IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 10-8-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Tuesday 10-8-19

Chattels   Sporadic demonstrations in Baghdad and the atmosphere of tension over the Iraqi capital    Huner Ahmed

spankie   maybe riots or the pm removed will help- lol

Chattels   David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1   Scattered  protests in Baghdad, especially Sadr City. Journalist sees security forces firing on protesters as they try to move to Tahriir Square. Protester says snipers on roofs in Sadr City fire on protests.

chattels   Video: Abdul Mahdi pledges to bring those who attacked the demonstrators to justice   Special Sumerian   2019-10-07 | LINK

  chattels   Babylon 2019/10/07 12:02:17   The security media cell announced on Monday the arrest of those involved in firing at demonstrators.    LINK

  spankie   just what happened to maliki for the genocide and all the chaos he caused - nada

  chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2    Overall looks like govt repression has all but silenced the protest movement for now except for Sadr City

chattels   The House of Representatives will discuss the demands of the demonstrators tomorrow

Monday 07 October 17:45 2019   Baghdad / Nina / The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to allocate a session on Tuesday to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and find solutions to them.

xyz   Tebow Frank: The protesters gave them 2 weeks…...the deadline is the 15th...we're looking at the 2nd week right now..

There is a possibility that the Monetary Reform will soon dominate more than the protesting in the streets…There is a possibility we will see what we are looking for somewhere around Sat.or Sun.…….

3 days ago the CBI told WalkingStick’s firm with 6 banks that on the 14th of Oct…..they are to have the new currency (LD’s) .... To be followed by FILS..(coins)

chattels   Legal measures to be taken against killers of protesters: Iraq judiciary  Mohammed Rwanduzy

chattels   Government did not order ‘crime’ of protester killings: Iraq President

Mohammed Rwanduzy7 Oct 19, 11:12 PMchattelsThe President announced steps to be implemented in the short term, including the “opening of a judicial investigation” into the violence, as announced earlier today by Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council.

“Special authorities, without a doubt, have to hold those responsible for spilling Iraqi blood responsible.”

The President also voiced support for a suggestion by Ayatollah Sistani, the highest Shiite religious authority of Iraq, for forming a committee composed of independent, qualified Iraqis to engage with protesters to present a “roadmap” for reform.

As a third step, the President suggested discussions between Iraq’s political blocs to “form a national parliamentary bloc” to support and oversee reform, the fight against corruption, and the provision of services.

To tackle state corruption – one of the main sources of protester grievance – Salih suggested “activating the role” of integrity courts, supporting their independence and taking corruption cases to them with no “immunity” for anyone.

chattels   Another committee ?

chattels   Iraqi human rights commission condemns use of deadly force in protests

chattels   Iraq protests exacerbate testing times for PM Abdul-Mahdi

chattels   Eight years into the toppling of Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq started to wage demonstrations simultaneous to those of several other Arab countries under the influence of the wave of the Arab Spring. They protested a lack of basic services, unemployment, injustice and corruption.

The Iraqi government, at the time under the reign of Nouri al-Maliki, was given a 100-day ultimatum by Muqtada al-Sadr to carry out reform. Many other hundred-day spells have passed since then, yet nothing has been done and the situation continues to worsen.

chattels   The people of Iraq are fed up, and can no longer bear most of the brunt of the worsening economic conditions that have haunted them. According to the International Transparency Index, Iraq is ranked the 12th most corrupt of 180 countries. We can therefore label Iraq as a failed state.

chattels   Undoubtedly, ongoing protests will become a golden opportunity for any side wishing to see the collapse of Abdul-Mahdi's government and replace him. It is not improbable that if protests continue, Mahdi will resign, as he is known as a leader whose resignation is always on the table and not as one ready to remain in a position where he becomes worthless. In the past, he withdrew from the posts of vice president of Iraq and oil minister.

chattels   ' In the past, he withdrew from the posts of vice president of Iraq and oil minister."


chattels   Sorry, cap lock, too lazy to retype.

chattels   The " failed state " phraseology is a common one for the Kurdish independence minded. While I think that Rudaw is as transparent and unvarnished a news source as may be available in Iraq, it is arguably biased toward the Kurds.

chattels   At the same time, there is reason to think that these may be the dying days of this Iraqi state.

chattels   One guru now has the object of the protests to be an increase in the value of the dinar. I would like to see that in black and white with a link, but I suspect that it is the stale and tired failed narrative of " RV anytime and everyday ".

chattels   I have confirmation and a link for the " report " that seven ministers tendered their resignations to Mahdi.


chattels   Report US Amb to Iraq thought PM Abdul Mahdi would resign US military disagreed With protests dying down pressure on PM might lesson as well   …

  chattels   Joel Wing @JoelWing2

Iraq might have escaped revolutionary situation via repression but still not addressed causes What does it mean for Iraqi democracy that govt was willing to gun down so many people & politicians were so incapable in face of crisis?

chattels   A " blast from the past ". URGENT: 7 year prison sentence given to Central Bank head, Sinan al-Shabibi

by Amre Sarhan Sep 4, 2014,

chattels   " The source told IraqiNews that the Judiciary in Iraq has issued a ruling against the former governor of the Iraqi Central Bank today on Thursday, based on the case filed about his administration.

Iraqi High Judiciary Council declared on 19 Oct 2012 that an arrest warrant against the Central Bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi was issued on charges of corruption during his administration of the bank, whilst Shabibi was in Tokyo attending an annual world conference."

chattels   Where were you on 19 Oct 2012 ?

chattels   Hard to believe that we are approaching the seventh anniversary of the sudden and surprising end to Shabbibi's governership at the Central Bank, eh ?

chattels   We are also approaching the fifth year of the following. Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years says MP Noura al-Bajari, by Amre Sarhan, Oct 29, 2014,

chattels   The reason, ............ al-Bajari said, “The policy to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is ready to be executed by the Central Bank, however, its implementation will be delayed by 5 years on the basis of the extreme security and political situation of the country.”

chattels   " ............. delayed by 5 years on the basis of the extreme security and political situation of the country.”

chattels   What is the current security and political situation in the country ?

chattels   It was reported in February of 2013 that “The Iraqi Government thinks that changing the dinar needs suitable and stable circumstances,”

chattels   The purpose, or definition, of deleting the zeroes is to reduce the currency in circulation we were told by Majida al-Timimi, member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee ( She is now the Chairperson I believe. ) in 2012.

chattels   I decried yesterday the guru notion that deleting the zeroes / increasing the value of the dinar is a panacea for Iraq's economic crisis. See

chattels   The Central Bank of Iraq, earlier, announced that cancelling the zeros is within a plan to develop monetary policies in the country.

One of the difficulties facing is Iraq is withdrawing 30 trillion Iraqi dinars ( It is now more.) from Iraq’s market at the present time and to replacing it with new currency.

Earlier, the ministry of finance ruled out the idea of cancelling the zeros in 2013 because the federal budget was based on the current currency.

chattels   Iraqi government seems powerless against protesters even as 'unknown' snipers take toll   Ali Mamouri October 8, 2019

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chattels   Doug_W Been walking down memory lane with the dinar this morning.

chattels   Thousands of young people, mostly teenagers, kept up demonstrations for the seventh day in a row. Nothing — not government promises, military threats, religious advice nor anything else — has been able to convince them to return home yet.

They have nothing to lose. They are jobless, feel humiliated due to Iraq’s weak position in the region, despair about the political system and have little hope for the future.

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Chattels    Unsurprisingly, not only Americans but also Iranians supported Abdul Mahdi against the unarmed protesters. Iran and the United States have been cooperating in forming and supporting almost all of the Iraqi governments after 2003.

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chattels  “PMU factions are ready to intervene to prevent any coup or insurgency in Iraq, should the government request,” Fayadh added.

The PMU factions are already in the streets taking part in confronting the protesters.

Continuation of the protests will likely lead the prime minister and his government to rely on the PMU more than ever, which would allow the PMU to further increase its influence in the Iraqi government.

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chattels   Parliament officially votes to freeze the work of provincial councils

Tuesday 08 October 14:56 2019 | BAGHDAD / NINA / The House of Representatives officially voted to freeze the work of the provincial councils.

It also voted on the recommendations of the parliamentary committee charged with considering the demands of the demonstrators

chattels   It appears that the Iraqi Parliament managed to obtain a quorum for today's business.

Zig   "chattels"   "Where were you on 19 Oct 2012?"...................I was most likely in some forum/chat room hearing that we were close to being rich..... :yes:

chattels   Zig A similar pedigree here and a continuing hope against all better judgment and prior experience.

chattels   On the ground with Sadr City protesters, wearied and enraged

Doug_W   Silver:$17.65

chattels   And that's the way that it is, and was, from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Have a fine day all.

Young_SC   The opening of the Green Zone after the Stability   LINK

Doug_W   Silver:$17.83

Chocolatiere   chattels Thank you for your time 😃 and all the reports .. Iraq 's withdrawal of the currency from the market place and replacing it with a new currency doesn't sound good 😖 .. hopefully , hopefully the next few weeks things may turn around .. the reason those countries do better with a dictator is that they can't seem to be able to govern themselves

Dave   find it interesting given the situation ...they can only muster 212 out of 364 to parliament

Dave   at least Quorum.....

Dave   protesters should focus on CBI.....and push the button......???????

Dave   Right Young-SC?

Young_SC   Dave GOI is responsible for most of what they ask for. Cbi is in charge of the financial being of things

Young_SC   GOI=Corruption

Young_SC   I agree with the protesting against the GOI

Dave   need a coup......

Dave  more yadda yadda from GOI

Dave  A warning shot....between the eyes of Maliki......could speed things up?

Dave   9 more per protesters demands for arrest warrants still in effect?