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The Full Moon this Friday the 13th is a Super Rare Occurrence

.The Full Moon This Friday The 13th Is A Super Rare Occurrence

September 8, 2019

 According to Farmers’ Almanac contributing astronomer, Joe Rao, this combination is a once-in-a-20-year occurrence, so your next chance to see one is August 13, 2049.

That’s right, the combination of a full moon and Friday the 13th only happens every 20 years or so, and we have one this Friday. We have not had a nationwide full moon on Friday the 13th since October 13th, 2000.

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How Lincoln Triumphed in an Era Even More Toxic Than Ours

.How Lincoln Triumphed in an Era Even More Toxic Than Ours

Allen Barra  Published 09.08.19 5:32AM ET

Biographer Sidney Blumenthal talks to The Daily Beast about a pre-Civil War America where Jefferson Davis demanded both Lincoln and Douglas be lynched.

Abraham Lincoln doesn’t make much of an appearance in Sidney Blumenthal’s All the Powers of Earth: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln, Volume III, 1856-1860 until around page 180, entering his own story almost as if through a side door.

Then, with rapidly gathering momentum, he becomes the story, which is Lincoln’s masterful negotiation of the political, economic, and social currents that swept him into the White House in 1860 and inevitably took America into the Civil War.

All the Powers of Earth is the third of a proposed five volumes unique in American historical writing. focusing on the rise of Lincoln as a political animal in a national climate shaped by early 19th century giants Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, and Henry Clay with increasing tensions over slavery—tensions exacerbated by such men as Jefferson Davis, Stephen Douglas, and John Brown.

Blumenthal has written more than a dozen books on American politics and history, beginning with the prescient The Permanent Campaign about politicians who campaign for reelection throughout an electoral cycle, leaving little time for governing. (Sound familiar?)

He has written extensively about politics for the New Yorker, the Washington Post, and the New Republic, often using insight gained from the inside of the political world as an aide to President Bill Clinton.

He took time to answer at length 15 questions on the massive (757 pages) fascinating volume.

Early in All the Powers of Earth, you write about “The great Triumvirate of Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun, the representative political men of their age.” Clay,you write, “invented the power of Speaker of the House.” I did not know this—can you elaborate a bit?

Also, I like your phrase that Clay was “Lincoln’s beau ideal of a statesman.” What do you think was Clay’s biggest influence on Lincoln?

Yes, Lincoln had a hero, but then he cast him aside, and finally he vindicated him. Henry Clay, the original “self-made man” in American politics, came from a poor family in Virginia, moved to Kentucky, and proclaimed himself the “Western Star.”

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A Labor Day Lesson... From a 98-Year-Old Bag Boy

.A Labor Day Lesson... From a 98-Year-Old Bag Boy

By Andy Snyder, Founder Mayward Digest


 What's more important... industry or education? Several states have passed laws that prohibit schools from ending summer vacation before Labor Day. Proponents argue that it's important for families to have one more weekend to spend their cash on fun.

In Virginia, it's referred to as the "Kings Dominion Law," after the amusement park that benefits greatly from the rule. Clearly, America has her priorities straight. Right?

 Why in the world do we celebrate work?

That stuff hurts.

What's Labor Day really about, anyway?

For most folks, it's bad news. It means the end of summer... back to school... and the boss is back from vacation.

Are we to think we're really celebrating the little guy today... the guy who gets just a few bucks an hour to do the dirty work nobody else wants to do?

If so, why haven't the social justice warriors caught on? Where's the "woke" crowd taking to the streets begging for more of its fair share?

We figure they're at the beach getting their last bucket of fries and one final stroll down the boardwalk.

That's okay... we don't need them.

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All Work And No Play Makes You A Dull Person

.All Work And No Play Makes You A Dull Person

By Ryan Holiday 

As a holiday, Labor Day is a bit paradoxical. We honor work ... by not working. How could that possibly be right?

It's an idea that seems particularly out of step with the glorification of long hours and hustle that has come from the Silicon Valley startup world. We're supposed to be working 80- to 100-hour weeks, coming into the office on weekends, dedicating ourselves exclusively to our careers or our businesses.

"Totally false," the investor Keith Rabois wrote on Twitter in reply to a fellow VC who had tried to argue that, "not hanging with friends and family because you're working isn't 'cool'" and that " your competition isn't beating you because they are working more hours than you.

It's because they are working smarter." To Rabois, young people needed to embrace the grind, to succeed through extreme feats of discipline and commitment.

Just look at the reaction to Andrew Luck, who shocked the football world by announcing his early retirement and an intention to add more balance to his life. To Doug Gottlieb, the Fox Sports Radio host, it was, sarcastically, "the most millennial thing ever."

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It's Ok to Say No

From Recaps Archives

(Note: This Article can apply to Lotto-Winners, A Big Inheritance and Dinarians!)

A good read about saying "No"
This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's Dec. 8 Big Money Issue. S

HERE'S A CHALLENGE: Imagine what it feels like to be 21 years old, extremely successful, famously wealthy, wildly stressed and unbearably miserable. How, you might wonder, can all those conditions exist simultaneously?

Start here, with Cowboys All-Pro offensive tackle Tyron Smith, talking to his mother on the phone one day in 2012, his second year in the NFL, during a time of growing tension between him

"We've found a house," Frankie Pinkney told her son.

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