IQD CALLS CHAT Early Wednesday 8-21-19

lQD CALLS CHAT Early Wednesday 8-21-19

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larrykn   Good Morning everyone

larrykn   Explosions rock Iran-backed militias' camp in Baghdad

larrykn   Energy says Iraq Kurdistan oil production beyond 1 million barrels in July

Economy news _ Baghdad   Abu Dhabi national energy company (energy) on Wednesday that her unit in Iraq recorded "record" for the production of the oil tap field in the Kurdistan region in the North of the country.

The company said in a statement that for the first time since the start of the production processes in the field in July July 2017, total monthly production volume exceeded 1 million barrels of oil in June July.

larrykn   Iraqi, Iranian agreement to Sumar Mandali-port reopened within a week.

Business & money   Economy news _ Baghdad   Iran's Kermanshah Province Governor, hooshang bazond, signed a memorandum of understanding between Iraq and Iran to Sumar Mandali-port reopened within a week.

Bazond told the official Iranian news agency IRNA he "briefed" economy, that "due to Sumar port role development in border provinces of Iran's Kermanshah and Diyala, the Iraqis especially Iraqi officials in Diyala are eager to reopen this port and restore his activities. Official ".

He added, that "efforts are currently underway to reopen (part of) this port by the end of next week, a statement from the Iraqi Prime Minister," adding that "today's meeting with the Governor of Diyala province and President of the provincial Council to Sumar borders, the Iraqi side presented proposals thereon, in accordance with The memorandum of understanding signed between the two sides look to Sumar crossing reopened within the week. "

Border ports authority announced on 11 August 2019, they proceeded with the closure of the border port of Mandali "flexibly" enables traders to withdraw gradually missionaries, noting that the closure would be temporary while taking action to develop the port.

chattels   Iraqi security source says ammunition explosion at Balad Base in Salah ad-Din Province was caused by drone. Iraqi MP says there was a similar explosion at Ein al-Asad Base in Anbar Province, which was also a deliberate act.

Matt   Kaps theory may be wrong

Portmagaland   Good morning all. Dinar Inverstor Jeff straight up calling Kap an idiot on his video this morning based on Iraq supposedly calling in 40 trillion dinar worth of big notes to replace them lower denoms. I think he said 40 trillion, I cant remember, but you all get the point.

Portmagaland   It appears Jeff doesnt like playing in the same sandbox as other Gurus

Sparky   Portmagaland ... I would be very wary of a new " guru"...,calling a seasoned dinar researcher an idiot...

Sparky   Portmagaland ... isn't that the same dude that said, just a few days ago, that 73,000  dinars aren't trillions of dinars ?

Sparky   *73000 billion..

Sparky   ...and, demonstrated his lack of knowledge, by putting up a spreadsheet... clearly indicating values were in billions...

Sparky   ...73,000 billion, is also 73 trillion...when I went to school...

Sparky   ...give enough rope, to a new "guru"...they will hang themselves...

Sparky   ...but love his posts, short videos...good for a laugh...he also called it back in early July... something about the stock he says prior to 10/1...hope he is right this time...

Sparky   ...Oakies plane is almost out of fuel..

Sparky   ... sanctions on Iran, may persuade them to favor IQD value increase... now, there's a thought... Shiite brotherhood... circumvent sanctions, via IQD...maybe that's why they are setting up the banks ...cross boarder...

Portmagaland   Sparky Sorry, I'm often in and out due to working mo day through fridays, so I can't respond, but as for Guru Jeff, yeah he's been wrong in the past, however, at least he isnt saying by noon today or no later than tomorrow we all should be liquid, everyday, like 90% of the Gurus out there. I know the bar is set low though.

Portmagaland   Sparky I dont know about the 73,000 billion/trillion comment t. I dont catch everything these guys say.

Newbee   hello.. should I buy some dinar? just kidding... Mountain Goat said 50 dinar bill has been released, does anyone know if this is true or just rumor? Thanks!

Dave   Newbee check out

Wilder   Did he offer anny proof?

Dave   cbi would state what is in circulation

Newbee   it wasn't on so prob rumor... MG posted this on Dinarguru a few days back and I had a hard time believing it was actually true... MG is usually pretty conservative, so kinda surprising

Dave   is a rumor if not posted by cbi

Newbee   thanks Dave

Dave   no problem.....

Dave   Zeros will not change the value of the currency, and will help ease the circulation of currency and fragmentation and storage and calculation .. These are good qualities of the currency, the most important of which stability and confidence.      # Adel_Abdulmahdi

Dave   Mahdi seems to be on the same page with CBI

Dave   however will let Sandyf offer their own interpretation as to what this means