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MilitiaMan:  Franks Teams told us about this to come, the "DEDICATED WINDOW" has arrived. (see article below)

This is timed so that to facilitate imports and exports for global goods. The licensing is in place. They could be setting the stage for interconnection with the ISX and NASDAQ in the short term as well. Investors will be looking to do business and what a place to create that environment now that this has "been done".

Now that they have done this, add in they told the citizens what they are going to do by showing them publicly about the NSCNs and coins to come from the CBI. The CBI told the GOI to release those articles for a purpose. That is to stimulate them imo to keep opening accounts as the NSCNs are coming.

 So, if the forum has an interest in this, look for the BANKS to start talking to the citizens more and more. Anyone, has a contact in the Country, now would be the time to start asking questions about the new currency and when to expect it.

They let the cat  out of the bag!!! imo This article is more evidence of  it!!! imo ~ MM

Samson:  Trade completes electronic window project

The Ministry of Commerce announced on Wednesday the completion of the electronic window project for the issuance of import and export licenses, and launch the work of the website of the International Trade Point of Iraq to register public sector companies, which allows to achieve benefits through the existence of an integrated database allows the marketing of products and tenders and methods Buying and selling.

"The General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services in the ministry has completed the one-window project with the aim of issuing import and export licenses and linking them to border ports through an electronic system that facilitates procedures on the owners of companies and investors," Trade Minister Mohammed al-Ani said in a statement received. 

Al-Ani added that "working according to the electronic system within the single-window project comes within the framework of the implementation of the government program and facilitate the task of investors and companies in the introduction of goods and export of materials outside Iraq has been working through national companies and a short record period in comparison to the important role and many procedures that are related to the subject."

On the same level, the Minister of Commerce, "the launch of the site of the electronic point aimed at achieving many benefits and the impact of the advancement of the reality of the Iraqi economy and its openness to global markets," pointing out that "these benefits come to create a complete database of electronic commerce in the field of marketing products  He also offered tenders, methods of sale and purchase, the names of local and foreign companies, the publication of commercial legislation, shipping of all kinds, insurance, banks and all related to internal and foreign trade. 

The Minister of Trade also stressed, "Iraq Trade Point will activate the work of the private sector and promote the growth of the Iraqi economy and will be the focus of all international goods," pointing out that "the project needs infrastructure and database through which we can carry out electronic business."    LINK

Iobey77:  Thanks MM! Don't you just love the words LAUNCHED and ACTIVATE? !!! I do!! Now..if only they will just make the Big Announcement!!We would be all set!!


Luvwulfs:  Remember Shabibbi wanted Iraq to have 3 days to celebrate before we go. That would make Friday a great day

MRiles:  from reliable source which many know:  Everyone knows... The US Treasury, the Iraqi citizens, the CBI, the GOI, the IMF…Everyone knows. Iraq is now on fire with the reinstatement of their currency.

MRiles:   Lots of excitement in dinar land

Mobius:  Remember------ Things $ Can't Buy 1. Manners 2. Morals 3. Respect 4. Character 5. Common Sense 6. Trust 7. Patience 8. Class 9. Integrity 10. Love

Harambe:   Bloomberg: Zimbabwe’s Rulers Find Themselves in a Trap of Their Own Making  (8/21/19)


Courtesy of Dinar Guru: 

G-Lin:    Article:  "What's the use of coins at the moment"  Quote:  "The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy." 

 I think this is the first time I've seen the word reinstate. I like it.  

re·in·state (rē′ĭn-stāt′)  1. To bring back into use or existence.  2. To restore to a previous condition or position.


Dinar Investor - Jeff   ...They're at the point where they'd be finished setting the stage for the citizens...Notice how they start releasing brand new articles talking about the deletion of the zeros (meaning change the rate)...They're doing that to educate the citizens...

I gave you my personal target date of 9-21 or 9-22.  Notice how Iraq just put all these articles out roughly thirty days before my target. 

This level of education can only be done at the very end when they're about to do this.  That way it's fresh in the minds of the citizens...this is huge information what we are seeing on the deletion of the zeros and how it's used as a tool to control inflation and when the rate does change how they're going to be releasing the lower denoms along with coins. 

 That's an education step for the citizens but my point is it can only be done at the very end...


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