IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 9-17-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 9-17-19

chattels   " In addition to the budget, there are federal legislation and laws such as the Civil Service Law and the abolition of the offices of general inspectors and health insurance and the Federal Court and the law of oil and gas and the law of the Federation Council and others, which need a full political consensus to pass."

chattels   " The House of Representatives voted in the second session of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the fourth parliamentary session, which was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Council Mohammed Halbousi yesterday on a draft law to draw the stamp of the national campaign to build schools and kindergartens, and finished reading and discussing seven laws."


chattels   For the third day .. the price of the dollar stabilizes in the local stock market

Sunday 15 September, 2019 Baghdad / Nina / Foreign currency markets in Baghdad, on Sunday, stabilized the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The market price in Baghdad Stock Exchange struggle 1203.5 dinars per dollar, or 120 thousand and 350 dinars for one hundred dollars.

chattels   The central bank sells more than $ 243 million at a currency auction

Sunday 15 September, 2019

chattels   The volume in sales of the dollar in Iraq continues to be relatively high.

chattels   In Parliamentary action yesterday nothing important happened, IMO.

Parliament votes on the bill to draw the stamp of the national campaign and ends the reading of seven laws / expanded  Monday , 16 September2019

 chattels   Iraq works to distance itself from US-Iran tension after Saudi Aramco attack

Ali Mamouri September 16, 2019

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chattels   Iraq “expresses its concern that escalation and military solutions complicate the humanitarian and political situation; it threatens our common security, regional and international security," Abdul Mahdi said.

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chattels   Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi renews his denial that attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities originated from Iraq. US Secretary of State tells Abdel-Mahdi that US confirms attack was not launched from Iraq.  …

chattels   ISIS leader Baghdadi issues new recording calling his followers to jihad & saying more have pledged loyalty to the cause. Says daily operations continue & US is being attrited. LINK

chattels   The author of Mattis: America's efforts to transform Iraq and Afghanistan are doomed to failure



chattels   Both PM Abadi and PM Mahdi ordered 30th Brigade out of Mosul & Ninewa Plain It refused Protested & Mahdi caved & allowed them to stay  …

chattels   " ............... Mahdi has proven to be a feckless leader. Once again, a Hashd brigade has shown that it follows its own will rather than the authorities despite being a part of the Iraqi forces."

chattels   Maliki & Amiri combined have less than 1/4 of seats in the Iraqi parl't

spankie   the first sense we derive feckless, meaning witless, weak or ineffective; worthless; irresponsible; indifferent; lazy

spankie   mahdi is a puppet for Iran ?

 WhitelionsGood morning people I;m just doing a post by have a great day .......Tender No. (2019/1) Processing of vertical currency counting machines type (PV-70C) Laurel....

The Central Bank of Iraq / Baghdad announces the tender processing ( currency counting machines vertical type PV - 70C Laurel ) ( number 24 ) machine on all specialized companies and have the desire and the possibility to equip these machines in accordance with the legal conditions and technical specifications prepared by this bank,

send their authorized with a book Official authorization to the headquarters of the Central Bank of Iraq / located in Al-Rasheed Street Building No. ( 2 ) I ( 3 ) Legal Department / Contracts Section for the purpose of receiving the tender documents for an amount of ( 50 , 000 ) dinars non-refundable,

accompanied by a letter from the company as of Monday a brief summary of 2019/9/16 closing date Nhi will be Official working on Tuesday , a brief summary of 2019/10/15.

Whitelions   The Central Bank of Iraq participates. in a workshop in support small and medium enterprises....... . the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail, participated in a high-level workshop in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to support and finance small and medium enterprises in Arab countries, organized by the Central Bank of Egypt in cooperation with the Arab Monetary Fund .

He stressed the Governor in his speech on the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq for small and medium enterprises through various Iraqi banks through the allocation of 5 billion US dollars for this goal, the largest amount in the history of Iraq allocated to those types of projects .

The Governor said that the circumstances and factors suffered by Iraq was an influential cause in the social and economic situation, which forced the Central Bank of Iraq to take the initiative to get out of those crises suffered by the Iraqi people, and to set an example for the rest of the other institutions was attention to development and construction issues that Needed by the Iraqi people and their institutions .

Central Bank of Iraq   information Office   2019/9/17


Madness   been thinking about what some gurus have been saying

madness   some say alot of stuff some say it just will not ever go, why they even post is beyond me, but....

Madness   but when you wrap the whole picture around, I think were just waiting on one thing and one thing only, aside rv ri what ever, I think were just waiting for iraq to go international period, game over

Doug_W   here is a better question: What will they do after this IS over??

Tebow   madness they want and need attention. A purpose in their life.

madness   word coming out there running out of iqd in Los Angles

Clay   madness agree international is the key

Madness   I think every think else is just fluff talk

Clay   yep

madness   only thing that really bothers me from the beginning is the fact that still to this day, we/I never get any info on the dong, its like a dark animal you cant see, never any info on what might happen with the dong, we kind of have an idea with iraq, but not the vnd

Clay   yep

Clay   I think if and when China increases value they will

Clay   hope Im wrong Vietnam has such a thriving economy

madness   clay I dont think china will do that, but maybe the trade deal could also have an effect

Clay   just give us a nickel

Clay   could be

madness   I sometimes wonder if brexit coming into the mix also weighs in too

Clay   not sure

madness   dont worry I think when iraq goes global, coming out at a nickel would be quite embarrassing I think their pride would never let that happen, they have to come out higher

Clay   no meant the dong

Tebow   just doing something

madness   oh the dong, yeah gimme a nickel I would be happy

Clay   dinar at least 1 to 1 but thinkin much higher to compete with kuwait

Clay   me too

Clay   Tebow agree

madness   im thiking 10 cents on the dong to be real but there has to be something we cant see to make that happen

Clay   they have a booming economy

Clay   they do all chinas manufacturing

madness   yes clay they are off the hook and I think its making china nervous with US saying hey we dont need you well go to nam

Clay   yep

Clay   love it LOL

madness   LOL same here


madness   they "china" been robbing us for decades its payback time, and if we can get paid at the same time, then *, cheers and make it a double

madness   one thing im happy about is as slow as they "iraq" moves they are making progress, im feeling good about 2020 first quarter

Clay   it sure is

Clay   oh I sure hope so

Madness   if not before

Clay   they need to go global to succeed

madness   yes indeed and like I said there is also a pride/ego thing going on too, they want to come out strong as to not look weak

Clay   yep

madness   kap always say over and over, oh monetary policy does not work that way, but I think this whole thing going on with iraq is a different animal

Clay   they said so years ago

Clay   lol

madness   full of

Clay    he sure is

madness   lol its almost as if he reads what the cbi says and then comes on the internet and thinks im going to say the exact opposite and think were buying that krap

AM Clay   yep

madness   I noticed the zim on ebay has lost 2/3 of its value, so much for the zim going, guess I have 2 notes of wall paper or well just put it in a monopoly board game

Clay     me too LOL

Clayso whats it at now $6 for 20 trillion LOL

madness   lol no its $35 for a 100 trillion it was $165

Clay   lol

Doug_W   how do U spell "rip off"?

Doug_W   ZIM

madness   yeah thank God I only bought 2 of them

madness   already drank it, its going down some sewer system long ago

madness   gurus wont mention any names say hold on the zim they might exchange it, but I dont nor have any faith in it, oh well cant win them all

Doug_W   I have a wall of fame and a wall of shame

madness   well doug I think fame will come with iqd somehow and shame well that was buying some zim

Clay   same here

madness   hey we could worst case always blame it on baxters dime

AM madness   I wonder if iran or who ever took out a chunk of saudis oil productions will help iraq move a little quicker to get on the world market, from the looks of it, dont think you can fix burning oil fields over night or in a week, wonder how this will play out

Clay   agree gonna take an extremely long time they say

Clay   wonder how Trump is going to really respond

Clay   plus they sunk a tanker too

Clay   full of oil


madness   oh my did not hear about the tanker thing

Doug_W   Clay when?

Clay   they r trying to stop the flow of oil to the world

madness       dang

Clay   Doug_W same day as the oil field s

Madness   they are idiots my goodness, I would not be surprised if our navel fleets have change course, gee one can only imagine what the target will be

Clay all Irans missle bases

madness   umm I think were going to take out more than that, isreal could do that, this would not be a ground war like iraq, this would be total oblivion were not going to hit them small, were going to unleash hell, they better grow a brain will quick

Clay   I hope you r right they r becoming way too dangerous and    arrogant

Clay   dont know y but they are looking for a fight

madness   yeah first out drone, then seizing a tanker, now attacking another country, and sinking a tanker to boot, yeah, they are about to start a war, and a president usually cant get re elected in a war time, maybe they know that too

madness   they better not mess with Trump, cause if they blow his re election chances you bet like hell he will say ok, your not fired, * will say fire every thing we got * with them, they must be stupid, or in the words of my marine, you cant fix stupid

madnessI   will bet 25k iqd note that china and russia stay out of this one or well have world war 3

madness   which from the looks of it iran wants, even there people dont like them, there Gov. is going to be toppled so dont think those mullas are going out easy, so be it

madness   dam my gas tank just called out to me and is yelling what is going on   

xyz   Allaq: Our initiative to allocate $ 5 billion to support projects is the largest in the history of Iraq

madness   xyz I hope that is 5 billion in US dollar cause 5 billion in iraq dinar would not even support my beer drinking

xyz   That's madness

 Clay   madness they will stay out

xyz          Alak: Central Bank reserves exceed international standards

Clay   Iranian war wont stop Trump from winning IMO our people know about Iran

madness   I hope so

madness   bottom line is the last thing we need is a war, with any country tired of war, war is hell

Clay   yes but it wont be a war with boots on the ground so people wont care

Clay   just a quick bombing to knock the he ll out of them

madness   good point

madness   just hope all this tension does not affect iraq going international

Clay   I cant see it


Madness   one thing is for sure at this point someone is going to have to make up for that oil loss production, gee wonder who that could be, they better seize the moment and move quick, or in the words of that commercial, its MY MONEY and I want it now, oh and baxters dime

Clay    madness Iraq will

Clay   good 4 us

madness   and isreal knows all there soft spots and targets

Clay   yep they sure do

Dave   I hear it may be a good idea to fill up...gas going up tomorrow say the gas Gurus

madness   I told my lady fill up yesterday its going up for sure and im in cali so I get the worst brunt of it

Dave   madness Try living going rto be well over 6.00 a gallon

Dave   thats for Reg.....I run on Premium   like 7.00Gallon

madness   my goodness where are you in europe

Dave   no 51 state

madness   last fill up was 303

Dave   Canada

madness   oh ok did not know your prices were so high, geez, but your dollar is worth more than ours

Dave   wrong .76 cents

Doug_W   madness Canadian dollar is .65 USD

Dave   Doug_W .76

Doug_W   Dave when did it go up?

Dave   was .86 a few yrs back

Doug_W   when I looked a couple months ago it was .65

Dave   we need a RV here

Dave Doug_W wrong

madness   wow it did go down,you guys used to be higher than us, * if I was Canadian I would be pissed and thats an understatment

Dave   madness 28 yrs ago yes