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Tishwash:  Iraq: Government, parliament discuss implementation of first reform package (Kuwaiti news)

From Kuwaiti news

BAGHDAD, Oct 8 (KUNA) - Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Halbousi discussed on Tuesday the implementation of the first package of reforms announced by the government to meet the demands of the .demonstrators

A government statement said the two sides agreed to continue work and coordination between the executive and legislative authorities to respond to the legitimate demands made by the demonstrators in direct meetings and contacts with their .representatives

He added that they discussed the reform package and the first decisions announced by the government and the need to continue implementing them to assure the people of the keenness of the executive and legislative authorities to listen to the right demands .and respond to them

They also decided to discuss violations and attacks that killed and wounded demonstrators and security services and to focus efforts on maintaining security and stability after the return to normal conditions in Baghdad and the provinces, according to the .statement

Another government statement said that Mahdi held another meeting with the tribal chiefs, asking them to present proposals and solutions to meet the demands of citizens and discussed with them their views which focused on providing job opportunities, .services and other reforms Baghdad and other provinces witnessed a state of stability and calm on the eve of President Barham Salih's speech calling for an investigation into the killing of demonstrators and security forces, in addition to carrying out reforms and a ministerial reshuffle .commensurate with the next stage   link


Cutebwoy:  The Iraqi government issues a second package of resolutions to meet the demands of the demonstrators

Politics of the Iraqi Council of Ministers

Adel Abdul Mahdi demonstrations in Iraq

2019/10/08 12:08:32 A- A A +

The Council of Ministers issued at its meeting held on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the second package of urgent measures of the Council of Ministers in meeting the demands of the demonstrators.

Firstly. Formation of the High Committee for the distribution of residential land under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and membership of:

1 Minister of Construction and Housing as Vice-Chairman of the Committee

2 Secretary General of the Council of Ministers member

3 Head of the Secretariat of the Higher Commission for Coordination between the provinces member

4 Director General of State Real Estate Member

5 Director General of Military Survey – Ministry of Defense Member

6 Director General of Agricultural Lands – Ministry of Agriculture Member

7 A representative of the Prime Minister’s Office as a member

Courtesy of Dinar Guru: 

Frank26    ...the CBI has told [guru] Walkingstick's firm 3 days ago...(they have 6 banks)...that on the 14th they are to have the acceptance of new currency...It isn't even my opinion because the CBI told my friend's firm therefore it's public knowledge. 

 To be followed by fils...whoop there it is!...When we see the pictures of the new lower denoms we've got a good chance for this to unfold...

Let's pray this protesting stops being so violent...our team members are alive and well...and pray that if it calms down the pictures of the lower denoms and the descriptions come out...



Elaine:  I have noted that there is an Iraqi holiday on October 15-17.  If they do the RI on the 14th they could celebrate for three days after.  Just wishful thinking.

OlLar:  This sounds very possible too me

2Cents:  The actual holiday is the 19th/ province already stated they are going to celebrate from the 15th to the 20th......We have yet to see anything official from the COM......We have been watching this holiday for quite a few weeks and feel this is a back wall or look to the EOY/Jan........However, WS report certainly seems to coincide with this next time period going into the holiday......

Salamon69:   FAMILY --- Just realized something that is REALLY AMAZING !

The FEAST OF TABERNACLES begins at sundown on 10/13 leading into 10/14

This is the latter day HARVEST, and celebrates the time that Israel was delivered from Egypt and lived in temporary shelters.    It is also thought to be when the last revival will happen in the church before Jesus returns.   It is the one Feast day that did not have a past fulfillment unlike the Feast of Passover for example when Jesus paid the price for our sins.

God's TIMING is PERFECT as this Feast pretty much sums up the reason that God is transferring this wealth to us in these End Times to bring in the last harvest, and invest in KINGDOM projects.

IMO  I am looking for a rate change anytime from Thursday onward as Delta said that we should look to the latter part of the week from Thursday into the weekend.    

I would say that the exchange rate would need to change in SYNCHRONIZATION the same time citizens are getting new lower notes on 10/14 or before...   So that gives a window of a rate change between 10/10 to 10/14

Not giving a date or a rate just giving a TIME FRAME


Oct 8, 2019

Those who think the system is chugging along just fine apparently didn't listen to Fed Chair Jerome Powell today say "My colleagues and I will soon announce measures to add to the supply of reserves over time." FREE MONEY!! Why now and what could go wrong?


Bix Live! Failing Banks & “Infinity Money”’s Happening!!

Streamed live 4 hours ago

The Fed bailouts are tiny but very symbolic as they have been creating "Infinity Money" behind the scenes for over 100 years and not telling ANYBODY about it!

Currency365: Footforward Update, Iran Citizens Rise, India Bank Bail-in

CURRENCY365   Oct 8, 2019

Economic Collapse News - Double Top Warning! The Market Must Make New Highs From Here Or Fall Apart.

Oct 8, 2019

Economic collapse news. It's a big week because we see much of the conversation has been about trade. After seeing how the markets react to headlines about trade optimism We finally have come to the moment of truth. We Have this trade meet and we're coming to a point where hopes are not going to cut it. We will need substance, and where the market sits now we must make new highs from here or we are at risk of a dreaded double top in markets.