IQD Calls Chat Sunday Evening 9-1-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Sunday Evening 9-1-19 Part 1 of 2

Dave ask google?

Baxter   I will

Dave   answers All my questions.......

Zig   Dave : Ask it if we will profit from this???

Dave   CBI has nEVER stated date or cant comment?

Dave   Google not GURU....

Dave   Zig CBI has stated when the situation is right......

Dave   Delete 3 Zeros, Restore the purchasing the talk of coins is really all we have to run on.........?

Dave   oh and the going global part.....

Dave   coins at the nominal rate.........?

Dave   ...and no free float.......heard that numerous times

Dave   outside of that what more do we have to run on.....?

Zig   "Vizo" "Hi SKELFLA...what would you consider a "nominal" return as mentioned above?"

 SKELFLA    Zig yes zig

SKELFLA   Vizo something along the lines of a gradual increase no greater than a few basis points per annum at best... There may be the odd surge every few years but nothing earth shaking.

Dave   Zig Wheel barrows and the price of a coke come to mind?

Vizo   Would this return be able to be realised by the average investor...meaning someone like myself with no financial institution connections...I am not very familiar with basis points...could you help me understand what that would mean on 1M dinar so that I can multiply that by the amount I possess...thank you.

Dave   Vizo lol

Dave   SKELFLA Will we ever see coinage?

SKELFLA   Vizo Basis points are less than a percent. For example half a percent is 50basis points. Yes the average speculator would benefit from such an increase but nothing too substantial.

But a derivative that has been engineered to leverage even a 5 basis point increase could make hundreds or millions if not billions in gains...

A derivative can be leveraged and packaged in such a way a it is geared to make huge returns on even the slightest fluctuation irrespective if the currency is internationally accepted or not. Tie the derivative into a trading reserve for something like the belt & road initiative and the potential returns grow exponentially....

Dave   Sounds like KAP?

1 Sep 19, 01:42 PM SKELFLA   Dave no Kap doesn't see the big picture....

Dave   Coins in the picture? SKELFLA

SKELFLA   Despite Markz *** *** *** he is onto one thing there is a major shift in the global monetary season coming and probably sooner than most people think....

Its my opinion that some institutions are going to use some form of a dinar derivative to offset these changes ... What form that takes and the exact mechanics behind how that develops I do not know....

All I do know is these institutions are not in the habit of losing money and their returns are effectively guaranteed.

Vizo   Thank you SKELFLA...I guess its above me...just trying to figure out, based on what you are writing what it potentially means to the average person currently holding you see it..

Dave   SKELFLA Coinage in the picture?

SKELFLA   Dave Possibly.... I don't know. I suspect they could be as coins are an important part of Arab heritage the prophet himself had his own coins... So I could see a coin coming into play.

JoeSchmoe   this dude sounds more like sandyf than anyone else

Dave   SKELFLA Oh your on the premise no coins

SKELFLA   Vizo I'm hesitant to state a best case for the average investor... It will draw to much flak from the numerous clowns that visit this board.

Vizo   Okay SKEFLA..

Dave   JoeSchmoe No sense in going any further......

JoeSchmoe   Dave am I right

 JoeSchmoe   just here to try and create doubt

JoeSchmoe   when, in fact, it creates more positivity for me

 SKELFLA   Vizo You see Dave's last comments ? Perfect case in point.

Zig   Vizo : I consider all scenarios....that is why nobody who comes in here ever upsets me this is no sure I will hold on and wait......

 JoeSchmoe    This guy has responded to questions the EXACT way SandyF responds to them

Vizo   Thank you...SKEFLA...sorry the rest of us can't have this conversation...

JoeSchmoe   Vizo just don't make any decisions on what to do with your dinar based on what this guy tells you

Vizo   Thank you Zig...    Thank you JoeSchmoe...

SKELFLA   Vizo There is one left field option for the average investor .... Its a long shot but something to consider ...remember its a long shot but the recent comments by the outgoing Governor of the BOE made some recent statements that lessened the odds a little bit.

The BEST case scenario would be for the IQD to become fully exchangeable for the EDINAR... Then the average investor could potentially see some significant returns...

 SKELFLA   Vizo no problem all is good. And contrary to what these clowns are saying I'm not advising you to buy or sell dinar. I'm just telling you what I know which is a heck of a lot more than the majority of people on this board... As I've stated before I'm neutral on the long term prospects of the Dinar.

But I am confident of one thing and that is there will not be no overnight RV. Anyone who believes that is just naive ( being polite) or a scammer guru.

Doug_W   SKELFLA there are many of them out there 4 sure

Vizo   Thank you SKELFLA...not looking for alot... understanding this is speculative...

SKELFLA    Vizo very much so... Life is one big speculation. Its people like you who I hope do very well.... Most of the scamming gurus don't even hold currency. Read the court transcript during TNT Tony's sentencing he admitted under oath he held NO FOREIGN CURRENCIES!!!

Vizo   Hi Young_SC....just for bringing his point of view forward...I appreciate SKELFLA's point of view...thank you...

SKELFLA   Vizo You're welcome... And I appreciate your courtesy when questioning me. I hope you do well!

Zig   Courtesy....have not seen much of it in this room of late.....

SKELFLA   Zig Lol very true!

Young_SC   Vizo PMVizoWould this return be able to be realised by the average investor...meaning someone like myself with no financial institution connections...I am not very familiar with basis points...could you help me understand what that would mean on 1M dinar so that I can multiply that by the amount I possess...thank you.

Vizo   Thank you for your patience...SKEFLA...

SKELFLA    Vizo Out of interest what denomination bills do you hold and what year? I don't need to know how much..just the year and denomination

Dave   SKELFLA    i got a boat load of 50s

Vizo   SKELFLA...mine are all 25K...I will look for the year...I have to dig them right back...thanks...

Dave   SKELFLA Will sell them cheap to your investors

Dave   no premium added lol

Truthseeker99   Vizo year doesn't matter

SKELFLA   Vizo I ask because the institutional transactions are very particular about the denomination and print run (year) specifically pre a certain year. May not mean anything but nonetheless its an interesting prerequisite.

Xbruster69  check here on note valitity..

Vizo   SKELFLA...thanks..have them out in front of me...sorry...I guess I'm missing where the date is...

Truthseeker99   Vizo date is in ARABIC!!!!!!!

SKELFLA       I can read Arabic try to take a picture of one of your notes... Arabic numerals are very similar to English numerals ...

SKELFLA   Vizo  .. Don't worry too much 25k notes are a good start.

Vizo    Hi SKELFLA...but...I bought the majority of my currency in 2012 if that helps..

SKELFLA   Vizo Not really there is a certain printing period that for some reason is a prerequisite...

Vizo   Okay SKELFLA...I took a picture of one note front and back how do I upload it for you to see?

SKELFLA   Vizo good question... I don't want to give out my email address for these clowns... Let me open a new email address and I will give you that later .... Next time you're on let me know.

SKELFLA    I enjoy answering polite questions by people who have the courtesy of being respectful...

larrykn    GA all   are we talking about our lovely gurus again lol

new   Dave..........agreed. There are other areas to pay attention to as well

larrykn    I found its better to go find your own news and make your own mind up as to what is going on, I don't listen to any of them , good or bad

Dave   larrykn WORDS direct from CBI?

larrykn   well that is one place I read :)

SKELFLA    larrykn makes sense. Seems a logical starting point.

Dave   then cvomes the spin

larrykn   I've learned a long time ago that is the only way to keep your sanity

Deano   @SKELFLA I'm calling you out

Deano   No response???

SKELFLA   Deano Go ahead...I'm waiting

 Deano   I've sit back long enough reading what you have to say. Bashing other people while you're flapping your gums. I've seen a few people asking you to back up who you are and what you spew out. And you've done nothing but send Baxter a resume.

SKELFLA   Deano Not correct, I've offered to provide more on numerous occasions. But to people I can pallet ...

EricB   SKELFLA If you come across additional information regarding the derivatives or the convertibility of IQD to edinar please share. Thank you.

SKELFLA   EricB The derivative play will be a closed shop event only accessible to those institutions who have been behind there structuring and implementation.

The theory regarding covering fiat dinar into EDINAR was just a theory I gave when a poster requested a "best case scenario" although as I stated preciously it became less far fetched after the outgoing Governor of the BOE made those comments recently.

Deano   Provided by email with the promise they don't give that info out.

EricB    SKELFLA Understood, thanks again.

SKELFLA   Deano I'm neither interested nor do I care about what you think. You are just your typical delusional dinarian who has little if any knowledge on how things work on a macro level ... I suspect you have little understanding of even a foot in reality. You will be ignored from now on.

mod   Deano Refrain from bashing and name calling, Respect gets Respect.

SKELFLA    *their structuring

EricB   SKELFLA Do you think US banks would be one of those institutions involved in the derivatives?

Deano   Running away just like you said Jeff was doing. You can suspect all you want. You can assume all you want. But I accomplished what I set out to do. So how about you just disappear or start your own chat room so you can have whoever else wants to be just like you.

SKELFLA   EricB No problem and in the unlikely event I get more info I will post. But my understanding is these trades are earmarked for completion before the end of the 1st Qtr of 2020 at which time I'm very confident they will have been made public ..

And thus there will be no disputing them or the reasoning behind them... The only thing I think that will be up for debate will be how much of a profit the active participants made... But they will be substantial.

Deano   @Mod, I can't and won't respect anyone who won't and doesn't have respect for others in this chat room.  But I will keep the name calling on the down low. At least I'll respect the rules.

EricB   SKELFLA Interesting stuff

SKELFLA    EricB I do think they are ... Maybe not banks in the traditional sense of the word but financial institutions nonetheless. So far I can only confirm the geographic location of the ones I am aware of, in that I have first hand knowledge of and they are located in the Far East, Europe and as I preciously stated ( At least I think I did) I know of a single Israeli institution that is involved.

EricB    SKELFLA JPMorgan Chase would seem like a potential player, they have their hands in everything it seems.

SKELFLA    EricB Saying that I am aware of one American trade which wasn't a bank but very much a major US Institution. Whether that successful transaction was for the same reason as the ongoing transactions involving the other institutions and I can not answer that. All I know is it happened as I had an associate present during the negotiations.

SKELFLA   EricB Yes, but they are a bank. The one US institution I am aware of is not a bank. But if other US banks and or institutions were to be involved I would say JP Morgan would be a good bet!

Sparky    SKELFLA ...hedge fund ?

EricB   SKELFLA Thanks, I'm out. Gotta do some hurricane stuff.

SKELFLA   Sparky No. In sorry I new this would open me up for abuse... I won't add more than I already have... Other than it was not a hedge fund. And it was a direct negotiation between two counter parties.

 SKELFLA   One in the US the other obviously in Iraq.... I'm out.

Sparky   SKELFLA ... Israeli outfit partaking is certainly interesting...

Zig   SKELFLA : You lost me somewhere along the is the main purpose behind all these so-called trades that you keep mentioning??

 Sparky Iraq and Iran are Shiite brothers...

SKELFLA   Sparky Yes, but the Israelis did not pay as much a premium as the other institutions and it was for a lesser amount. Large but no where as significant as the other institutions.

 SKELFLA   Sparky 100% yes. To the Shiite question.

SKELFLA   Zig Come on ZIG I think I've been pretty clear ...I have theories most of which I have covered here at one time or the other.

Sparky   SKELFLA road initiative derivative theory also intrigues me...

SKELFLA   Sparky You would be surprised how close KSA and Qatar are with the Israelis..

SKELFLA   Sparky It intrigues me too! Lol

Deano   How close ???

SKELFLA   "A poor mans reserve currency" for a specific economic group !

 SKELFLA   Sparky I have to admit when all of this finally comes out in the wash in the not too distant future and if one of my theories turns out to be correct ... I'm going to enjoy rubbing it in the noses of a few individuals here! Lol

Deano   So I'm going to assume this SKELFLA individual is a woman???

Sparky   SKELFLA ... just not sure how , or why we would be shut out on the play...small potatoes, probably don't even care one way or another...imo

Sparky   SKELFLA ... I don't really understand derivatives...