Bix Weir: Fed Bailout Just Happened- and It's Not Enough 9-17-19

BIX Weir: 

EMERGENCY $75B Fed Bank Bailout Just Happened...& it’s Not Enough! (Bix Weir Live)

Streamed live 111 minutes ago

The Federal Reserve just bailed out the overnight repo market making $75B available to the banks that soaked up $53B...this is just the START!   THIS IS THE ENDGAME

If the Fed hadn’t bailed out the Repo Market…It would have been over today.

But it won’t be enough!!!

ALERT!! Derivatives Exploding as Silver Moonshot Approaches! (Bix Weir)

Published on Sep 17, 2019

I'm not quite ready to say I TOLD YOU SO...but we are getting Close!! Silver Rigging still in force...but not for long. The Repo Market is exploding overnight and that's not good for a $17 Trillion dollar market! Hang on!

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