Judy, TNT, Bix and Zang Tuesday PM 9-17-19

Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of Sept. 17 2019

Compiled by Judy Byington  (Excerpt)

Judy Note: This week was officially designated as Constitution Week and expected to be full of a series of announcements by President Trump, perhaps on Disclosure, the Restored Republic, Mass Arrests and a return of the US Dollar to the Gold Standard.

These announcements were expected prior to Fri. Sept. 20. As per Bix Weir, this Friday was also a Quadruple Witching Day for derivatives of the Cabal’s Central Banking System. The Sat. Sept. 14 attack on a major Saudi Oil Field was actually against a main facility supporting the fiat US Petrodollar and the Cabal’s bankrupt Central Banking system.

Saudi Arabia was also a major player in the Cabal’s international Child Sex Trafficking Ring financially supported through US Taxpayer dollars by US Inc.- British Crown – Vatican Bank’s Central Banking system.

This week the Saudi Oil Refinery attack, along with a Sept. 30 contract deadline for Central Banks on their 1.2 Quadrillion in derivatives, was expected to collapse the World Banking’s Bond, Commodity and Stock Markets’ Ponzi Scheme. If left unchecked such could cause an unprecedented Depression, unless global leaders including President Trump, announced a return of world currencies to the Gold Standard.

As a kickoff for that Global Currency Reset Iraq was expected to be the first country to revalue their currency. Contacts there thought that would happen on Wed. Sept. 18.

On Tues. Sept. 17 MarkZ reported that there was lots of movement in Reno for Tier 3 (groups), his Iraqi Contacts expected the Iraqi Dinar would revalue Wed. Sept. 18, plus his Paymaster hoped to be finished up with duties and fly home mid-week.

Last week Tony reported that bankers were told a specific time and date that the reset would happen. His Iraqi sources said that no matter what, they would defiantly reset the Iraqi Dinar this week.

On Sun. Sept. 15 and Mon. Sept. 16 an awful lot of Paymasters were flying into Reno.

Defense Contractors have exchanged in Iraq, 27 Native Nations have received payment and sources at the Pentagon had confirmed that exchanges have taken place on military bases, though not everywhere and were not for everyone, yet.

Since Fri. Sept. 6 all Contacts connected to the new US Treasury near Reno Nevada have gone dead silent. Mark reported that all they would say to him was to sit tight and watch the reset roll out.

A. Tues. Sept. 17 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456# (712) 770-4014

B. Sept. 17 2019 Morning Chat with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1.The oil field destruction in Saudi Arabia made oil prices go up significantly (immediate 20% jump in oil prices), which was good for the RV.

2. Iraqi Contacts expected that a new value on the Iraqi Dinar would go out tomorrow Wed. Sept. 18.

3. Mark’s Paymaster hoped to be finished up with duties and fly home mid-week.

4. Today Tues. Sept. 17 there was lots of movement in Tier 3 (groups).

5. Reno contacts were quiet and have been for some time. All they would say was to sit tight, that it was rolling out.

6. We were done, waiting for the rollout and it could go at any moment.

7. There was a lot of traffic in Reno right now.

8. The Iranian Rial was still in the first basket and expected to be worth about half of the rate of the Iraqi Dinar.

9. The Vietnamese Dong was still in the first basket with an expected rate of $.47 on up, and contract rate of around $2.00.

10. The India Ruphia was still in the first basket and was probably worth around $1.80.

11. suziq456: As per Bix Weir, this Friday Sept. 20 was the Quadruple Witching Day for all derivatives.

12. In Mark’s opinion the second basket would contain currencies of Venezuela, Afghanistan, Mongolia, plus the Central African currencies of Maule and the Congo.

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NetGlobal:  My guess is the next window is starting on Friday after Forex closes

Ify:  maybe, thinking every minute to come is our next window! counting the minutes down to that point, then you could be right that it could be on Friday after Forex closes. LOL

NetGlobal:  If the Fed cuts it;s interest rates tomorrow, we should see a flood of home refis.


Tishwash:  so who really speaks for the cbi? Hmmmm

The central monetary and economic policies have strengthened the government's economic resilience in the face of the tou

Samir al-Nasiri

Iraq's foreign currency reserves reached $ 87 billion after the government's $ 13 billion reserves were added to the Central Bank's reserves, a positive indication of Iraq's economic resilience in the face of economic crises in the most difficult circumstances. 

From this, we note that what has been achieved comes mainly to the exceptional efforts made by the Central Bank during the years of economic and financial crisis in supporting the national economy and securing the limits of 16 billion dollars to the state treasury to overcome the difficult conditions suffered by our country. When the Ministry of Finance takes advantage of the rise in oil prices and repay the $ 16 billion dues of the Central Bank owed by the government and thus the total reserves of the Central Bank and government reserves will be around $ 100 billion, especially if we expect to continue Oil to rise.

The follower and competent is well aware that to reach this rate of foreign reserves is the Central Bank to follow the investment policies safe, which strengthened the credit standing internationally and restore confidence in the Iraqi economy and international banking relations.

Underscoring the safety and success of the Bank 's strategy for the years ( 2016-2020 ) achieved .ho achievements in financing activity and activate the initiative to finance small and medium enterprises and raise the ceiling on loans to one billion dinars for each project within the objectives of the initiator e in the revitalization of the economic cycle and support the implementation of the objectives of the government curriculum in the fourth axis (Strengthening the economy) by achieving the objective of development banks as a goal of development.

Therefore, the Bank is currently engaged in initiating Islamic finance for public and private banks. In addition, the implementation of community initiatives from the Tamkeen Fund will enable the effective national experience in integrating the banking sector with society and achieving the objective of social and economic banks.

The clear evidence, which can never be covered, is the continuation and stability of the exchange rate over two years and maintaining the inflation rate of less than 2%. It now facilitates the strengthening of the economy and banks for development   link

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