IQD Calls Chat Tuesday Evening 9-3-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Tuesday Evening 9-3-19 Part 1 of 2

FLAZON   @Sam I Am How are you Sam?

Sam I Am   FLAZON Good thx

Zig   Do you know Sam from elsewhere?

Sam I Am   They all know me

FLAZON   No... Followed his postings. Would like a discussion with him of he is open to one.

Sam I Am   Just like they all know Lex Luthor

Sam I Am   FLAZON sure

FLAZON   Sam I Am What is your take on these supposed institutional transactions that have been taking place? I suspect you think it's all conjecture to put it politely.

Sam I Am   FLAZON I don't know anything about them

Zig    A few new people have joined the chat recently.....Why not join in the fun?.....Simple to register and post as no email is required.....just follow the yellow lines above/below the chat box.....Come on!!!.....What are you waiting for??......We welcome all opinions here.....diversity keeps a room interesting...... :yes:

 Zig may discuss anything at any time with formality here.....just do it!!

FLAZON   Sam I Am so let's assume they are real and certain institutions are paying a premium well above the published rate. What if you were given undeniable "proof" that they were real and were asked to speculate why they were being executed. What would be your "theory"?

LeLe   Zig you're the BEST. You show up and show out. Love it.

John   Sam I Am Tulsa Oklahoma Homeless? lol

Sam I Am   FLAZON I have no idea

Sam I Am   Why would people pay higher than the published valuation?

LeLe   Zig it's called Keeping it Real. That's what you do.

FLAZON   Sam I Am Fair enough. On another note have you ever done an exposé on Frank26?

Zig   I think Sam has exposed them

Red   Sam I Am My guess ...if they were looking for a specific series as would any collector...?

Red   Sam I Am Ok...I haven't seen those links... can you post or point me to them?This I gotta see. Lol

John   Zig I expose Exposers. Sam I Am I still call b* on your very misleading / CLICK BAIT video title "Iraq Dinar has Revalued" your a hypocrite and always drawing attention to yourself and your dated "blog" / website which is Monetized.  IT IS WHAT IT IS! Sam is guilty just as much as the "gurus" he hunts.

Red   Sam I Am :Thumbs-up

Zig   John : OUCH.....LOL

John   Truth Hurts

Zig   FLAZON : Your name is familiar....think I have seen you around.....

Sam I Am   2006-2009

FLAZON   Sam I Am My understanding is that its to due with quantity and some agreements between the IMF and certain institutions.

According to a poster who has now left or been banned. He claimed that there would be no overnight RV. Rather these institutions would make big returns by wrapping this dinar up in a complex derivative.

They paid a premium because of the quantity and prerequisites they insisted on for the dinar.

FLAZON   Zig Really?

Zig   FLAZON : Were you at PTR years ago?

John   Sam I Am They where at one time moniitized. "The dinar revalued" is Misleading scamer

3 Sep 19, 02:39 PM John   W Ever it isB* and we all know it.

John   Sam I Am Get a Job

John   FLAZON Another newbe? SUSPECT?

FLAZON   Zig What is PTR?

Zig   FLAZON : LOL....never mind.....a forum....

Zig  FLAZON : Do you think we, the average speculator, will ever profit from this???

Baxter;ice-cream; Im Loving it

Zig   Baxter : Shoo....Shoo!!.... ;swat

Baxter   Oh No.. I be good..

FLAZON   Zig I will be careful what I say. But no. My belief is that the average speculator will not profit from it. Unless you classify a nominal change as a profit.

Zig   FYI: I did not bring FLAZON here!!.....LOL

Zig   FLAZON : No need to be careful.....let it all

Wilder   Can't believe i missed the revalue. That really Sucks.

Baxter   we will see what his rate is..

Baxter   by the way.... the Dinar is a profit for me... I could more than double my investment right now

Doug_W   Baxter that makes one of us LOL

Baxter   LOL

Baxter   I actually dont have a real dime in it...actually... I bought it off of profit from something else

  FLAZON   Red Aren't we intuitive! Maybe finally one of you crazy conspiracy theories is true! Who am I really ? Lol

FLAZON   @Vizo Hi Vizo

Zig   FLAZON : Hope you become a regular.....IF YOU DARE.....LOL

Zig   Kaperoni visits can chat with

FLAZON   Zig ZIG are you really that dumb ? Lol

 Zig   FLAZON : Unfortunately.....Yes..... ;sad2;

FLAZON   Zig You're a good guy but a bit slow on the uptake... Lol

Red   FLAZON Zig I get those kind of vibes... ;thinking:

Wilder   Zig zig likes to. Promote Rumbles.

 Zig   Hmmmmmm.....maybe SKELFLA has returned as FLAZON......OMG..... ;oh;

RedZig You finally clued in. hahahaha

Zig   Red : I....AM.....SLOW

 Zig   Wilder : No...No...No....I promote discussions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Sam I Am   gotta run guys ... take care

  Zig   Zig doesn't like to be fooled.... :Really?

chocolatiere   Good morning and a big thank you to Kaperoni for taking the time to explain in detail facts that make sense , grateful for him , over the years he has been sticking to the facts ! Looking forward to af

Vizo   FLAZON Hey

Baxter   chocolatiere good afternoon... at least here it is....

Red   Zig I did try to warn you. I got my vibe as soon as saw the weird name with the capital letters, and the content in the first post. Can't change stripes to spots.

Clay   wow lots of new peeps

Red   K got my popcorn. :popcorn Please continue. Dis gettin gud,,

Wilder   Lol Red

Wilder   We on break?

Red   Well heck! ...this convo stalled ...just like Dorian.

 Red   ...churning the same waters...over and over... :rain

Red   off to twitterland...Walmart is trending. Lol. Talk soon

Clay   Red who

Red   Clay Who what?

 Clay   who was in here causing trouble

 Red   Clay no trouble...just a banned person sneaking in to tweak at Sam I am

Clay   oh ok thanks

Red   Clay Poor Zig.... gotcha moment :hamer h

Clay   too funny   how u been

Wilder   It's better than rumors. Gonna have to get institutionalised to make money. How do we?

Clay   padded room 4 me

Red   Clay waitin...waitin...waitin... same as everyone else! ;fishing;

LeLe   Clay how is things going at the new location.

LeLe   Doug_W Hopefully soon you can take many more vacations.

Clay   great thanks

Clay   lovin it

Doug_W   LeLe I sure hope so

Clay   cant be soon enough

Dave   institutionalized to make money? we do not get paid i n this Asylum

Clay   nope

Dave   thought i missed the boat on that too......

  Zig   Doug_W : How come "BKTLA" stopped posting here??.....maybe invite those other DP "leaders" again?....I know Bobby won't come but how about Pat and that Mark?....

Dave   institutionalized to make money?...NEEd that 1-800#?

Dave   Zig Called Pride maybe....?

Zig   The 800 numbers are being released soon by MarkZ......relax......

Dave   Zig time they know that they wont bet back by coming here?

xyz   Zig hey buddy ... kap disappointed Z last night. He kept preaching float verse -- why is he trying to selling it?

Zig   Dave : You don't seem to mind....LOL

Dave   xyz because he can.....

Dave   Zig Done with Kap.......

Zig   xyz : He believes it based on 10 years of research......

Dave   from 10 yrs ago.....

xyz   The Fed Is "Unable To Delay" A Recession Any Longer

Zig   Dave : No, The Article 4 Consultation was recent, etc.....

Dave   Zig Float.....lop...etc thats what Russia Did etc etc etc etc etc

xyz   Zig that's a piece of you know what. The dude refused to answer my question! Z gotta disdain gurus ;angry

xyz   Zig Z got more serious research than Micheal

Dave   xyz opinions we all have them.....

Zig   Big what?.....Kap is one person with one scenario.....don't let it bother you.....he has no input with what will occur.....

Dave   prefer words from the source

xyz   Zig am not bother --- not even one iota

 Wilder   If your a Cow Isis needs your help.

xyz   Zig oh dear thought Doug was real --- a rumor!

Zig   xyz : know what I meant.....jejeje

Dave   DP peeps really admittedly opinionated time for Gurus, GCR or Cabal Forces

Zig   Dave : They would be a welcome addition to balance out that "stuff"

 xyz   Dave Z believe guru @sandyf is a Cabal

Dave   xyz Dont care......

xyz   Dave guru @sandyf always throws a poisonous arrow and away jejeje

Zig   Red is our resident Cabal expert......

Clay   is that red scarlet?

xyz   Zig LoL @Red ...

Zig   Young_SC is our resident Guru slayer......

Dave   when one can not back up what they say......what do you call it......

Dave   when one can not back up what they say......what do you call it......


Clay   another guru

JJ   Anyone else think that MarkZ is a serious currency dealer?

Dave   or b*

Clay   nope

Clay   dealer maybe know things no

Dave We are good with the THEORIST term then?

xyz   JJ glad to step onto ya

xyz    JJ MarkZ is a jester

 xyz   JJ NOT guru jester but 'a jester' haha

Zig   He has no inside info.....NONSENSE.....puts out b*

 JJ   II had an uncle that got into this about 15yrs ago, he was one of those that would call all hours of the night to tell you it's going down right now. I agree, Mark has an agenda for somethig

Clay   he sure does

JJ   @zig totally agree

Dave   WHY listen then..........?

Clay   JJ where r ya from

Zig   JJ : Stay here....some b* seeps in but very little in comparison to other

Dave   Zig ???????

xyz   JJ even @Kaperoni as he want dinarians to think highly of him. Doesn't need to prove that one is smart if can prove your theorem. Z-Said

Zig   Dave

JJ   I've always thought it would be impossible to RV over night, I would love it but I think Kap is probably closest,

JJ   Arzona

Clay   oh ok me NC

Clay   I dont buy his float

Dave   JJ familiar with wheel barrows?

Zig   It is very soothing to

Clay   Iraq stated they want to come out with a strong rate

xyz   JJ I have been told that I need to go back to school and guess what by MAYBE my students jejeje

Young_SC   Dave no proof at all from certain people and it is soo easy for people to believe them

Clay   gullible    newbies

Young_S   C    That is what makes it funny

 Zig   Young_SC : "Guru Slayer"......

Young_SC   Clay Baxter, Sparky are not newbies