TNT, MarkZ and X22 Tuesday Night 8-20-19


Sonlover:  It has never made sense to me that if the U.S. Treasury controls the banks, which they do, and if the decision about when to revalue is the U.S. Treasury's, and if the U.S. Treasure is telling the banks when to staff the exchange centers, why does the UST keep giving banks directions to staff the exchange centers prematurely over and over again?

MRiles:  sonlover that is a good question

YB:  Sonlover....that is a good question....maybe the real question is...does the UST actually control the situation

RVAlready:  Because too many people are in control …trump Mahdi CBI imf BIS UN UST - trying to keep agreement for release is just crazy….. Everybody must say yes at the exact same time

Mriles:  well we all say yes ... does that count

Eccle519:   The UST is one thing but the rest I believe is political. When the ball is pitched, Iraq has to have a batter in the box also the IMF, BIS with codes and pings flying all over. This has never been done on this scale before. Kuwait already had an international currency

Maggiemoo:  Kuwait was devalued due to war in a similar fashion,,,we have been told, they simply changed the value one day & every currency in the world changed it's conversion paired with KWD,,,this event seems similar

RVAlready:  Just this event is larger, and a bit more public.

Eccle519:   I don't think it's a hard thing to just change value as computers do the's the people who want this against the people that don't (or something like that, lol

Airam:  (Delta)  URGENT FROM IRAQI TV: "Parliamentary Finance Committee intends to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies." IT'S ALL OVER THE NEWS NOW ALL ABOUT RAISING THE VALUE...

Mommyhood:  article: he Finance Committee will work to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies in the Arab world, or at least maintain the current exchange rate to have monetary power within Local market.

RVAlready:  Yeah, between that and the talk of coins, I think we are about done. :). Thanks AIRAM!!!

BurbankLouIf the coins are out, we're there. Not recently but years ago Tony said that Iraq wanted the new rate in country for a few days before we saw it. Maybe that's where we are.

RVAlready:  With Iraq advertising coins on TV, this has to be about over


Second MarkZ Update: Tuesday 8-20-19

MZ:  Everybody still on high alert…..My paymaster still expects liquidity today ….Military contacts still believe today could be the kick off.

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