IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Evening 8-20-19

IQD CALLS CHAT Tuesday Evening 8-20-19

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 Dave   just luv the talk of coins again.......  from several sources over several days.....

Dave   gives me some encouragement  surprised the gurus are not all over this

Sparky   Dave Dave too...they deal out coins...we rich... imo..m

Portmagaland   Sparky So, should I go get more dinar at the mall?

Sparky   Portmagaland always,...use your own discretion...

Portmagaland   I think today has been the most positive vibe. I've gotten from this chat since I started loitering here.

Portmagaland   Sparky Nothing big just a 100k

Dave   Portmagaland hope its not my fault

Sparky   Portmagaland Portmagaland ...but I will say, I'm still buying...

Portmagaland   Dave Your positive vibes make it all your fault 😁

Portmagaland   100k dinar at Baxters dime is still 10k

Dave   i just spend what i can afford to lose in this

Portmagaland   Dave The only way we really lose is if they void the currency we are holding.

Sparky   Dave $100 bucks, is really only a $30 bet...can get back 70 %, will...

Dave   true

Dave   i have gained alittle


Portmagaland   Baxter There he is Captain Dime

Dave   Baxter nothing you can spend

Baxter   DANG IT.. I have spent a bunch of Dimes down here.. thats for sure

Portmagaland    I has my Iranian colleague translate the Arabic statement this morning and he confirmed that it said Iraq plans on raising the value of the dinar.

Then I hinted to him, he could pick some up at our mall. I think his Iranian pride will prevent him from picking some up though. I recall first telling him about the dinar a year ago and the disdain in his voice towards Iraq said it all.

Future   Revealed the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, the formation of a committee to raise the price of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar.


future   Parliamentary Finance of the "Covenant News": the formation of a committee to raise the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar

Portmagaland   FYI, Manarino is telling his subscribers to get their cash out of investment banks.

future   He added, "The Committee will work in the future to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies in the Arab world, or at least maintain the current exchange rate to have monetary power within the local market."

Dave   future just hope CBI is paying attention

future   they are

future   next legislative session i believe ends in september

Sparky   future ...heard Finance minister asking...

future   they wanted to get it done before then

future   guess well see

Dave   future heard that every session starrt for the last 10 yrs

future   true wait and see is all we can do

future   talk to you guys later , yes sparky they are all talking and supposively its all they are talking about on social media and in their local media about the value of the dinar

future   the citizens want it raised

Sparky   future ... Love your input !

future   thanks been a * of a ride

Future    we will all make it

Sparky   future ... yup..., As Dave said... Patience...

future   oh yes done plenty of that lol take care

dinard   I think I'm almost at 2 years now lol

dinard   What a dumb 2 years its been

Wilder   Baxter som

future   Finance Committee: Reinstating the civil currency and deleting zeros

Young_SC   future next legislative session begins sept 3rd

future   The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, on the trend to reintroduce the coin, which has been used for decades in the country,stressing the importance of pre-empting the coinage process step by "deleting zeros" from the current currencies to be valuable for small cash groups

future   young not sure

future   i thouht it was at the end of september

future   lots of talk about coins(fils)

future   small cash groups=lower denoms

future   The use of metal categories and their descent for trading gives a notional value of the currency,"

Young_SC   future no sept 3rd as i read. So technically we are still in the current term until sept 3rd

future    What is Notional Value?

Notional value is a term often used to value the underlying asset in a derivatives trade. It can be the total value of a position, how much value a position controls, or an agreed-upon amount in a contract. This term is used when describing derivative contracts in the options, futures, and currency markets.

Young_SC   Term was extended through through july remember? And now they should be on a month long holiday until sept 3rd

future    ah i see well thats even better

future   seems these coins are gonna play a major role in the market place

future   vendors etc.

future   need new value

Young_SC   But to be honest for everything that is happening now i doubt they went on a holiday for the month of August

future   nah they are still working

Young_SC   future indeed

future   i am still looking for an an increase before october 1

Young_SC   What is going on now is big news

future   yes it is

future   many are burnt out or have become pessimistic

Young_SC   And some in this chat room have no clue

future   cant say i blame them

Young_SC   smile

future   but yes lots going on

Young_SC   future That is true

Young_SC   Tigger brought the article in here yesterday morning before anyone caught on

 future   wasnt aware   been busy lately with some personal thins going on   tryin to catch up with some news

future   used to follow this thing extremely close for about 8 years my last 2 years i have backed off a bit

Young_SC   future yeah she came here yesterday morning to just post the artcle

future   awesome

Young_SC   Didnt say a word

Young_SC   I find people choose not to pay attention to the relevant things but instead focus on bad information

future   oh i agree   like i have confessed i have always looked at the glass half full

future   no matter how bleak it is in my life

Young_SC   Indeed

Young_SC   The "Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives announced on Monday (19-August-2019) the" government direction to reinstate the currency and delete zeros from paper currency in order to strengthen the national economy. "

Young_SC   I wonder if Sam still thinks that's a LOP

future   yep reinstate the value to its former glory i have read in the past

future   of course he does

Young_SC   future lol