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Samson:  Change: The KRG will yield to Baghdad and agree to its terms on oil exports and ports

27th August, 2019

The Kurdish change movement, on Tuesday, the government of the region's acquiescence to the dialogue and the conditions of the central government to export oil and controversial points in the budget and border outlets, attributing it to the deficit of Kurdistan and economic failure in recent years.

The leader of the change and a member of Kurdistan's former parliament Piston Faeq to / information /, "The government of the region recently realized that the deteriorating economic situation and the outcome of things caused by the policy of intransigence and its inability to manage and walk Kurdistan economically without the central government in Baghdad." 

He added that "Kurdistan will acquiesce to the door of dialogue, understanding and agreement with Baghdad on all controversial points in the budget for the export of oil and border ports and conditions set by Baghdad."

He said that "the region will hand over oil imports to Baghdad in exchange for his rights in the budget after his government realized the crisis and the inability to provide the salaries of employees without the central government."  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Add this into the mix as well and see what the batter makes. Lets not forget the UN imo put the original sanctions on the IQD, the last piece of the cake we await, is the rate to be lifted.. Will they have that on their mind tomorrow, as in on what is left of Iraq's international sanctions? We shall see in short order if the last one is addressed.. imo

Also, to not is the timing of the Kurds "acquiescing" to Baghdad on oil and 2019/2020 budget(s) is not a bad thing at all. imo~ MM


Samson:  UN Security Council to meet tomorrow on Iraq
27th August, 2019

The UN Security Council will hold a meeting tomorrow on the situation in Iraq, press sources said.

The sources said that "the meeting will be held tomorrow at 10:00 am New York time (5:00 pm Baghdad time)."

 It is expected that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Jenin Hennes-Blachart briefing soon after the start of the meeting.

The Special Representative will be presented by Ms. Hines Genin-Blaschart briefing on developments in Iraq and the mission of the United Nations to help Iraq (UNAMI).   LINK

MilitiaMan:  My understanding is the meeting may have been for today and not tomorrow @ 10:00 am EST... imo Which may set the stage for the Kurds tomorrow! ~ MM

Samson:  Executive Director of the Iraq Stock Exchange: Joint Stock Companies Gateway to Support Sustainable Development 

26th August, 2019
Stressed the Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam need to expand the establishment of joint-stock companies for their role in supporting the national economy and the family economy, as he stressed the importance of spreading the culture of stocks in the Iraqi society and work to expand investment in stocks and bonds to be an attraction Financial surpluses of citizens. He said: "The Iraqi market for securities official market listed in which 103 joint-stock companies representing 9 economic sectors, banking, industrial, agricultural, service, insurance, communications, investment, these are the various segments of the Iraqi economy.

The future of the economy

Abdul Salam said, "When you compare at the level of a market the size of the Iraqi economy and trade exchanges with the countries of the world we find that the 103 number is very simple in front of the capabilities and future of the Iraqi economy and its potential, that is, when we say that the GDP of more than 100 billion dollars comes on the contribution of the private sector And mixed find the proportion of its contribution to this output does not exceed 7-1 percent of the Iraqi economy, compared with the economies of the world when you notice the proportion there ranging between 70-40 percent. He pointed out that "should focus on the culture of investment or its goal or stand at the fact of the existence of investment in securities in Iraq and here we point the importance of encouraging the establishment of joint-stock companies, and this element is born or leads to the advancement of the Iraqi economy through the development of investments and the operation of competencies."

The establishment of companies 

Said Abdul Salam that he aspires to encourage joint - stock companies , as prepared by the target and very willing to reach them through the culture of investment, and the establishment of joint stock companies itself creates investment in the Iraqi Almjmta culture", pointing out that "the number of Iraqi joint stock companies or hybrid should not be less than About 500 companies in an economy the size of the Iraqi economy.”  He added that "the market is trading stocks and bonds 103, but at the same time the law allowed the circulation of government bonds, and there is now the process of issuing government bonds through the Central Bank of Iraq during the three years, as the issuance of the central bank was accepted and traded in the market, but when it came to extinguish She was in circulation and she was 3 years old.” 

Government bonds

Abdul Salam stressed the importance of generalizing the idea of government bonds to the bonds of joint-stock companies, meaning that we allow companies according to the law to issue bonds or lending bonds of their own, these bonds raise the capital of companies and achieve the first two objectives of the joint-stock company inflate the purpose of financing required by the company, also achieve The securities market is a diversification of financial instruments, and there will be bonds besides stocks. The other end is a kind of safe investment for the investor, which in turn encourages new investors to enter into the purchase of bonds. 

“The culture of investment is linked to the development of procedures for the establishment of joint stock companies and the issuance of bonds. When their issuance rises, their contribution to GDP is broader and addresses complex economic problems within the domestic market,” he said. He said that “the market is working to train at least 400 students in order to spread the culture of investment at the level of university students, but if there is a scientific material for students of colleges concerned with economic affairs in all its joints, and thus gain an important segment to be in the field of investments in stocks and bonds, as happens This also encourages the student to establish a joint stock company or be a part of it or to invest in this important joint. ” 

Stock culture

He pointed out to the importance of a chapter in economics in the preparatory study on the stock market, and serve as an entrance to this important joint in economic life, and here the student will be part of the market and spread the culture of stocks and bonds and their role in supporting the national economy and family economy. He stressed "the importance of expanding the establishment of new joint-stock companies to bring the national economy out of the recession," pointing to the need for government directions to refer projects to joint stock companies, to lead this trend, therefore, to the establishment of holding companies consisting of many specialized companies, and this Leads to the qualitative implementation of projects in their technical aspects, and there is a correct performance in the work.

Encouraging investment

He warned that “the last two years have witnessed an expansion in Islamic banks, and this requires the existence of financial instruments to encourage investment, as when proposing participation with these banks by shareholders and businessmen needs to deposit Islamic banking certificates and special trading certificates to be linked to the activity of the bank, pointing "All these measures need a law." He pointed out that "international companies that make profits we put their shares at a high value commensurate with their reality in the market through the public offering and this is applicable globally, as international companies are offered at high prices. 

On the economy and transparency, Abdul Salam said: "We always call for companies to adopt international standards in the disclosure of annual data, especially that the central bank obliged banking companies to issue the final accounts and financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards, and the company issued its accounts according to those standards." "Here we have to push industrial and agricultural companies in this direction because international standards have international reliability that drives the investor to invest in the financial market." 

Investment funds 

"The other important point law or instructions to establish Iraqi investment funds, so far there are no instructions in this regard, in the Iraqi market for securities there are 30 foreign investment funds between Arab and foreign trading and dealing in the Iraqi market for securities." 

 “The question is, why don't we have a gesture to establish investment funds, especially since many citizens have small, medium or large surpluses that they cannot invest if there is an investment fund to invest these funds in economic fields across the stock exchange, which is the best way for small investors,” he said. We would have had financial management in the stock market.   LInk

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