News, Rumors and Humor Sunday Afternoon 9-29-19


Samson:  The Central Bank repays the eighth installment of bank creditors

29th September, 2019

The Kurdistan Regional Government paid the eighth installment of its creditors, as the Central Bank of Iraq settled the amount of the eighth installment of the credits of the open banks accounts in the branch of the Central Bank of Iraq in Erbil, and the creditor arises from the deposits of cash banks in the branches of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

 This bank explains that the credit balances originated when the branches (Erbil and Sulaymaniyah) were linked to the Kurdistan Ministry of Finance. It is noteworthy that the branch of the Central Bank of Iraq in Erbil linked to this bank administratively and technically mid-2017.

 Central Bank of Iraq  information Office  2019/9/29


Samson:  Finance Minister: Our cooperation with China will be within the framework of oil for projects and technology

29th September, 2019

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein, Sunday, that Iraq's cooperation with China will be within the framework of "oil for projects and technology."

Hussein said during his hosting at the "Rafidain Forum", that "began to restructure the Iraqi economy by activating the sources of non-oil imports and reform of banks and government institutions and create jobs for young people and support local governments to improve the quality of services."

He added that "our cooperation with China will be within the framework of "oil for projects and technology "with emphasis on creating jobs for our young people, and we will identify strategic projects and choose large companies."   LINK

Samson: Tomorrow the exhibition "Project Iraq" with the participation of 300 companies
29th September, 2019

The 13th edition of Project Iraq will kick off Monday in Erbil with the participation of 300 companies from 24 countries. 

The director of the company (IFP) organizer of the exhibition George Al-Khouri in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) and seen by the "economic news", that the Erbil International Fair is a trade fair and a safe entry gate to Iraq in general and the Kurdistan region in particular. 

He added that the exhibition attracts local and international companies to explore trade opportunities in various Iraqi markets and stimulate bilateral trade relations with neighboring countries and the world. 

He explained that the Iraqi agricultural food exhibition has established a place in the Middle East as a leading platform in the field of products and technologies related to food and agriculture. 

According to El Khoury, the exhibition will support demand and access to international markets and will cover the stages of the food production cycle from harvesting to processing and packaging to distribution. He stressed that the event provides a core and central platform for local and international professionals in the agriculture sector to showcase and explore agricultural products, specialized equipment and machinery as well as new technologies and solutions.   LINK


Samson:  Thwarting attempt to smuggle more than 200 thousand dollars at Baghdad airport

9/29/2019 14:26

Borders outlets announced, foiled an attempt to smuggle more than 200 thousand dollars by hiding in the possession of an Iraqi passenger at Baghdad International Airport was coming from Dubai on board Iraqi Airways.

A statement of the ports received by the agency (Euphrates News) a copy of the frustration currency was "jointly coordinated with the center such as the airport airport and the Division of Research and Investigation and the staff of the port."

He pointed to "the organization of a permit form by the Civil Customs to take legal action against the traveler."   LINK


Samson:  The Iranian parliament adopts a proposal to delete 4 zeros from the national currency

9/29/2019 17:20

The Iranian Islamic Shura Council has approved a draft law to reform the monetary and banking system, including the deletion of four zeros from the national currency.

According to Iranian websites, the adoption of the draft law of the monetary and banking system came through the session of parliament on Sunday afternoon, with the approval of 124 deputies, 76 opposition and 3 abstentions.   LINK

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WOW - Stunning Clip Shows Billions In Gold, Cash Hidden In Former Chinese City Mayor's Secret Basement

Chinese police searched the house of Zhang Qi, 57, the former mayor of Danzhou, and found a large amount of cash, as well as 13.5 tons of gold in ingots in a secret basement of his home, according to local media. According to China's anti-corruption laws, Qi will be executed.


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Humor While We Wait:


Sabickford:  My Mind is Exceptionally Quiet - I'm Suspicious that I'm up to something I don't want myself to know about.

The fact that there is a Highway to Hell and a Stairway to Heaven says a lot about anticipated numbers.

Life is not a Fairy Tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight - You're Drunk.

The hardest part of parenting is trying to fake mad when your kid does something bad but Hilarious.

"I need to talk to you!!" These six words have the ability to make you instantly recall every bad thing you have ever done, and some you didn't

Now they've invented a pregnancy test with a curved handle so you don't get pee on your hands. Listen, if you aren't ready to get pee on your hands, you definitely NOT ready for Motherhood.

I realized I was an aggressive driver when my 4 year old yelled " Pick A Lane, Idiot!" From the seat in the Grocery Cart.

Our town was so small the we didn't have a town Drunk, So we all took turns.

I'm so offended when my body decides to be sick. I gave you a Vegetable last Week!. How Dare You!

It's funny that once you are in your 40's you realize "Middle Age" really starts until your 60's..Who Knew

Why is it acceptable for people to be idiots, and not acceptable for me to point it out?

Do you think if I throw a temper tantrum at work, that they would send me home to take a nap?

Is it wrong to drop drunks off at houses that aren't theirs?

OMG I have finally found out what's wrong with my brain. On the left side there's nothing right. On the right side there's nothing left.

Every Box of Raisins has a tragic tale of Grapes that could have become wine.

If you had to give up eating tacos every day or being skinny for the rest of your life - would you choose Hard or soft Tacos?

Dirty Curse - May you run out of toilet paper when you need it the most!

I don't like four letter words…Dust, Iron, Cook, Mend, Bake, Diet…

Nope, Can't go to Hell. Satan still has that restraining order against me.

If Republicans Win, I'm leaving the country! If Democrats Win, I'm leaving the country! This has nothing to do with Politics. I just want to travel!

Trying to pick my favorite politician is like trying to pick which STD would be right for me

Life is like a roller coaster. You can either scream every time there is a bump or you can throw up your hands and Enjoy the Ride

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