Frank26 Video Sunday Night 9-1-19 Coins, Metals and fils



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A few highlights:……….

F26:  IMO Iraq is a point where all that is required to make the announcement of their monetary reform change, to make the announcement they are  Chapter 8 and have lifted the 3 zeros from that exchange rate…….and all of that is ready to go. Its just the activation that needs to be announced.

F26: We have the perfect “reinstatement” storm right now.

F26: the monetary reform is primed….and its ready…..  and the Economic reforms need the monetary reforms now.

F26: What is it they are showing the Iraqi citizens of Iraq everywhere?    Coins…and metals ..and fils…

Report: There is big news on TV today showing the rollout of phase one for ATMs…..can now do demos of stock exchange on mobile phones…..they are talking about this all over. Everywhere…..In days when coins come this will give stability to our currency….within days. They are showing names of companies they have approved to give international ratings…

F26: It’s getting hot in here.

F26: The world bank says they are impressed with the actions made by Iraq so far and in the very near future!!

F26:  They had the ATMs, they have the coins and now have the stock exchange…….the coins tell you they are about to reinstate the rate……in the coming days.

MF: If they are talking about the stock exchange we are getting hotter and hotter!

F26: The reason these countries can do business with Iraq- is they are under Chap. 8…..Iraq just needs to announce this


Grannieannie:  Yes they are Zymis

GS:  Here comes the boom, apparently, I remember reading some one saying awhile back, this cant go on forever.. Frank is helping us understand that must be true

F26: People of Iraq- Congradulations.

RP&P: Whom much is given, much is expected. Pay it forward someway.

F26: I know it’s Labor Day tomorrow…but, I have a feeling the water broke…….

Samson:  The Central Bank approves international rating agencies to classify banks operating in Iraq

1st September 2019

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has decided to adopt the rating agencies that have the criteria of (External Credit Assessment Institution) (ECAI)  emanating from the decisions of Basel, to classify the financial institutions in Iraq, namely :

Standard & Poor 


Fitch Ratings 

Capital Intelligence 

 He stressed that the bank will consider the requests made by other rating agencies, and that it will require the availability of credit rating from one of the four agencies above for banks operating in Iraq, which wish to conduct the following banking operations :

 Install  credits to export Iraqi crude oil through the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO).

Open  government letters of credit up to $ 50 million .

Issuance  and acceptance of letters of guarantee for the benefit of government departments .

The Bank's Board of Directors also noted that this decision is effective in 2020 when banks complete their readiness and receive a credit rating that qualifies them to practice the above mentioned banking operations at any time.

 Central Bank of Iraq  information Office    September 1, 2019

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