News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Afternoon 10-6-19


Tishwash:  Joint operations: 104 people, including 8 associates, were killed and 6107 others injured during the demonstrations

The Joint Operations Command announced on Sunday the death of 104 people, including 8 associates and the injury of 6107 others, pointing to the arrest of some "engineers".

"The current toll of events that accompanied the demonstrations is the death of 104 people, including eight members of the security services," Brigadier General Saad Maan, spokesman for the Joint Operations, told a news conference.

Maan added that "the number of injured demonstrators and associates reached 6107 injured in the events of demonstrations," pointing out that "security forces were able to arrest some of the engineers during the demonstrations."   link


Tishwash:  Britain calls for speeding up the demands of Iraqi demonstrators

Britain has called on both Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and President Barham Saleh to expedite the legitimate demands of the protesters, and called for accountability for the perpetrators of violence.

This came in the words of the British Ambassador to Iraq, John Wilkes, who said on Twitter: «I talked with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Mr. President Barham Salih about the current demonstrations and the need to move quickly to meet the legitimate deman`ds of the demonstrators».

“The UK has also expressed grave concern about the violence used against demonstrators, particularly sniping,” he said. "All perpetrators of violent crimes at all levels must be brought to justice."  link


Cutebwoy:  Iraqi ministers decide to give 150,000 unemployed young people a monthly allowance of 150 dollars

The Iraqi cabinet has decided to grant 150,000 unemployed unemployed people a monthly grant of 175,000 dinars (150 dollars) per person for three months, for a total of 5.78 billion dinars.


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 We have now officially entered into the month of RED OCTOBER!!Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS IT!

Although “Q” has been missing in action since August 1, the term “Red October” has been prominently mentioned in a number “Q” drops since 2017.For now we can assume Red October means —"RED ALERT!”

 And now here in the month of October 2019, we are DEFINITELY witnessing President Trump and the White Hats moving very decisively forward in the most pro-active fashion yet seen to take down the many Deep State operatives. And as a result, there is all out P-A-N-I-C in the Washington, DC swamp like never before.

In point of fact,“Q” has also told us --"2019 - YEAR OF THE BOOMERANG,” and indeed, we are now witnessing the most serious blowback against all the traitors of America to date. And it is only going to increase from this point forward. 

 • The Deep State Democrats are falling over themselves committing one gaffe after another after another regarding the handling of the so-called Ukraine “whistleblower” who has been discovered to be nothing but a CIA hack planted into the White House by the Deep State to undermine President Trump. These are more signs of all-out desperation. 

 • The phony, fake Ukraine phone call scandal perpetuated by the Democrats is disintegrating by the day, as more and more details are leaked out indicating it was all a subversive operation run by corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff.

 • Also, the Democrat’s push for impeachment of President Trump is collapsing by the week as Speaker Nancy Pelosi breaks House rules, trashes the U.S. Constitution and lies to the American people again and again and again. Much more drama has yet to play out as the fraudulent impeachment process is exposed. 

• It is gotten so bad now, many DC swamp creatures are very clearly, openly panicking including — Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Sally Yates, Joe Biden and John Brennan, among many others. 

 • It appears as it is none-other-than Rudy Giuliani — the former Mayor of New York City and previously the Federal Prosecutor who took on the Mafia — who is leading the charge in the takedown of the Deep State.

 • And finally, high level sources have informed us some kind of massive and significant event on a global scale may well unfold during this month of October 2019. Stay tuned.

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Financial Crisis at PMC Leaves Thousands Crying For Their Money! Bank Runs Lead To Withdrawal Limits

Silver Report Uncut:  Oct 6, 2019

PMC bank collapse has left potentially hundreds of thousands of people without access to their own money. The bank had significant exposure to bad real estate loans which it has been found to be creating false account in order to mask these gaping holes in their balance sheet. The bank is hollow and the account holders are about to learn about the new bank bail is procedures.