IQD CALLS Chat With Kaperoni Tuesday Evening  8-27-19

IQD CALLS Chat With Kaperoni Tuesday Evening  8-27-19

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Zig   Baxter : I would take a nickel in an you would never see me again..... :na;

Baxter   shhhhh ... so would I   but dont tell anybody

Dave   Baxter thanx dimes for me

Dave   at least sparky has my back....

Zig   Dave : What rate would satisfy you??

Dave   a dime....

Dave   less than that would be a lop

Zig   Of course most people do not have enough Dinar to be satisfied by a relatively low rate.....I understand that.....

Dave   10,000% roi?

Dave   coins......could cost a dime a piece to mint…   ergo a dime works for me

Dave   did they not say that they wished that the coins have value?

Zig   Hey Kap!!.....Long time.....

Kaperoni   White lions why do you make such foolish statements? You're accusing me of making money off people that have followed me for years. I never sold anything or on anything or charged anyone anything. It just goes to show how naive you really are

Dave   Kaperoni lol   sheeple yes.....

Kaperon   iHi Zig, Dave

Zig   Kaperoni : You are a frequent topic of conversation

Dave   howdy all

Kaperoni   Well I shouldn't be. Rather than making me the conversation they should be trying to find ways to justify 42 trillion dinar in circulation. LOL

SKELFLA   Kaperoni I was hoping to catch you. Sent you a message on twitter. Do you have any theories on why some institutions are buying large amounts of dinar at a significant premium?

Dave   Kaperoni Auctions meaningless to you then?

Zig   Please TRY to be civil when chatting with Kaperoni.....Thank You

Kaperoni  Dave the auctions are not meaningless they perform a very significant task

Dave   global at the nominal rate also....?

Kaperoni   They provide foreign currency for Imports, and provide a mechanism to stabilize the dinar exchange rate throughout the country

Dave   yes...200,000,000usd a

Zig  Oh Oh....Tebow old times.....

Dave   lots of importts

Kaperoni   Skelfla I am not aware of this but it doesn't surprise me

Zig   Kaperoni : You don't believe in a so-called LOP.....right??

Kaperoni   Zig, I do not believe they will LOP, but those recent coin articles are clearly describing a LOP

Dave   show me...

Kaperoni   There can be no confusion when they're talking about removing the zeros from the notes and introducing a new currency. That's a LOP

SKELFLA   Thanks for responding Kap.... Why doesn't it surprise you. They have been amassing this IQD for over 18 months paying a 20/1 premium. Why on earth would they pay such a premium ? I'm am not a believer in a mythical "RV"

Tebow   Kaperoni only in your mind!

Dave   scrap metal worrth more......

Dave   than coins

Kaperoni   Tebow when you come to the table with an explanation of how they can reduce 42 trillion dinar then we have something to talk about

Dave   Hard Currency Auctions....

Zig   Kaperoni : you're sounding like Sam.....Gulp.....

Tebow   Kaperoni who says they have 42t

Kaperoni   Skelfla, who knows maybe they know they're going to float the currency like every other emerging-market

Dave   cbi takes in dinar,,,,for usd

Kaperoni   Tebow it's in the CBI quarterly reports and is also in the IMF Article IV

Tebow   Kaperoni why do you come in and start the name calling?

Kaperoni   You think all those organizations are lying so that you can have your mythical RV?

SKELFLA   Kap, please don't interpret my posting as being some delusional fool like the so called gurus. But I have first hand knowledge of these transactions and even the principles are not privy to the reasoning.

Tebow   Kaperoni do you really believe the CBI is going to give the heads up to speculators

Dave   CBI sitting on all those tons of dinar..........Still in circulation or not?

Kaperoni   A heads up on what? Just look at all the other emerging markets that have floated it wasn't a secret they just did it because that's what they do

Tebow Kaperon i and you stay with your delusional float

Kaperoni   It's not a delusional float it's what the IMF asked for in the 2012 Article IV

Tebow   Kaperoni got an 'New" news to offer?

Dave   Tebow call it his gut feeling ...Kap disregards anything cbi has had to say

Tebow   CBI said no Float

SKELFLA   But even at a fairly aggressive float paying a 20/1 premium would mean the institutions wouldn't see a return until the IQD surpassed a 2cent value... Which would be years away if ever. Doesn't make sense.

Dave   SKELFLA Kaps free float theory not CBI;s

Kaperon   iDave it would be very difficult to sit on them considering the money supply is necessary to maintain stability

Dave   according to you or cbi?

Dave   CBI owns the Dinar...they can burn irt

Kaperoni   The CBI never said they would not float they said they would not float at that time that's like saying we're not going to LOP and then LOP a year later

Tebow   Kaperoni If Iraq floated their currency and it went up 10%, every speculator in world would buy every last dinar so Iraq would not have a currency on the streets

SKELFLA   To be fair Dave as someone who consulted for the CBI a number of years ago I agree the only viable way is a float. Even then the rate change will be nominal.

Dave   show are going back over a decade........,.as usual


Kaperoni   The IMF clearly told the CBI in 2012 to start creating the conditions to move to a more flexible exchange rate regime allowing the currency to gradually appreciate.

That's a float there's no other way to interpret that. And considering the IMF is still the trustee over the CBI, I bet they will follow such a directive. But if they don't and choose the alternative it's a LOP

SKELFLA   Who, what?

Dave   some economist like Kap

Tebow   Kaperoni so you are the decision maker on time limits of Iraq CBI statements :laugh

Dave   got to go.....

Tebow   Kaperoni IMF never said ' gradually appreciate'

Kaperoni   No Tebow you just don't have Arabic translators to properly translate things in your going off electronic translation which everyone knows is nonsense

Kaperoni   Sure they did..go read it

Tebow   Kaperoni so you know also what I have and don't, really?

Tebow   Kaperoni no you prove it! Can not read something that is not there

Dave   Kaperoni "RESTORATION OF THE IQD"......make good enough sense rto me

SKELFLA   @Kaperoni A float doesn't answer why certain institutions are amassing IQD at a significant premium. There must be something else behind the strategy theory is to use the currency as a derivative base for the belt & road initiative.

Kaperoni   Tebow that is the problem with you you do not understand how monetary policy works. Currency float all over the world every day many of them go up and down significantly including Russia and Egypt that have had significant gains. Is the world buying up those currencies? The Central Bank controls the amount of currency not the Speculator

SKELFLA   That's the only theory that makes any sense to me ...even though its a stretch.

Tebow   Kaperoni the trouble with you is many, you think you know more than anyone else and all other opinions are uneducated. Poor you! You only pick and choose what fits your thinking. Then calls others fools.

Kaperoni   I've told anyone that wants to read the facts that the 2012 Article IV Consultation is very clear all you need to do is go read it it's in print and it's on the IMF website. The most recent 2019 Article IV does not talk about the transition but does talk about other circumstances that need to be satisfied prior such as stability, meeting the spread, Etc

Tebow   Kaperoni 7 yrs? Anything new?

Kaperoni   You know it's funny T bolt that you mention this because you're affiliated with this chat room and they make money off of videos from what I've been told so how is your pockets doing? It's well-known that I have nothing to do with any websites though I do post on one specifically but that's quite a stretch to tie me to financial gain just because I post on a site

SKELFLA   Tebow, the fact of the matter is an overnight "RV" is mathematically & economically impossible. I grew up in the ME went to an Arab school was the only blue eyed , blond haired kid there. I am fluent in both Arabic & Farsi. I worked closely with the CBI five years ago. There will be no magical RV.

Baxter   SKELFLA.... do you ever listen to the Iraq TV stations..and what they are saying about all of this?

Baxter   if you are fluent?

Kaperoni   Glad to see they're still one level headed person here but I've got to go so have a great day nice seeing you Zig. Nice to meet you Skelfla

Tebow   Kaperoni alot of level headed people here who don't believe you and your opinion

Zig   If anyone has interest, Kaperoni can be found at Thanks, Kap......Take it easy.....

SKELFLA   @baxter No not really. But I have a lot of friends and associates still in Iraq. As I went to school with them in the 80s in Sharjah during the Iran/Iraq war.

Baxter   SKELFLA ok.. thx

Zig   Always fun when Kap visits.... ;eye roll;

Baxter   I just dont know why they would lop... if their inflation isnt high....

SKELFLA    , is Map gone? I was really wanting to pick his brain about these transactions. You guys are too much. This Kap guy seems the most valid when it comes to workable theories.

Zig   People get too emotional about this stuff.....

Tebow   Zig usually but I try a bit hard to behave, it's hard at time like these

Zig   I know....not that to be much worse....

Tebow   Can be!

SKELFLA   So Kap left?

Baxter   SKELFLA yes

Zig;   nice-day Kap.....Visit again

SKELFLA   Oh well..catch you later. Bye

Tebow   Zig you do know the Iraqi def of 'soon', maybe never!

foxmulder   SKELFLA something not on par with all of this , the CBI at numerous times have said they are not going to float the currency. Seems to me to very misleading.

Zig   Have to give Kap credit for even coming in here.....seriously.....

Tebow   Zig I give him NO credibility


Baxter   we know Tebow... LOL

foxmulder   That's fine if he thinks he is right , but it doesn't fly in contrast to the CBI 's statements throught the yrs.

Tebow   Zig you been holding out on the videos money? I want my cut!

Zig   Tebow : Yeah.....I wish.....ask the

SKELFLA   foxmulder As someone who has a relatively good understanding of monetary policy especially in that region of the world plus the fact they have at least 42 trillion Dinar a overnight RV is literally impossible. A float despite being just as unlikely is the only viable option.

IMO What I want to know is why these institutions are in the process of buying huge amounts of Dinar and paying a huge premium. That's what I was hoping to uncover. Unfortunately Kap couldn't provide a good theory.

Tebow   we can now return to our regular schedule programming!

Baxter   SKELFLA what institutions are buying up all the dinar

SKELFLA   @baxter I can only speak for the transactions I am privy to. I know of  other's but the two I was privy to and was able to verify involved a Chinese bank and an Israeli firm. They were independent transactions but both institutions paid the same premium. Which was 2cent / Dinar.

Baxter   SKELFLA ok... thx

Baxter   I figured China was involved

Baxter   SKELFLA you need to stop in here more often

Baxter    I have always hoped for a Dime

 SKELFLA   And no... I don't believe in all the b* about dragoon families etc... These were real transactions... There are more scheduled to take place in September. Which from what I gather will be the last.

Baxter   SKELFLA thx for the info...

Zig   SKELFLA : Hope you become a regular.....invite some people.....always use fresh blood here.....

SKELFLA   No problem. The only theory I have been able to flesh out which is just a theory is that the IQD is going to be used as the base for derivative involving the belt and road initiative. Unfortunately that doesn't mean an RV it doesn't even mean the average speculator will see a change.. Its just a mechanism for a complex derivative.

 Zig   Kap is fun....admit

futuremoney   SKELFLA is sure refreshing have someone in chat that knows everything...thank you