foreign currency after it was abandoned in 2009 to counter hyperinflation

To cope with continued currency losses and curb inflation, Zimbabwe's central bank decided to raise interest rates by 20 percent to 70 percent, the largest in the world after Argentina

That may not do much for consumption in an economy the International Monetary Fund says will shrink 2.1 percent this year, but Zimbabwean officials believe it is necessary to slow inflation

Zimbabwe is suffering from 230 to 570 percent inflation, according to analysts' estimates. Official data have not been released since February   LINK


Don961: Trump adviser: Washington and Tokyo may sign a trade deal this month

18th September, 2019  - Updated

 Economic adviser to US President Donald Trump said that the United States and Japan will hold a summit next week may sign a trade agreement

President Donald Trump's economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said at a conference of US-Japanese companies on Tuesday that he was not surprised that the United States and Japan had become more close as they negotiated a trade deal

"Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will hold a summit next Wednesday," Kualdo said

President Trump's economic adviser expects leaders of the two countries to sign an agreement on the sidelines of the summit at the UN General Assembly at the end of this month

However, the official did not mention the new US tariffs on Japanese cars, which are the focus of bilateral trade negotiations

The US president announced this week that the United States has reached preliminary agreements with Japan on tariff barriers and digital trade, and Trump stressed that his country will continue to conduct further trade negotiations with Japan   LINK

Bix Weir- the banking cabal is being taken down as we speak!  It is all over….the writing is on the wall…..the good guys are taking out the bad guys.

This crackdown by the DOJ may well be the biggest conviction ring of this financial crises and the scope of this investigation of criminal fraud division of the Justice Dept. has grown so much that they are adding personel to the existing team to assist with the investigation and prosecutions.

BUY SILVER!! More Rigging Investigations at JP Morgan...and Others!! (Bix Weir)

Published on Sep 18, 2019

News that the DOJ is investigating MORE of JP Morgan manipulation of OTHER markets is a clear sign that this GAME is unwinding fast. Hang on tight!!