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The first phase of the market Sar-Mal program for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies was launched between money exchanger only and will be run later between money exchanger and commercial companies only.

The Teller can now trade demo and educational through the application to participate in the stock exchange, and send the name of the exchange company and mobile phone and the name of the person authorized to deal in the stock exchange on e-mail or communicate via WhatsApp to get the link to the program.

Iobey777:  Wow!!!! Thank you,DELTA!!! This is what FF77 was talking about, IMO!!!

Frank26 Video Sunday night : https://dinarrecaps.squarespace.com/our-blog/frank26-video-sunday-night-9-1-19-coins-metals-and-fils


Kamal al-Basri proposes "industrial dinar" to move the production wheel

Sunday 01 September 2019

Baghdad / Hussein Thaghb 

  A member of the Supreme Committee for Administrative Reform in the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers d. Kamal Al-Basri is a new model to support the private industrial sector through the industrial dinar, providing subsidized funding to industrial plants to start a phase of actual production in a phased manner, and contribute to address the problem of unemployment. 

 He added that "the problem of unemployment is troubling everyone and threatens social peace and political stability, which requires quick solutions, and that the Iraqi economy's increasing dependence on oil, requires to diversify sources of income on the basis of economic advantage of projects and achieve greater economic and social effects."


He said: The proposal "is based on the adoption of economic feasibility, which exceeds the cost of government subsidy proposed, which seeks to address unemployment and diversify sources of income through the window of the private industrial sector, which requires the government to allocate a financial amount ($) with the Industrial Bank, according to which one dollar is spent For 600 dinars (instead of 1,200 dinars). "    link  

Doodlebug:  WOW! This is incredible! I don't think I have ever seen anything like this before!!! Kamal al-Basri is a VERY WELL connected individual in Iraq, I won't bore you with the details but he comes from a very wealthy family in Iraq and was educated in Scotland.

I believe Samir Al-Nusairi picked al-Basri to write this (cough cough) "opinion piece". I have mentioned before that nothing comes out of the GOI with re: to the CBI without the approval of Al-Nusairi. 

But what's with the number, 600?!?

That's not what we were expecting! Seems as though Iraq is following the same steps as Mr. Frank26 and this was written "on purpose, with purpose". Six hundred (600) is easy for the citizens to understand. It is double the purchasing power. That's easy, right? One IQD is now worth Two IQD.

As they say here in the States, keep it simple, stupid. Is this the number that the CBI will come out with sooM? Who knows. But what I believe we should take note of here is that this "opinion piece" gives the citizens hope, encouragement and more education on what is about to happen in their country.

 Bravo, Shabibi, bravo Al-Nusairi and bravo Halbousi. I have a feeling we will be seeing you at the helm of this country sometime in the near future.

All of this is in my opinion only. Thank you Frank, WS and iTeams. Thank you Mr. Fire for all your hard work.

Samson:  Parliament: We will initiate the replacement of ministers in case of proven mismanagement and corruption

2nd September, 2019
MP Jassim Mohan al-Bukhati, said Monday, that the House of Representatives will withdraw confidence from ministers in the case of proven mismanagement and corruption. 

Al-Bukhati said, "The legislative chapter will see the hosting of ministers who will be replaced by parliament and withdraw confidence if they are proved by the bad evidence of mismanagement and corruption." 

Al-Bukhati stressed that "events can not be anticipated, especially since there are five ministers' cases under hand or will be referred to the integrity, and then the Prime Minister will enter the negotiations and the issue of political blocs to resolve the selection of new ministers or be selected in a quick manner to fill the shortage in the cabinet So, we cannot anticipate events. "    LINK


Samson:  Legislative law: more than 150 legislation in the inclusion of Parliament pending passage

2nd September, 2019
The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Monday that there are about 150 legislation awaiting passage during the current parliamentary session, indicating that political differences and preoccupation with the completion of the government hindered the passing of many issues. 

A member of the Committee Hussein al-Oqabi in a statement to / information / that "Parliament has submitted about 100 law proposals, mostly to support the government program and modernization of legislation on the economy and investment." 

He added that "the most outstanding outstanding laws are the Federal Court, the State Administration, Public Debt, the Federal Services Council, the Olympic Committee, oil and gas, and others."  indicating that "the Council is obliged to support the reform program of the government by passing its own laws during the current electoral cycle."    LINK


Samson:  Legal expert reveals five drafts in parliament for oil and gas law

2/9/2019 13:24

An expert in constitutional affairs called on the House of Representatives to stop attempts to control the judiciary and leave to legislation to raise the standard of living of the Iraqi citizen, stressing the importance of the adoption of the oil and gas law, pointing to the existence of five drafts of this law should be consolidated in order to find A legal system to regulate the oil relationship between the federal government and the regions and local administrations.

The expert said Mohammed Sharif in a statement received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of it, that "the House of Representatives will open Tuesday new legislative chapter with more differences between the blocks on the outstanding laws."  Sharif added that "blocs and parties still adhere to the need to legislate the law of the Federal Supreme Court as the closest way to control the judiciary fully."  And that, "there are a number of laws should pay attention to, and legislation, which touches the citizen directly and would raise the standard of living." 

Al-Sharif pointed out that "the most prominent of those laws stipulated by the Constitution is the oil and gas law, which was submitted its first draft in 2007 and the House of Representatives inability to pass so far, although it concerns the natural wealth in Iraq, which is constantly disputed." Sharif stressed, "Information leaked from the House of Representatives confirms the existence of five drafts of the law submitted by successive governments and specialized parliamentary committees and the Presidency of the Republic." 

He called, "the parliamentary blocs to hold intensive meetings with all the relevant authorities in the forefront of the government in order to unify those projects and proposals in one draft to be agreed and passed in accordance with the correct constitutional contexts." 

Sharif said, "The law of oil and gas regulates the distribution of wealth among Iraqi society, it is not reasonable that oil, which accounts for about 90% of the treasury resources still suffers from the lack of a legislative system."  He stressed, "The most important treatments that will be provided by the law of oil and gas in the event of its adoption is to regulate the oil relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region, as well as with local administrations."

"The continued disregard of this law is a disregard for the capabilities of the people and a disregard for the livelihood of a citizen who depends directly on oil," he said.    LINK

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