Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Night "Look Up" 8-27-19


Frank26:   LOOK UP

Streamed live 39 minutes ago

BS: Frank you've taken us from the BASEMENT to the STARS Thanks my Friend.....

PC:  We are at the point that this should be RV in days

TS:  I think "SOON" is very near

Weldonetexas:  I don’t see how this can drag into the 4th quarter. There has been way too much info/education to the citizens since last week. They have too pull the trigger sooner than later .

RedPilled andPoised:  Franks information coupled with other sources and what’s going on in the MSM is sure converging to a trigger being pulled. Closer than ever!

LM:  this is a three day weekend. would be a good time for an RV.

Tivon:  Reinstatement is the initiative that leads to revaluation in the latter weeks and months. A reinstatement does not have to occur in October…… It can happen now!

AE:  RD/RV/RI is the process

KJM:   RD/RI/RV……..RV is last... but at RI.. Iraq is already international and we can start exchanging

PC:  I believe Reinstatement is what is happening for all countries

TW:  why would they have coins they're not going to revalue there dinar in the coins are there to support the revalue of the dinar

VH:  I just hope a 25 k dinar note isn’t worth 25 dollars when this happens I pray everything we have been hearing comes true

RedPilledandPoised:   No lop. Deletion of the 3 zeros

AE:  for all of you who think it is going to lop,,,,we know that the 3 zero notes will co-exist with the 1,5,10,20,50,100,250,500,,,,ask your self why would they need to co-exist if they were going to lop

KJM:  LOPs only happen to countries that suffer from Hyper-Inflation. Iraq has inflation but not hyperinflation.

LM:  A lop is a redenomination. This is a Revalue or Reinstatement. Most believe it will be a Reinstatement as they said in one article last week meaning it will be around $3.22 per dinar.

KG:  I was in Iraq in 1990, exchange was 3.22

TS:  Put the IQD on the Forex and make it International. Pass the remaining bills to help the citizens. Bring out the coins and move the decimal point 3 places to the right

VH:  if we have a 25k dinar will we get 25 k usd at the banks

JD:  yes, Frank has said that many times

BD:  once the rate goes over 1.00 which it may start at 1.20

TS:  removing the 3 zeroes is from the EXCHANGE rate NOT the Currecy itself Read this many times LOL

VH:  I pray and wish for all of us the absolute best. We all are ready. If we all become multi millionaires remember to do great things with this blessing let’s all help the less fortunate.

SandnSea:  Frank- Beautiful Video, seems they are finally showing the citizens what has been promised for a very long time. Refreshing to hear & see.

Don961:  Baghdad sends a high-level government delegation to Erbil to complete the talks

2019/08/27 08:39:50 PM 

 o Baghdad / Range

A delegation headed by Federal Minister of Interior Yassin Taher Al-Yasiri will visit Erbil (today)

To complete the talks between the federal government and the Kurdistan region on the files of oil export and payment of funds and the application of Article 140 of the Constitution.

The visit comes in response to the visit of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Masroor Barzani to the capital Baghdad last July.

"The delegation of the Federal Ministry of Interior will come to Kurdistan to negotiate the differences between Baghdad and Erbil.

He added that "talks will take place between the two ministries, and is scheduled to discuss during the meeting the overall differences between Erbil and Baghdad."

On the committees formed to visit Baghdad, the Minister of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional Government said that "our committees are concerned with the security and military file and Article 140 and its application, and there is a committee to negotiate on oil and gas debts and a range of related topics."

The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, and the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masroor Barzani, visited Baghdad last month, in order to find solutions to the outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, followed by a visit by an Iraqi government delegation to Erbil, during which he met with senior officials of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The parliamentary circles confirmed to the extent during the past few days the intention of a high-level Kurdish delegation to visit the capital Baghdad to complete its negotiating rounds, which began in July, revealing that the delegation will present an initiative to the federal government aimed at zeroing crises.

`` The agreement that was signed before the Eid holiday between the oil and finance ministers of the federal government and the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Masroor Barzani is the arrival of a Kurdish delegation from Erbil to Baghdad to complete the talks on the outstanding issues, '' said Shirwan Jamal Khidr, a member of the parliament's provincial and provincial committee.

The dispute between Erbil and Baghdad focuses on three main issues: energy (oil and gas), federal budget allocations and the disputed territories covered by Article 140.

"The meetings, whether in Baghdad or Erbil, will have one objective," Khader said in a statement to Al-Mada. "The solutions exist for oil, budget and Article 140."

He adds that "the joint technical committees between the parties will work to develop a new agreement in the federal budget law to ensure solutions to these files before sending them to the House of Representatives," believing that "the results will be positive this time between the two teams."

He stresses that "the current Kurdistan Regional Government is determined to zero all files inherited between Erbil and Baghdad and work to end them radically," noting that "the general orientation of the government open to Baghdad to resolve all outstanding problems."

He adds that "what reinforces this trend more recent Federal Court decision, which confirmed the constitutionality of Article 140," stressing that "the Kurdistan region is very serious this time in the application of the Constitution and resolve all outstanding differences between the parties."

The Federal Supreme Court, earlier ruled the entry into force of Article (140) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq, stressing that this continues until the implementation of its requirements and achieve the goal of its legislation.    link


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