IQD CALLS CHAT   Wednesday Night  8-28-19  Part 2 of 2

IQD CALLS CHAT   Wednesday Night  8-28-19  Part 2 of 2

Dave   Zig How long have you been around or bothered to pay any attention

Zig   xyz : Think silently please.... :na;

xyz   Zig working on my silly active brain

Zig   Dave : 9 attention off and

Dave   but i suppose some believe the earth is flat

Dave   Zig you have been part of the convos with Kap and I

xyz   I luv kap on a serious note. He is top 3 smartest gurus in dinarville

Dave   xyz Benys a hoot......

Zig   Okay....if Kap replies I will post it....or maybe he will return.....Later...

xyz   Dave kap is definitely an intelligent dinarian that is a diehard on his theory which doesn't take into real world factors

Dave   He has admitted to me that he does not read anything from CBI in yrs

xyz   He is very smart but maybe ...

Zig   He focuses mainly on the IMF.....

Dave   in HALF tRUTHS yes

xyz   Zig imf is a bureaucracy that misled on purpose

xyz   Z thinking out loud

Dave   omits the next paragraph from the exerpt

Dave   the part after the However,

xyz   Z is ready to convert kap into reality

Dave   someone ought to just cut the cord

xyz   8-28-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ We are hearing that we should have numbers at anytime within the next 2 days

Young_SC   Dave lol

Young_SC   Well there that explains everything

Young_SC   If he pays no attention to the CBI that answers my questions

Young_SC   Go figure

 Tebow   see I missed the Crapola session with the    guru. The is not 40T in circulation he wants you to believe.

Dave   Tebow or thats What Russia and Turkey did

Dave   hyper inflation.....

Tebow   Russia/Turkey different

Dave   Tebow tell; that to Kap

Dave   Kuwait.....covered it all with this guy

Young_SC   Iraq is so rich that they csn cover no matter the amount in circulation

 DaveYoung_SC almost 2 yrs of CBIs hard currency auctions.....taken in tons

Dave   they recirculating it or just sitting on it

Dave   they seem to prefer the USD

Tebow   so this 'thinks he knows it all says they have 40T in circulation and they are going to float. On his calls he says maybe to a USD within a year. So now that still comes out to 40T dollars in circulation. Way to much for a country like Iraq. His floating turd still doesn't any sense!

Dave   they may have minted that much

Dave   recollect the probs with all the worn out ones

Dave   i think cbi is sitting on tons of this stuff

Dave   it after all belongs to them

Young_SC   Tebow sparky thinks it makes sense 😂

Tebow   doesn't mean it's still in circulation, also how much does the CBI hold of that. They done have to cover that at a new rate. Only need to cover value of what they current have.

Dave   Young_SC sparky admittedly likes to float

Dave   They could simply burn the old dinar once they put out the new ones

Dave   theirs to burn........

Dave   done....or all gone

Dave   Where or Where can Sandyf be..........

Tebow   Can't find the keys for his drive-by

Whitelions   <so glad to see people in here having a good conversation abot the dinar

Young_SC   Whitelions with many false narratives being implied from certain ones

Whitelions   I know the funniest one is the lop how is that still alive lol

Young_SC   Whitelions    smile

Whitelions   And the float my goodness the cbi said no float and if you think you can bypass that by adding the words (at this time)) then people get what tey follow

Whitelions   In the end weall win well unless youwere foolish enough to give your dinar to a person to get a higher rate or payed in for a share in a bigger pot in tht case you lost it alll just put it up to greed yours and theirs but they win

Tebow   15 yrs and counting, bills still crisp as the day I got them

Dave   Tebow never played monoply

Tebow   liar

sandyf   @SKELFLA I went to school with them in the 80s in Sharjah during the Iran/Iraq war.

I was stationed at Sharjah during 1970. The currency at the time was the Qatar & Dubai Riyal and when I cleared my flat a few years back I found a couple of old notes. I got £800 from a dealer for notes that would have been worth less than 10p, not a bad return.

Interesting point you made about the transactions. I have been in this since 2004 and have not paid a great deal of attention to IQD movements in recent years.

Over the years the Iraqi government has come up with various reasons why the redenomination has not gone forward but one fairly significant problem has never been mentioned. Iraq is quite unique in respect of the percentage of its currency outside the country.

In the event of a redenomination the IQD would become an ISO historical code and no longer have an internationally recognised value and to proceed with a redenomination under these circumstances could have severe repercussions on Iraq.

If for some reason significant funds became available it may be seen as prudent option to create a redemption initiative for IQD outside of Iraq and remove that currency from circulation, removing a massive millstone from around the neck of Iraq. The knock on effect would be a significant rise in the value of the currency within Iraq.

It is very easy for Joe Public to get misled but as you suggest, financial institutions are a different ballgame, and one can only hope.

Tebow   drive-by time

Tebow   nice bedtime story

chattels   If Frank26 were not a confirmed * before the following post then he is after reading the following. "Intel Guru Frank26 Iraq is not a lop. No. A lop is to add zeros to the exchange rate. Iraq is...constantly telling you they're lifting three zeros from their exchange rate...when someone says to you it's a lop ask them are they adding three zeros to the exchange rate or are they taking away? +

chattels   sandyf Is the following an accurate quote from you ? " In a Redenomination the old currency IQD at 1190/USD would be replaced by a new currency, possibly IQR, at 1.190/USD, deleting 3 zeros. The monetary unit(Dinar) would be revalued from 1190/USD to 1.190/USD which would be an increase in the value of the Dinar against the dollar and lead to an increase in purchasing power."

chattels   I posted yesterday about the early budget planning numbers., .................. " the preliminary estimate by the Finance Ministry is that the 2020 deficit will be an eye-popping 72 trillion IQD/$61 billion. That's almost a third of the country's entire GDP."

chattels   " .........that's the starting point. It comes from the fact that parliament inflated last year's budget, demanding an end to "austerity," but then oil $ just kept falling. This is the main reason few large-scale projects are progressing: there is no money."

chattels   " case you are new to this, the reason there's no money is bc operational expenses for 2019 were set so high that they have absorbed all the income, despite strong oil export figures. MPs rip the govt for frozen projects but it was they who demanded a bigger budget last fall."

chattels   " Iraq will not actually borrow near $61Bn next year for sure. But that figure is important b/c it shows the vast gap b/n what Iraqi politicos want to spend & the amount of money they have."

chattels" It is never too early to start worring about Iraq's 2020 budget crisis. It is coming sooner than you may think."

chattels   " ............... a great many Iraqi MPs know next to nothing about fiscal policy in general or Iraq's specifics."


chattels   Nothing is certain in Iraq, but it is certain what we will hear about Iraq from the Gurus in the next budget is that the new rate is in the budget. A tired false narrative.

chattels   Abdul-Mahdi discusses plans to promote the Iraqi economy with the World Bank's regional director / expanded

Wednesday 28 August 21:28

chattels   BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi discussed with the World Bank's regional director for the Middle East Saroj Kumar the government's vision for the future of the Iraqi economy and its plans to promote non-oil producing sectors and diversify sources of income and ways of cooperation in this area.

chatte   lsIraq is always talking about diversification and investment. Talk with little action.


chattels   Rouhani calls on his country's highest authorities not to interfere in the affairs of his government

Wednesday 28 August 19:41 2019


foxmulderchattels I just read that article interesting for sure . your thoughts ?

PMfoxmulderso goes Islamic Ideology ,theocracy true to form

chattels   foxmulder Cracks in the wall ?

chattels   Division in the ranks ?

Chattels   The rise of secular government ?

chattels   Bedtime for Bonzo here. Good night all.

Matt   Silver Spot Price per Ounce $18.32 €16.52

Matt   Gold Price per Ounce $1,475.60 Spot Change 10.20