IQD CALLS CHAT   Wednesday Night  8-28-19  Part 1 of 2

IQD CALLS CHAT   Wednesday Night  8-28-19  Part 1 of 2

 Zig   This guy, Jeff, may soon come into chat....I sent him the link again per his request.....his videos are at

Zig   Kaperoni does not like be interesting......

Xyz   Zig even @sandyf and Sam I Am don't like him. Wonder why!

ZigThis guy Jeff is pretty grounded.....IMO.....

Baxter   I kind of liked the guy who was in here yesterday

Baxter   he seemed more GROUNDED.. than most

Baxter   he could at least speak arabic

Dave   good then we might get accurate translations

Baxter   maybe he will come back in

xyz   Zig Invite Mary aka My Ladies with her best buddy Nova

Zig   xyz : Mary has been here before.....

xyz   Zig yeah! What happened? Banned?

28 Aug 19, 04:22 PM Zig   LOL......No.....not that interested......

Xyz   Zig Z imagine lots of scenarios like WHAT IF iqd float 1000% in seconds just like LIRA did last week, would float guru aka @kaperoni call it FLOAT or RV?

Zig   xyz : I miss you're "What If" you later....

Xyz   What IF it RV tonight into tomorrow



Young_SC   who will win???

xyz   Children of US Troops Born Overseas Will No Longer Get Automatic American Citizenship  

Young_SC   Dave i saw you speaking with Kap yesterday and it was funny when you just didnt bother anymore lolol

xyz   8-28-2019 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf [Has anyone in here seen an article or source from the CBI or government stated that Iraq may LOP the currency?] There is no such thing as a "LOP" so there never would be any articles. The correct terms are Redenomination or Re-basing the currency, there have been many articles from both CBI and government sources to say that was the plan.

...In a Redenomination the old currency IQD at 1190/USD would be replaced by a new currency, possibly IQR, at 1.190/USD, deleting 3 zeros. The monetary unit(Dinar) would be revalued from 1190/USD to 1.190/USD which would be an increase in the value of the Dinar against the dollar and lead to an increase in purchasing power.

larrykn   GA everyone

larrykn      xyz this one would make since, I also read an article back in 2013 that stated they were testing rates between $1.13 and $122, so this would fix right in.

larrykn   Petrofac not aware of formal suspension for new contracts in Iraq

Baxter    quit DREAMIN... ITS A DIME

larrykn   Hundreds of displaced Iraqis transferred from camp despite fears

Zig   @Young_SC: Admit would love to see a debate between Kaperoni and Jeff in here

Young_SC   Zig lol it would be funny

Young_SC   But to be honest its entertaining seeing Tebow/Dave Debating Kap lolol

Young_SC   Zig jeff should never give dates to those who follow him. He keeps stating once they fill in the one position of the government the education minister position then the rate will raise shortly afterwards

Young_SC   Jeff has already stated some odd things already

Young_SC   If the Dow markets reach 28 000 then we are close to the RV and he also said China and the U S have to have a new trade deal in place first before Iraq can reinstate lololol what is he saying??

Zig   Young_SC : Notice that Jeff always says to not take his advice....that it is just his opinions based on what he has read, he covers himself.....

Young_SC   These opinions of individuals are irrelevant and very random/makes no sense

Young_SC   Zig yes that is true

Zig   I know but it's

Young_SC   But i find it odd that the people who follow him grasp onto him as if he knows the date for anything

Young_SC   He is just another person trying to figure out the next steps like you and I

Young_SC   I find that some just cannot think for themselves

Zig   Some of these people, including Kaperoni, have spent a lot of time ( years even) researching this.....but in the end it is just their opinions.....and they reach different conclusions after researching the same materials......

Young_SC   Education minister to me has no baring on the purchase of power for its citizens of iraq/reinstatement imo

Young_SC    Hey Iraq we cannot give you power to your currency yet because we do not have a education minister yet lolol like Really Jeff come on 😂

Zig   Enter Kaperoni.....Hi Kap......Jeff may come.....has been invited.....

Kaperoni   Nobody debates me they just bash and insult because they have no facts to support their agenda

Zig   Ouch

Kaperoni   Its true

Kaperoni   And even those that have some knowledge dont read or research as much as we do to even debate

Kaperoni   That includes Sam

Kaperoni   He just gathered enough information to discuss a LOP and never put effort into other options

Zig Sam will say that you don't understand certain things as well......

Kaperoni   Oh you should post my Twitter comments today..good stuff

Kaperoni   Lol Zig, I spent yeara giving him news ans details that he refused to read

Zig   People can find them here

Kaperoni   Sam likes to twist statements

Kaperoni   Like I conceded a LOP years ago them went back to my shtick. Lol

Zig    People just need to chill out and wait.....nothing else that we can do.....we shall see who will turn out to be right....

Kaperoni   No, I discussed a LOP and what parliament is calling for. But stated clearly that is not my belief what will happen and explained other options such as the float..which is the IMF directive.

Zig   It really does no good to keep rehashing the same stuff endlessly.......

Kaperoni   Well they will be waiting..because nothing is happening this year

Zig   Yeah but Jeff says to watch for something in a few weeks!!!

Kaperoni   Sure at $3+ rates! Thats 116 trillion! Sure they can cover 10 times the world's money supply

Zig   Anyone want to chat with Kap tonight??'s your chance.....

Kaperoni   And to think some believe his crapola

Kaperoni   Nah, I just come to say hi. Not alot of time

Kaperoni   Well i go. Have a great night. Stick to facts!

Zig   Okay.....see you later......

Baxter   Darn.. I missed Kap....

Dave   yes Kap spent alot of time on this....10yrs ago or more, and still refuses to read anything from CBI since

Dave   KaperoniWell i go. Have a great night. Stick to facts!

Dave   his opinions ,,,,,,,,maybe

Baxter   the fact is... that after 14 years of watching this... no one knows nothing... now how is that possible

Baxte   rthis has to be the most hidden investment the world has ever seen

Dave   self doubt?

Dave Baxter money supply........who invented that........Kap?

Baxter   dont know

Dave   Baxter Kap!

Baxter   If I had a dollar for every min I have listened to conference calls... I could burn this dam dinar

Dave   fits his paradigm

Baxter   I may burn it anyways

Dave   Baxter you have been around this as long as I.....

Baxter   March 17 I will start my 14th year

Baxter   woo hoo

Dave   lol

Young_SC   Dave lolol when kap spoke did you notice the silence

Dave   still no hcl 140 any of that stuff we hoped for then

Young_SC   Makes no sense to debate him

Dave   Young_SC give up he refuses to read anything current

Young_SC   Dave yup

Young_SC   Thats why i just stayed silent

Dave   he stillhas traction though?????

Dave   he has sheeple then?

Young_SC   Lol

Dave   note count now..... a Kap diversion over the last yr now

Young_SC   Kap, sam will forever refuse to pay any attention to anything relevant with the CBI and they will just create their own narrative to feed newbies

Dave   Young_SC VERY TRUE!

Dave   we should take their personal opinions over cbi?????not this cowboy

Dave   Maybe TNT MarkZ Beny....those guys are really brilliant

Dave   Young_SC Are their opinions any truer than Kaps?

Dave   i like separating facts from fiction.......

Dave   unless Kap is actually running CBI

xyz   Kaperoni why not? Would floating not get there

Young_SC   Lol

Young_SC   Dave i wouldnt waste my time debating him

Xyz   Was in reference to as kap can be coward.

xyz   @Kaperoni Sure at $3+ rates! Thats 116 trillion! Sure they can cover 10 times the world's money supply

Zig   Okay.....I have asked Kap to comment about what you have said......about his disregarding CBI......etc......

Dave   never once answered any of my simplest questions........or provides reference