IQD Calls Chat Tuesday Evening 9-3-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Tuesday Evening 9-3-19 Part 2 of 2

 JJ   I have mixed feelings, we have to remember that most of all transactions are going to be an electronic transfer, not many will be handed millions in cash! LOL

xyz   :popcorn

Clay   no but Bax doesnt buy all this

Zig   QUOTA, Z.....this is just a reminder.....

Young_SC   Clay bax listens to kaps nonsense

Dave   Young_SC Lured to the DARK SIDE by kap

ClayYoung_SC true

Clay   I dont

Zig   Young_SC : No harm in "listening" to everything..........

Clay   JJ true

JJ   I try to read it all,still forming my own opinion as in I don't have one

Young_   SCAnd now this SKEFLA person comes in and has sheep now lolol

Clay            all electronic

xyz   Zig really can even welcome JJ

Zig   xyz : ;Thud

Clay   Young_SC dont know who that is

Young_SC   All Kap talks about is float, investment and one of the richest countries can not swallow up the amount of dinar out in circulation

JJ   @dave ive not heard about the wheel barrows. LOL

Young_SC   Nothing more

Daveno    Wheel must be new!

Clay   lol

Clay   be nice

JJ   new to chat rooms, been invested in this for 15yrs

Clay   wow

Clay   me only 9

Dave   Clay Should I?

Clay   yes

Young_SC   Zig this is beyond opinions now. Kap preaches telling people the opposite of Iraq

Clay   if u prefer

Clay   lol

JJ   worst case it'll make a great wall paper

xyz   Young_SC aha @kaperoni is a preacher jejeje

Dave   Young_SC should I......or the cost of a coke?

Young_SC   Clay Iraq has already come out and told people what they want to do. Not sure people cant grasp onto that

Clay   yes seen that

Cla   yme neither

Dave   or spin it......

Young_SC   Dave He spins it big time     Him and Sam   Not sure why

JJany   one follow vital brad on uoutube

Clay   attention

Dave   half truths......omit the other portion which states HOWEVER

JJ   youtube

 JJ   claims to be texting with the Iraq peeps

Clay   dont know of Brad

xyz   Nobody can ask a preacher a question during a sermon --- hence @kaperoni gave a sermon and was unhappy with questions  Yes I finally said it   Reverend @Kaperoni

JJ   actually shows text messages on the video, but i doubt it's real


Dave   xyz KNOW Rev Jim

Dave   Taxi....

Wilder   Vital Brad is another one. He's into himself.

Clay   never heard of him

Dave   xyz BINGO

Wilder   Clay youtube him up

Clay   will look

Clay   any good or more b*

Wilder   Been awhile . he r3ads bews artickes and comments on them

Wilder   NEWS    Bitcoiner too

Dave   Got in on this 10 yrs ago.........CBI...delete 3 zeros....increase/restore purchasing power...........and their wealth. More recently alot on coins

Dave   When the time is we really have anything more than that

Dave   oh yeah no float......

WilderWe have this chat . Rumble Jungle. Dave

Clay   no float

Clay   CBI told us that

Young_SC   Clay Dave Exactly

Clay   thats y I cant see where Kap is going with that

Clay   must have lost his mind

Young_SC   Purchasing power is one thing KAP NEVER MENTIONS and now why is that??

 Clay   who knows    like I said he likes the atterntion  thats all   attention

Young_SC   And purchasing power is the main reason for everything

Clay   yep

Dave   Young_SC yep   with out wheel barrows.....

Young_SC   Like i said this RV is not for us it is ONLY FOR IRAQ. We just benefit from it because we buy the currency at a cheap rate and benefit when they change the rate. THAT IS ALL

Clay   yep

Wilder   I could see this at when rv happens. Our gov't holding back on dinars redeemed as to not overwhelm iraq all at once. iMO

Clay   and thats all I want

Young_SCKAP speaks as if this whole scenario is directly for us

Clay   he knows nothing

Clay   like most

Dave   Wilder CBI ...ten yrs to redeem

Wilder   Ok. I forgot that

Dave   Countries hold foreign currency esp if worth something

Dave   you get your Pesos to go to mexico.......Banks do not order it in for you

Young_SC Dave and now in one of his statements Kap says ohh Iraq will LOP when they delete the 3 zeros when 2 weeks ago he stated the monetary policy is a success in Iraq when Iran it failed that's why Iran devalued their currency so now all of a sudden to Kap Iraq could LOP????

Young_SC   Didnt anybody catch onto that??

Young_SC   Lol

Young_SC   Kap is playing people for dummies

DaveYoung_SC S   Ame story for yrs........

Dave   or sorry theorems

Young_SC   Zig wonders why i make fun of Kap lol

Dave   We do not provide enough CLARITY?

Young_SC   Dave not enough indeed

Young_SC   And then you have the other one who again makes no sense whatsoever Sam


Clay   Sam is a trouble maker

Young_SC   Im not gonna bother with him because i can go all day ripping Sam

Young_SC   Dave lool

Clay   dont know y he even comes in here   more attention I guess   like Kap

Clay   never ever listened to Kap

Young_SC   I posted an article 2 weeks ago directly from the GOI on increasing its value of the dinar and our of no where Sam with his ohhh no that means LOP

Young_  SC   LOL

Dave   Clay where have you been?

Dave   Cokes and Wheel barrows directed to who?

Clay   working   no Kap for me lol  not wasting my time

Dave   Should have a census on that.....

Red    Oh   ..L@@KEE this... conspiracy no more...the QFS is real... I'm telling you're looking at the wrong news. ALL Central Banks are going down including the private FED.

Gold WILL destroy the FED. Trump is doing what JFK was murdered trying to do. Bringing the gold standard back worldwideand putting every country on the same playing field. GCR!

There will be no more banks...only financial service centers. Why do you think so many banks are closing their doors??

Clay   wow

Clay   some thought

Dave   Clay HEARD FORT KNOXX is EMPTY......

Clay   heard the same  said US sold its gold

Daveoh    oh

Clay   yep   scarey thought

Dave   Would not WORRY!

ClayI thin   k most sold to China

Red   Bushes stole the gold in the towers before they brought them down. Trump EO seizing assets from corrupt players...WORLDWIDE. Besides US sitting on 8 tons of gold

Dave   Red only 3 billion usd worth

Dave   IRAQ 9 tons

Red   Russia, China, Kazakstan Jordan Colombia biggest purchasers of gold last 8 months

Clay   India too I believe

Clay   maybe not last 8 months though

  hear Melania is even more powerful financially than Trump....possibly something to do with Adnan Sakli

 ...Trusts containing more than Quadrillions

Dave   happens all the war ,market uncertainty goes up

Red   metals have fluctuated due to markets. WHO controls the's all rigged.

Dave   Red USA consumes 25% of what the WORLD produces

Dave   less than 5% of the population

Red   Dave That's why Trump is bringing manufacturers back to US. China gonna lose 13% of them very soon as the tariffs grow

Dave   worked out well for us when we paid the Asians 10 cents/hr

Wilder   What would that do to the stock market? Gold standard.

Red    Dave Only because inflation is what has driven prices up due to printing fiat currency. When gold becomes the asset, inflation will drop considerably. So will real estate, etc

Red   There won't be a stock market. It's also run by central bankers. they have controlled the crashes and everything else when they took gold away 1930s

Dave   as long as i do not require a wheel barrow over my wallet do not care

Wilder   Need some muscle to carry your gold dinar

Dave   coca cola microsoft aint going anywhere

Red   I had posted this earlier... it's a good analogy of the dying system gasping it's last breath... Lol

Dave   Wilder now your talkin......

Wilder   : )

Dave   Red drive a hungry V8........

Red   maybe...just maybe...Iraq will go first, followed by US, and then other countries.

Dave   Red or maybe drive off the edge of the earth

Red   Dave like the Thelma & Louise final scene.... Hahahha

Dave   in my Porsche loaded with golden dinar

Red   Treasury list of frozen assets....and growing. Trump ain't messing around..

xyz   Red planet

Dave   Red FAMILIAR with the frozen assets CBI is sitting on?

Dave   sorry meant COI......

Dave   Integrity Commission......

Red   All assets seized, going through Treasury (including foreign assets) see .PDF ... & QFS is worldwide controlled by US like the Swift system was/is running parallel. I believe Marines have recovered a lot of the gold stolen. Once Head of IMF steps down next week, I think we will see some action


Wilder   Sign of age. Dave

Dave   Wilder nothing from Iraq is Relevant

Wilder   Only a few things in life is.

Dave   Wilder got 9 holes in today....good Day!

Wilder   Good job. Under par?

Dave   Wilder no but a few 300 yrd drives

Dave   nailed it ....3putted more than not

Doug_W   my truck drives thousands of miles so PFFFTTT on 300 yards

Doug_W   :laugh

Wilder   Thats a poke. I've not played in years.

Dave   Wilder jealous he cant golf

Wilder   Lol.