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2 Cents:  IMO,Delete the Zeros is the RD...It is not directly describing a change in the exchange rate and articles have stated the same....The RD (Delete the Zeros) is the process of changing the currency structure of the country.  They want to get rid of the large numbers for calculation purposes.  

When they implement the Delete the Zeros project, they will effectively be moving the decimal to the left 3 places......25000. to 25.000 or just 25 and give the new bill (25) effectively the same value as the old bill (25000).  This will entail an official rate change in order to give the new bill the proposed value.  This change of official rate is the RV.

 So, as you can see, there will be an associated official rate change to accomplish this change in currency structure but by strict definition it is not the Delete the Zeros project nor or they stating remove three zeros from the exchange rate.  After all, we know from WS that they have studied many different potential rates to "breath life" into the new currency denominations.

The only question that remains is what will the value of the old bill(25000) be as they had to change their official rate (RV) to make the new bill(25) have at least as much value as the old bill (25000) had prior to the change.   The 25 (new bill) will have to have at least as much value as the previously issued 25000(old bill) if the citizens are to accept the change and to prevent unwanted inflation.  

It is easy to superficially see this as a potential "L" (Lop) when looking at the above scenario however, due to the CBI following the playbook they have said they would, it appears very unlikely. For example, let's look at a different denomination.  The current "old bill" 250 has a value of about .21 USD.  

When the Delete the Zeros project is implemented, it will require a 250 Fil to be released to have the same value as the current 250 IQD.  The 250 Fil will have at least the same value as the current old 250.  We know the current "old" 250 will coexist with new 250's if and when any are released in the future.  How will there not be confusion if the old and new 250's have two different values.  

The answer is clearly there would be confusion and therefore we can nearly conclusively establish that since the 250, 500 and 1000 are being pumped into the marketplace and will remain, this will very unlikely be a "L".  It just is too illogical and will be too confusing.  You can't say that one 250 is worth .21 USD and a different very similar 250 is worth 250 USD. Not likely!!!

Giving the IQD the ability to purchase imports and be exchanged outside the country is the RI.  This is likely also when the IQD will be traded on Foreign Exchange Markets. FOREX

IMO, All here should be contemplating what they will do if we see the RD/RV relatively soon and no RI.  For instance, RD/RV within the next 45 days at .846 USD and an RI at 3.208 USD in the beginning of next year.  

I believe this is a likely scenario and have written this many times over the last ten years.  This allows the budget to be passed at 125ish billion IQD before the end of the year and then triple the purchasing power of the budget in January by maintaining the 125ish budget number but now effectively giving it the power of 375ish billion budget.  

The fly in the ointment in this theory is whether the CBI will exchange the USD from oil sales at the RV rate or at the RI rate.  It will probably just depend on timing and by then, I really won't care.


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Zneopec:  POTUS Trump the Chosen One? MATT. 20:16… Ready for Return to the GOLD Standard? GCR Perfect Storm…..Iraq now Minting Coins only makes sense if the IRAQ currency is being REINSTATED.

LM:  I heard general public would start exchanging on 9/11. The internet group should be through by 9/10. IMO

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Yes, this transition has been very long in the making. Massive amounts of market manipulation was required to keep our artificial system afloat for over 100 years but it's now time to end hang on tight !

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