IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Night  8-27-19  Part 2 of 2

 IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Night  8-27-19  Part 2 of 2

Young_SC   Tebow thats the weird thing about it not one article or source of info coming out of Iraq has ever mentioned the word LOP in it but yet Sam Magically assumes it means LOP

Young_SC   I thought ive seen it all

Zig   A chat room full of only Like-Minded people is a boring room......IMO   Pleasant but boring.....

xyz   Zig unless they all like RV

Zig   LOL.....or float......   We exclude come on in!!!

 Zig   Look....we (besides are all here for the same reason.....chill what if people disagree, have different opinions, has 0 effect on the outcome, whatever that may not let it bother you!!.....have fun with it.....who will be right?.....I have no idea......enjoy the ride.........

Sparky   Zig's all about fun, and, there is no shame in my game... give both barrels when I chat... right, wrong...jmo today...may change my opinion tomorrow...

Sparky   ...but, I must say, glad to be along the ride with fellow investors...makes it fun...

Dave   know 1 thing fore sure ...Russia Turkey Mexico Belarus and now Iran have lopped

Tebow   Dave inflation all of them

Dave   Iraq must do the same because Kap says so.....

Dave   Tebow agreed.....

Zig  Dave : Thank You for giving Kap the proper respect he

Young_SC   Dave its just now kap talks about the zeros when the deletion of the zeros was from 10 years ago

Dave   Gurus must have a following or they would not be Gurus Zig


Zig   Dave : With many people you just have to agree to disagree.....and remain friendly....otherwise it never ends..........

Dave   Zig one must stand their ground.....

Dave   I guess CBI is advertising this RV again......

Sparky   ... Im still buying...

Dave   Sparky we are lopping and you are buying more?

Sparky   Dave ...yup...

Dave   Sam got it right and sold out

Zig   Dave : He may have the last

Sparky   Dave ... I see where this is going, just may take a few minutes...

Dave   Sparky let me catch up.......

Dave   Zig could be.......Israel could accidentally nuke a base of Iranians in Iraq

Sparky   Zig ... could be, but not smart money says it's a positive investment...imo

Dave   Zig Got into this 10 yrs ago.......Restore the IQD.....Delete 3 zeros, when the time is right......words from CBI

Dave   CBI really has not changed their story since.........Translation seems to constantly repeat the same words........10yrs worth

Dave   Zig you believe that Iraq is currently worthy of having a really valuable currency?

Sparky   Dave ...  , stay the course... .and hold.....use your own discretion...

Sparky   Dave ...when has Iraqi politicians ever followed through on law enactment.?

Dave   Sparky ,,,,passed traffic laws

Sparky   Dave 3 reads... goes to Gazette.. no enactment...did...

Dave   Sparky 140 hcl never implemented.....

Sparky   *same ol', same old...

Dave   Constitution says so.......

Dave   they just reiterated this days ago

Dave   Fedreal Court

Sparky   Dave Iraqi Constitution, means nothing to the corruption ...

Dave   Sparky you mean IMMUNITY

Dave   maintain status quo   thats the hold up imo

Zig   Dave : No....not worthy.....I guess....I am no expert say the least.....

Sparky   Dave ...after their pockets are filled...then, maybe...

Dave   Sparky they are billionaires......

Dave   all the leaders of the parties

Dave   Save SADR

Sparky   Dave ...greed is a drug...

ZigI want to say one thing: It is only my opinion about what constitutes a good chat room.....many will disagree.....that's fine.....just do your own thing will find people with similar interests......

Sparky...simply put, logic tells me those who have bought Iraqi currency, will profit...based on their internal resources...and their history...back into 2, 3 or 4 or more, decades ago...imo...

Sparky  dinard ... how do you think this thing plays out...?

dinard  Kinda iffy but don't see why it can't RV. It can go either way as far as I'm concerned.

Sparky  dinard ... good attitude...

dinard   Sparky I don't really care a whole lot about this investment endeavor

Sparky   dinard ...good man...plan z...

Xyz   @kaperoni am confused... what is the difference between remove and delete zeros? Jejeje

 xyz   8-27-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Iraq would never introduce coins with a currency that has 3 zeros. The zeros need to be removed first

xyz   Ooooops remove is flotation

Sandyf   @chattels sandyf HELLO. Anything encouraging for us that you may be hearing ?

Unfortunately NO. I did have some involvement with 2 entities outside dinarland for over 10 years but both have shut up shop in the last 6 months, the opposite of encouraging.

In terms of rhetoric, the only thing I find encouraging is that in the last few weeks Leo Wanta and Michael Cotrell have become a lot more vocal. I think something major in the financial world is on the cards, but what and when is anyone's guess.

sandyf   @Young_SC Has anyone in here seen an article or source from the CBI or government stated that Iraq may LOP the currency???

Sandyf   There is no such thing as a "LOP" so there never would be any articles. The correct terms are Redenomination or Re-basing the currency, there have been many articles from both CBI and government sources to say that was the plan. I have posted several that you and others have refused to acknowledge on the basis of age, as if that meant something.

You continually harp on about "Increase in Purchasing Power" without providing any facts, like increase from what to what. That is because you can't, "purchasing power" is an arbitrary concept without any factual basis.

In a Redenomination the old currency IQD at 1190/USD would be replaced by a new currency, possibly IQR, at 1.190/USD, deleting 3 zeros. The monetary unit(Dinar) would be revalued from 1190/USD to 1.190/USD which would be an increase in the value of the Dinar against the dollar and lead to an increase in purchasing power.

chattels   sandyf any good news out there ?

chattels   Parliament: next year's budget deficit will rise to more than 70 trillion dinars

Tuesday 27 August 16:43 2019

chattels   Parliament resumes next week.

chattels   MP: Parliament will meet next week to discuss the recent "Israeli" attacks LINK

chattels   Plan on hearing a lot of bravado from the Parliament.

chattels   Iraqi delegation to visit Erbil Wednesday to discuss security in disputed areas By Zhelwan Z. Wali

chattels   . The two sides will also discuss Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, which stipulates that people in the disputed territories should decide whether they are to be governed by the federal government or the KRG, though it has never been implemented.

chattels   According to the 2019 federal budget, the KRG receiving its share of the federal budget is continent on the KRG giving part of its oil to Baghdad. The federal government says the KRG has not delivered on this so far.

chattels   Abdul-Mahdi is under mounting pressure from Shiite leaders to take a harder line on the KRG and the budget issue.

chattels   “The constitution will be the base of any negotiation between Erbil and Baghdad,” he added.

chattels   Unfortunately the Constitution is silent on many issues and / or nether side has the same interpretation of the Constitution.

chattels   Armed group threatens US military, civilian sites in Iraq By Lawk Ghafuri

chattels   ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A video featuring a group of armed, masked men has called for the expulsion of US troops and civilians from Iraq, amid alleged attacks on Iran-backed militia groups in the country.

chattels   “We promise to attack every single US civil and military base within Iraq if Trump does not withdraw them,” the armed, masked men said in the video published to social media on Tuesday.

“The US troops are invaders of Iraq, and we will not rest until we expel the US invaders,” they added.

chattels   Often times it is difficult to envision any happy or productive end to the complex conflicts that are Iraq.

chattels   Hunt for Iraqi IS leaders continues amid heightened secrecy

Shelly Kittleson August 27, 2019

Read more:

chattels   IS has “changed its approach to security since 2018, becoming more secretive” about who their leaders are.

Read more:

chattels   With the focus in Iraq now shifting to other issues and given the difficulty involved in discerning who the surviving commanders — or new ones — are, the hunt for Baghdadi’s key strategists, religious leaders and military commanders may soon be deprioritized, at least for the time being.

Read more:

chattels   And that's the way that it is from the news that I read out of Iraq on this Tuesday, August 27, 2019. It will soon be 2020. Good night all.