IQD CALLS Chat Early Sunday 10-6-19

IQD CALLS Chat Early Sunday 10-6-19

Chattels   With the body count growing due to government sanctioned violence, the likely appearance of Hashd groups adding to the repression, and the inability of the elite to come up with suggestions that can engage the street the turmoil across Iraq is likely to continue.

The south should be especially important to watch, because if less people show up due to the killings that would be a huge hit. Baghdad however seems embroiled in rage and fury for the foreseeable future.

chattels   Fri Sadr ordered his Sairoon list to boycott parliament Abdul Mahdi to resign & new elections Frm PM Abadi also called for new vote & suspending provincial councils  …

 chattels   An emergency session of the Council of Ministers Saturday 05 October 21:27 2019

Baghdad / Nina / Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi chaired an emergency session of the Council of Ministers to discuss the developments of the demonstrations.

6 Oct 19, 04:52 AM chattels  The Council of Ministers issues the first package of the decisions of its extraordinary session

Sunday 06 October 07:34 2019

chattels   " The Council also decided to discuss the second package of resolutions related to reforms and the demands of the demonstrators at the next session, and to continue taking the necessary decisions in the subsequent sessions."

chattels   Halbousi: We need 400 trillion dinars to create 100 thousand housing units

Saturday 05 October 22:36 2019

chattels  400 trillion dinars ??????????????

xyz   "Pompous*" Romney 'No Good For Republicans', Trump Blasts

"If Mitt worked this hard on Obama, he could have won. Sadly, he choked!"

Larrykn   Gunmen attack TV offices in Baghdad amid popular unrest

larrykn   19 Iraqis killed in protests on Saturday despite calls for calm

Baxterjust reading up on the violence over there....not good for my dimes

Doug_W   that may not be the case this MAY stir them to real action Bax

Baxter   lets hope

Doug_W   yes Sir fingers crossed

Spankie   they need to hang Maliki in the town square to show they are fighting corruption

Young_SC   spankie Mahdi about to join him

spankie   he is a slacker-

spankie   the last presedente showed some strength but I think Maliki money corrupted him

Xyz   10-5-2019 Intel/Newshound Guru Frank26 ... CBI is going to bring out the pictures of the lower denoms/smaller notes.

biff   Sparky I was in the desert ( Kuwait & Iraq 2005-2008) as a Contractor. Thats how I found out about the Iraqi Dinar.

Sparky   larrykn ...they always like to take out the media...when bad agenda begins...

Sparky   ... young Iraqis rattling the cage now...

Sparky   ...young, hostile...will create change... just waking up to their possible future...

xyz   Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi Agrees to ... R...

xyz   Source: 7 ministers submitted their resignation, but Abdul Mahdi refused to maintain the government

Sparky   ... Mahdi "magic "... eliminating corruption... easier said than done...

Sparky   ...and in comes Abadi... reforms begin...

Sparky   ...again...this time... for real...imo...

spankie   whole lotta hot air- mahdi agrees to reforms---

Sparky   ...Kurd Arabs... Sunni Muslims, and Shiites... triangular ...

Sparky   spankie ... Mahdi gotta go...he has nothing...lame affiliation to back him...

Sparky   ... good dude... wrong position in Iraqs government...he is no leader...imo

Sparky   ... even with Sadr...and Sistani back ing him,... dud didn't get it done

spankie   getting Mahdi is like picking someone off the streets-- Abadi was way better but changed half way thru

Sparky   ... Suadi Sunnis will sort them out, if they stall any longer... with help from Israel and US... Iran about to feel the heat...imo...

    5 more dead in the iraq protest

madnss   dont know what to say except I feel this is not looking good for us as holders

Sparky   madness ... I have a feeling we may need to take a step back, before we go forward...

madness   yeah and now there saying there not going to activate article 140 that cant be good either, darn I thought we were so close you could almost taste it

Sparky   madness ... store doesn't open until noon...

madness   noon? wow how do they stay in business opening that late

Sparky   madness ...only in Sunday...noon to 7... otherwise 8 to 11...

Sparky   *on

madness   Sparky oh ok my store and I live the middle of no where now opens at 6 am

Sparky   madness yup...if I owned a store, and maybe I will, I would be open as long as law allows...

madness   well im in cali, our stores can stay open 24/7 if they choose too

Sparky   madness . In Massachusetts, can't sell until 8 am...

madness   just cant buy beer from 2am to 6am

madness   on the iraq issue I read they told all embassy employees to get out of the country, weather is cool and calm, thank god I hate when its a 100 plus degrees

madness   Young_SC Good Morning young and that is at least good news on the embassy

Young_SC   Sparky about People in people in the US embassy to evacuate

madness   what is a trip is those iraqs are so pissed off there not even listening to there religious leaders even

Francis Albert   Correction from post I made yesterday...saw it on recaps. The Iraqi Oil Trust was run by Bank of New York Mellon, not J.P. Morgan as I stated. Sorry.

Dave   Francis Albert Forgiven!

Sparky   Francis Albert ...JP was in first...

Francis Albert   Maybe I stated..but I know Mellon ran it for years..thanks..probably still do

Dave   Dave 40 Hail Marys

Sparky   Francis Albert ... Citi also tight...

Dave   Wish I had a huge Chase credit card debit......

madness   citibank is the only bank selling dinar right now, only other way is to go to a currency seller usually by the airport

Dave   They forgave all debit to Canadians

Sparky   Dave Canucks... forgiven...

madness   and this out you have to have an account for 30 days before can buy WTF?

Sparky   madness today with cash...

madness   cheaper at the bank or currency center

Sparky   *CXI...

madness   yeah we have an cxi out there too

Dave   Who would buy Dinar.......looks like civil war down there

madnessa   bout 950 per million iqd

Sparky   madness ...that's your huckleberry...

madness   im not buying any dinar its collecting dust, plus I already drank it

Dave   madness yeah the events occuring really encourage foreign investment

madness   Dave well think about it, if you were a foreign investor would you be like, oh hey I think I want to put some money in your country, ummm NOT this is not rocket science

Dave   hehe no doubt

Sparky   Dave ...think future...and,vbe patient...

madness   yeah I dont see this going anytime soon now, or maybe I could be wrong, remember its iraq, maybe the cbi says go international and give the people some wealth before a full out war breaks out

Dave   No Stability

madness   yeah and they had stability but there greed ruined it all

Dave   new elections.........yrs to seat a new GOVT.......?

Young_SC   Dave madness Remember why they are protesting



Dave   Young_SC you think?

Young_SC   Dave Yes Dave

madness   young I know why there protesting, but the question is will the poor citizens get what they want? its a crap shoot

Dave   thought kap did

Madness   I think some people have been waiting 15 years plus, im a noob cant imagine this all going down how they are feeling, baxters poor dime is on life support to boot

biff   some investments are longer

Dave   Young_SC Those crooks are smart

Sparky   biff ...yup...

Dave   divert and delay ....they know how it works

biff   When I was in Iraq I put of my dinar Banks and ISX

madness   the crooks in iraq are not smart, its just the citizens dont have guns so they can roll right over them and not care, bet gun sales go through roof from neighboring countries if this goes the distance

Sparky   Dave ... chaos is the foundation of the Maliki machine...

Dave   Young_SC been waiting for a few laws...... the only thing that has yet to happen are these laws

Sparky   biff ...Warka ?

biff   Yes Warka

madness   dam sparky said I should go into the shovel business, too bad im not in the gun running business in iraq right now

Dave   madness wheel barrows next?

biff   and Credit Bank of Iraq too

madness   Dave LOL

biff   I dont think is good to be in lots of cash

Sparky   biff I have an account there also...

Dave   sadr militia has guns

biff   The CBI has taken Warka under there wing

Dave   wonder how many militias...........


madness   Dave well then now might be a good time to use them or the threat of using them, put those in parliament in check

biff   many sunni and shia groups

Dave   Peshmerga......the only real army?

Sparky   biff ...6.5 % interest...if, I can ever get it out... I'm thinking MC...

Dave   think if they got invilved

madness   bottom line with all this world attention on them now, I dont see the cbi coming out and saying welcome to iraq were going international come in and bring money

Dave   biff used to be about Shia vs Sunni they are after the Govt

biff   They still pay interest

Sparky   biff ...yup...

madness   darn I hope I am wrong but logic does not dictate that

biff   little more shia

biff   Has anyone seen the movie " The devil double"

biff   devils double

madness   hey in your guys all opinion do you think if the cbi did flip the switch and brought a little value to there currency it would calm the people down?

biff   no

madness   oh great so were screwed

biff   1.20

Sparky   madness ...of course...

Dave   madness RAPID Changes on the horizon 10 more days?

madness   Sparky well at least biff told the truth did not even hesitate

Sparky   Dave ... months...

biff   Do they have a new govt ready?

Dave   Sparky months what?

Dave   biff Talk of new elections

biff   I will be back. Game Time !

Sparky   Dave ..rate and date...10 months...we be better...

Young_SC   Dave lolol@ waiting for a few Laws

Young_SC   So i guess laws are in the way of citizens receiving purchasing power? Lol

Young_SC   Jeff : They still have two major things to do before the rate can change. This is based on current facts. What I'm telling you can change through time but as where we're at right now with current facts - the two things remaining are they have to finish the formation of the government and approve the budget...then they can change the rate.

That's exactly where we're at. The facts are unfolding right before your eyes...


Baxter   Young_SC WHATS THAT?

Deano   what's happening all

Young_SC   Deano Guru Jeff said we are waiting for the formation of the government