IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Night  8-27-19  Part 1 of 2

IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Night  8-27-19  Part 1 of 2

 Young_SC   Specialized: minted coins serve internal business transactions

Young_SC   Monday 26 August 2019    There have been recent parliamentary voices calling for the reintroduction of coins (coinage) and reintroduction into circulation, as well as reconsideration of the project to delete the three zeros from the Iraqi currency, at a time when economists regarded it as part of the great economic reform process in the country.

Strategic Plan

Economist Dr. Essam Mohamed Hassan said that "the Central Bank decided earlier to develop a plan to create coins as part of a restructuring plan that requires the approval of the House of Representatives as a strategic plan will contribute to support the value of the Iraqi dinar in trading

"The change of currency means that a new currency replaces an old currency, with a specified replacement rate, and removes the zeros of the old currency or moves the decimal places to the left," he said, adding that "part of the restructuring plan of the currency and banks involves the creation of coins for trading." Financial support for the national economy. "

Hassan said that "the coin project, launched in 2004 did not succeed because of the absence of comprehensive economic reforms to support the financial value of the dinar in the global market," explaining that the coins will be one of the important intermediate currencies that will be used for trading and transactions.

"Deleting zeros and reintroducing coins has to do with economic reforms because coins, because of their durability, are longer than coins that are quickly damaged," he said. In 2004, "indicating that this requires the dissemination of a culture to educate the public about the economic feasibility of the minted currency."

Baxter   YoungSC... is there a link for that

futuremoney   no

Portmagaland   SKELFLA I read awile ago on a thread that investment bankers where going to somehow do to the dinar, what they have been doing to silver by keeping silver artificially low with huge fake paper future/derivatives. They were going to package the dinar in some bogus investment scheme that would keep it from popping. So, your above statement about large quantities being bought sounds like it might fit the description of that thread comment.

Young_SC   Baxter im trying to look for the link but i cannot find it anywhere.

Portmagaland   It's way above my pay grade, so I can only generalize it.

Baxter   Young_SC ok..thx

Baxter   I am beginning to think my dime... is in deep doo doo

Portmagaland   Baxter If so lame

Portmagaland   Silver is looking like it might break out and ......

Baxter   you cant make much money on silver unless you buy a ton of it... a 2 or 3 dollar jump... wont pay much  not worth the risk..

Baxter   when the china deal goes through..chances are it will drop again

Portmagaland   Baxter We will see

Baxter   yep.. we will

Portmagaland   It's looking better than the dinar right now.

Baxter   I cant argue that

Sparky   ... interesting input by Skelfla...did I read institutions buying at 2 cents per dinar ? That would cost $500 for a 25 k pink note, if my math is right... I get mine a whole lot cheaper...

larrykn   GA all, seems to be quite a busy place in here today lol

larrykn   I see Kap was in here, brave man lol

Sparky   ... would sell a pack or two at 2 cents a pop...

larrykn   Kap float is the talk of the town, I was just wondering why back in 2013 the cbi was experimenting with a rate of $113 to $122, I might agree with Kap thinking it will float , I'm just not sure where it will start at.

Sparky   larrykn hi Larry, and agree...

Sparky that silk road talk, though...

larrykn   you know I think people need to take a chill pill for awhile and see what just plays out, no one knows how or when or at what rate they will do it until they just do it. so you can talk all you want but we will just have to wait and see

Zig    Kaperoni visited earlier.....a spirited

Sparky   ... institutional investors, such as hedge funds...can manipulate the market, as they do in the FX...wonder what significant, amassing, for 18 months...with principals in the 2 cents per dinar, ... "something is up "...?

Zig   Hi Sam.....long time.....

Sam I Am   I missed Kap?

Zig   LOL....yes.....too bad....

Sam I Am   Hi Zig

Zig   Tebow took care of Kap for

Sam I Am   That's not too comforting

Zig   I think Kap is now considering a possible LOP.....imagine

Sam I Am   again?

Tebow   someone had to do it

Zig   LOL

Sparky   Zig ...Kap said that he didn't think so...

Sam I Am   Kap sent me an email 6 years ago congratulating me on being right about the lop

Sam I Am   He goes back and forth

Zig   Anew member, "SKELFLA" had some interesting stuff to may want to scroll up.....

Sparky   Zig ...some of which is sketchy,...imo...

Zig   Sparky : This whole thing is

Sparky   Zig ...truer words never spoken...

Sam I Am   Zig Did you hear my call with Nash on the Iranian rial?

Zig   Sam I Am : No....I will get around to it.....been staying away.....gets

Young_SC   Sam I Am Iranian rial and iraqi dinar are complete 2 different entities

Young_SC   No one cares about the rial

Zig   Sam I Am : You posted a link to the here but I think the Mod deleted it......

Young_SC   Monetary policy is in a different direction for Iran

Zig   to the call

Sparky   Young_SC ... Iranians do...

Young_SC   Sparky lol

Sparky   Young_SC lol

Sam I Am   Zig That's no surprise

Tebow   Sparky we don't

Young_SC   Tebow lol

Young_SC   Im not sure why Sam I Am mentions the Rial

Zig   Young_SC : Ask is here....

Young_SC   Because he says the dinar and rial are in the same category

Young_SC   That alone just tells me Sam is 100% lost    False news

Sparky   Tebow true...but, who knows what impact Tomans...hyper inflation, will have in their Shia brother currency value...

Young_SC   Fake news (donald trumps voice)

Young_SC   Sam and Kap like to hand out false intepertations

Sam I Am   Young_SC What are you babbling about?

Zig   LOL

Young_SC   Sam I Am scroll up

Sam I Am   Both the dinar and the rial lost value due to hyperinflation, right?

Young_SC   Sam I Am you are in dire need of help when it comes to knowing the difference between the Iraqi dinar and the Iranian Rial

Sam I Am   Educate me

Zig   People who have opposing views add some much needed life to a chat room......IMO.....

Young_SC   Zig lol

Sam I Am   Iran announced that they are removing zeros from their currency, the same thing Iraq announced

futuremoney   seems like when Zig comes in here ..the worms start crawling out of the wood..

Sparky   Zig and thanks for getting Kap in here... appreciate you...!

Zig  This chat room was in dire need of a spark or two.....otherwise you just talk about the weather in Ohio............

Young_SC   Sam I Am ahh yes because Iran is a failed state, its monetary policy is in the complete opposite from Iraqs

Young_SC   Come on Sam really lol

futuremoney   spark? or just arguing

Young_SC   You know that man

Zig   It had become the most boring chat I had ever seen..............

Sparky   ...luv this room !

futuremoney   then why come in

Zig   I come in because I am good at changing it.....lots of experience.....and I am one of the founders............

Young_SC   If you do not know the facts of whats happening currently then there is no debate

Sam I Am   Regardless of their respective histories and issue, both currencies lost value due to hyperinflation and both announced that they will remove zeros

Sam I Am   So either both will make people rich or both will be a lop

Sam I Am   I say lop

Young_SC   Sam I Am Sam Iraq is not going through hyperinflation at this moment

Young_SC   Iraq is

Young_SC   Iran*

Young_SC   Iraq has not had hyperinflation for how long now???

Tebow   Sam I Am when did Iraq ever have hyperinflation?

futuremoney   both sides arguing opinions that may or may not have pointless

Sam I Am   correct, they did that in the 80s and 90s

Young_SC   Sam I Am sam im talking about now

Sam I Am   Tebow Shabs said they did in the 80s

Tebow   Sam I Am again how long ago was that?

Young_SC   Ohh my goodness brother you still bringing up 30 years ago news lol

Sam I Am   Tebow irrelevant ... the zeros are still there and they want them gone

Young_SC   Sam are you paying attention to anything?

Young_SC   Iraq the central hub for the middle east quoted a week ago

Young_SC   World bank supporting Iraq

xyz   Zig I take the 5th

Tebow   You know all about irrelevant bringing 30 yr old news

Young_SC   Purchasing power for its citizens

Young_SC   Same my brother read   Catch up    Its all in print

Young_SC   So my question is what are you babbling about?    Sam*

Young_SC   The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy. "


Young_SC   Same  ??

Young_SC   World Bank confirms its support for the advancement of the economy of iraq


Young_SC   Sam  ^^^^^^^  ???

Tebow   Theorem? ;thinking:

Sparky   Zig ...young is right, much more interesting with you in chat !

Sam I Am   lop article

Sam I Am   This is what you guys do .... find lop articles and call them RV articles

Young_SC   My goodness Sam

Sam I Am   You've been doing that for 9 years since I entered dinar world

Sam I Am   okay, I gotta run

Zig   Tebow and XYZ are good for a chat room......despite the problems that they sometimes cause......LOL

Tebow   Sam I Am can you give one article with the word 'lop'

Sparky   Zig oh, no doubt about that...

Zig   Blame me for getting their bans    I twisted the Mod's

xyz   Zig Z is a no trouble manufacturer ... sandyf, Sam I Am are and get away with it

Sparky   ...all good folks here, imo...

Zig   Sam I Am : Bye Sam.....IMO you are also good for a chat room.....but I am in the tiny minority......LOL