IQD CALLS Members & Kaperoni Chat 9-28-19

IQD CALLS Chat With Kaperoni 9-28-19

Very Late Saturday Night

Crevan   Okay, I see Zig hoping lurkers like myself join in the chat so I will do that right now. I've only been following this RV stuff for about 2 months now. I was told about it from a family member of mine who has been following it loosely since 2015.

They gave me an envelope with currency in it and said that what we are all waiting for will happen 'soon'. Out of curiosity I've asked people about the possibility of things like this happening and a lot of the time it's the answer of "that's how the rich get richer".

But here's the thing, investing 1mil into a currency that increases by $0.05 is going to get you quite a lot, in our eyes of course. Now, it does make sense that with current events, a RV in the scale of IQD, Zim, dong that we are waiting for will obviously be quite the economic boost for a large number of people, let alone, countries...but that pulls away power from those who are already at the top, right?

Wouldn't it make more sense for them to find a long and drawn out way to keep power other than a 'quick' fix? I'm not the most informed person on political events of course and that's just my common sense on what I know though. Any insight for me from those who have been following for years?

xyz   Crevan you are definitely in the right place

xyz   Crevan unfortunately most active peeps are asleep

Crevan   xyz Well, good thing the #s are coming out this Sunday, much like two Sundays ago, and last month. And the month before that. Haha. Although, it would be a nice payday if it were to happen.

Kaperoni   Crevan there can never be a significant RV of the Iraqi dinar because there's too much currency in circulation. The CBI themselves have stated in excess of 42 trillion that's three times the world's money supply. It simply cannot happen Iraq could never afford such

xyz   Crevan we all would EXCEPT gurus Sam, sandyf and saint kaperoni (who did a flotation dissertation for his ...)

Kaperoni   There's only two options on the table. Parliament has talked about doing a LOP which is a neutral event and you make no money. But if it goes up after the lap you might double your investment.

Kaperoni    Or the CBI could follow the directive from the IMF, and Float the currency. Which would allow for a gradual appreciation over several months or even years. In doing so allowing them to reduce the currency in circulation at the same time.

Kaperoni   But I assure you they'll never be a significant RV. It's just not possible

xyz   Kaperoni I assure you there will be a significant RV. It's just very possible.

Kaperoni   If you're serious about learning about your investment I would start with reading the IMF Article IV Consultations over the last several years with Iraq these are professional documents at that discuss the banking system and are done with every country in the world every year by the IMF

Kaperoni   Xyz..its not possible. But since you believe that it is why don't you prove it why don't you show us a way that that could occur. LOL

xyz   Kaperoni imf is a very small piece of the pie --- it doesn't own or control cbi

xyz   Kaperoni same way as the LOP you smartly claim

Kaperon   iOf course it does in 2015 they became the trustee of the CBI. That means they have control over the CBI. And we have seen that they have had total control over the reforms that have occurred over the last 3 years

Kaperoni   Not to mention the CBI signs standby agreements with the IMF to guarantee that progress is made as dictated by the IMF and World Bank

xyz   Kaperoni you truly believe that cbi is an affiliate of IMF? You kidding me!

Kaperoni   I don't have to believe it it's in writing go back and look in December of 2015 when the CBI sign the agreement to give trusteeship to the IMF

xyz   Kaperoni guarantee doesn't mean control

Kaperoni   And if you read any significant progress over the last three years you will see that they are following the directives of the IMF ever since that trusteeship was granted

xyz   Kaperoni I have read all imf documents but am not an imf cult member

Kaperoni   It's not hard to see all you need to do is look at what the IMF states that CBI needs to do... And then go read the CBI documents the last three years and you will see that they are clearly doing what is asked of them it doesn't take a real intelligent person to come to the same conclusion

xyz   Kaperoni have you ever ask yourself if you could be very very wrong. Don't want you to get depress to a point of suicidal

Kaperoni   But in any event it boils down to a very simple problem. There's an excessive 42 trillion IQD and circulation many reports are even higher and that is a number that is so high that they could never significantly RV and that's all anyone needs to know to realize that the whole concept of an RV is nonsense Guru hype

xyz   Kaperoni how much of that 42 trillion is in the banks?

Kaperoni   None of it the article I posted last week says that is outside the banking system meaning it's under mattresses, in homes Etc. It's not in Banks which means the CBI is accountable for it

xyz   Kaperoni then how much is banks?

Crevan   So really it just comes down to economic balance. And a significant RV would cause that balance to collapse. That's what I'm getting from Kap.

KaperoniI don't have that number right now but it doesn't matter the only number that's important is the number I'm telling you now in excess of 42 trillion

xyz   Kaperoni it does matter cause it goes to the heart of your theory

Kaperoni   Crevan any basic economic principles would tell you you are correct

xyz   Kaperoni 42 trillion printed ---- go check your source

Kaperoni   XYZ again all you need to do is prove how they can significantly RV the currency and I will believe you. But you have a huge hurdle to overcome and that hurdle is in excess of 42 trillion dinar

xyz   Kaperoni stop diverging the discussion please ....

xyz   Kaperoni am a number kinda dinarian ... let work the math

Kaperoni   The burden is on you because you're the believer of an RV. So if you believe that it is possible you must prove your theory. So go work on it and come back with a realistic Theory and I will then consider it

xyz   Kaperoni on you because your premise doesn't hold water

Kaperoni   I don't want to work any math from you. The CBI has released the numbers. The IMF has confirm those numbers. An independent auditors I've confirmed those numbers I don't think all of those agencies are lying especially when they're independently audited

xyz   Kaperoni you don't even know what percentage is in the cbi, banks, under the mattress, etc and yet you claim that you are the smartest guru saint

xyz   Its a cult-like that questions are NOT allowed

xyz   Believe me or else .... go read imf encyclopedia

xyz   Go figure

29 Sep 19, 02:18 AM Kaperoni   My premise is not made up it's the exact words from the IMF themselves. All you need to do is go read the Article IV Consultation from 2013 when the IMF specifically gave the directive to the CBI to prepare the conditions to allow the currency to begin to appreciate gradually.

Those are there words or similar they are talking about a float. Those are not my words, they're not made up it is the exact terminology the IMF used in the Article IV Consultation so believe what you want but I like to believe in facts.

Kaperoni     If it's too complicated for you to research this investment then you probably should not be in the investment because anybody who spends money on an investment should want to understand what it's real possibilities are.

And not believe some gurus who were dishwashers for a living or construction workers or professional con men that steal money from others and have been convicted felons in jail

xyz   Kaperoni Its 100% made up premise. You ignore facts cause you wonna be right so bad ---- aka an egomaniac guru

Kaperoni   LOL you don't know what you're talkin about. I don't have any theories or premises I simply provide the facts as they come in print from professional organizations if you don't want to accept those then that's your problem but I have spent the last eight to 10 years researching this and have found factual information and have simply presented it to the dinar community and you can do what you want with that information

xyz   Kaperoni you can't be Z financial adviser - still to imf crap and you will be proven wrong .. will get an F

Kaperoni   Well you can keep dreaming but it's not physically possible with 42 trillion or more than are in circulation outside the banks that's three times the world's money supply LOL

xyz   Kaperoni and I spent the last 8yrs researching ... you got stuck in the wrong hole

xyz   Kaperoni indeed you are right for the first time. Z is a dreamer

Kaperoni   Well that's all I got for the night I got things to do. XYZ good luck to you and your mythical RV. Hopefully the rest of the dinar Community will want to research and find out the truth.

But if you want to hang on to that and sit in a chatroom believing that some overnight event is going to make you rich you're dreaming but you have every right to dream so have at it

Kaperoni   Goodnight

xyz    Kaperoni RV is nothing more than a float in a very short period of time ... your theory it debunked by learned forks.

xyz   Kaperoni sleep tight and hope you get a wise dream and .... admit you have been wrong. Z shall be praying for ya buddy. We luv ya.

Crevan   I'm glad I can say I put no money into this investment and was just given currency. So I can be completely in the grey with it. I can see how Iraq can increase the value of their currency by backing it with a valuable resource like oil.

But how would that fair with the world's economy? If they back their currency with the gold standard and everyone else does it as well, that would also make economy shaky.

I mean, this is going off very little research from my end of course, but the different Nations are just different businesses relying on eachother to keep afloat. Unless they just make the RV happen and absolutely tear Iraq apart to distribute the currency to the world.

Then inflation catches up and balances out. And before it balances would be the time to make a profit. I don't know, I'm no economics major. Haha

xyz   Crevan good night

Crevan   xyz Debates make it interesting! Haha. Goodnight!