IQD Calls Chat Sunday Evening 9-1-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Sunday Evening 9-1-19 Part 2 of 2

 Sparky   ...whoever asked about dates on notes, CBI governor signature is on the front of the notes, should give you reasonable time of issue...

Sparky   ...but, personally not sure if that matters...

 Sparky    ... most of mine were signed by Shabbibi... easy to.tell his signature, he signs with a "heart "

Sparky   xyz ... you have gained lots more respect with me, as Whitelions vouched for your knowledge in this endeavor...sorry for any previous disrespect...

 Vizo   Hi Sparky...regarding the print date...that would be me...I see a heart at the bottom of the that what you are referring to? If so, do you know what the print date might be...? Thanks..

Wilder   Sparky whats your thoughts on all of this? I'm not sure I'm buying into all of this. If this institutional stuff should be. Soneone stands to get the short end of the stck. Just like all this tier1 tier2 and the 800#s.

Sparky   Dave ...saw something about Federal Court Law coming up in next session...

 Dave   Sparky heard that with every session in the last ten yrs

Dave   same with hcl 140 etc

Sparky   Vizo ... only know it was while he was CBI governor...and should be just fine to cash in when the time comes...

Vizo   @Sparky...thanks...

Deano   So where do we stand right now ???

Dave   Deano on a earth that apparently is flat for some

Deano   @Dave good point. Appreciate the sense of humor

Deano   Anyone here care to give their thoughts about the coins they've been talking about ?

Sparky   Deano ...metals cost more to make, and last longer... just don't know the denominations..

Deano   @Sparky but do you think they have to have a new rate before they introduce these coins?

Sparky   Deano personal opinion is yes... historically, they went down to fils...1000ths of a Dinar... leading me to believe the value must increase if brought into circulation ...

Sparky   ... depending on denominations, of course...

 Deano   I also agree with that. The $64,000 question is when will they release these coins. Not asking you in general. Just speaking out loud.

SKELFLA   Sparky if my theory is correct about the IQD being used as the base currency for a derivative for trade along the one belt one road initiative it won't be a derivative in the classical sense. More an alternative reserve currency that the Chinese can use and leverage without the trade having an impact on their Yuan .... I read a white paper given to me by an economist from China that alluded to just such a thing it didn't name the currency but the way it was written suggested it was the IQD they had in mind.

Sparky   SKELFLA ... therefore making Iraq a "donar" country ? As, opposed to rentier ?

SKELFLA    Sparky I always thought that what ever the objective is that bits and pieces have leaked out over the years and the gurus have taken these leaks and embellished them. That's why even the most outlandish statements can sometimes be based on fact. Unbeknownst to the gurus because they are without a single exception too stupid to decipher it.

SKELFLA   Sparky I don't know what you mean..

Portmagaland   Good afternoon all, just getting caught up a little on the convo and citing Bush JR. or any Bush for that matter to give your side of the debate weakens your position based on, "Read my lips .......... Iraq has weapons of mass destruction". You all like how I just merged Sr. and Jr.'s lies into one. Admit it, pretty cleaver.

SKELFLA   Sparky But at the same time I'm pretty sure certain central banks as well as the IMF will need to be involved... In fact I believe they have to be.

Portmagaland   So, with that said, I take any Bush statement about anything with a grain of salt. I do believe Sr. Did not lie when Sr. pitched us on the New World Order, that for sure seems to be playing out.

Sparky   SKELFLA ... I have read numerous articles over the years, that they want Iraq to be a "donar" country, as opposed to borrowing money from whatever entity that is willing to allow them to world currency reserve...

SKELFLA   Sparky Ah sorry... Yes. Well then that would definitely fit into the theory. I will try to get you an invite into a discord channel ...where the members have verified everything I have said. Interested?

Sparky   SKELFLA sure...

SKELFLA   Sparky Okay I'll get on it... You see I enjoy theorising about the IQD unfortunately too many people here just don't get it. And they will continue to squabble over the most mundane b*... Never getting to the guts of the matter...

Sparky   Portmagaland ...making Col Powell the fall guy...

Portmagaland   Sparky Yep, Powell's not dumb, he was probably compensated

Red   Hello in Dinarland....been a reader of your chat room, but never posted.

Thought you might be interested to know.... the currency exchange office(Canadian), where I purchased iqd in the past and more recently, have not been able to receive any in the last 3 weeks.

They've tried to order from their broker, but it's not available, ...according to their office. At least, that's what they are telling me. Just thought you might want to know that tidbit. Cheers!

Sparky   Portmagaland ...maybe, but lost a lot of credibility...

Portmagaland   Red I'm going to check the the Washington Square Mall currency exchange right now.

Sparky   Portmagaland ...maybe, but lost a lot of credibility...

Portmagaland   Red I'm going to check the the Washington Square Mall currency exchange right now.

Deano   @Red. Appreciate that. But before you get attacked by some sharks is their any proof ? I mean this in respect. I know how some of these guys are lol.

Portmagaland   Sparky Not with the powers that hold all those summits, he probably gained more "street" cred with those folks.

Red   @Portmagaland yes would be curious to know. I still see it sold on US ebay.

Portmagaland   Red checking now

Dave   Red TRY toronto dinar exchange.....

Red   @Deano no proof...besides the receipts I have for purchase.I was trying to buy some a speculative investment... :)

Portmagaland   Red

Deano   @Red. I get it. Just trying to help you out. But at least you can be honest about not having any proof.

Red   @Dave will check that one out. I'm in BC and the 3 exchange franchises were the only ones I knew of that didn't advertise they were selling it.

Portmagaland   That's where I buy in Portland Oregon metro and they still selling. I included the link, so you can check whenever

Portmagaland   They sell it, but they wont buy it back.


Portmagaland   Same with Dong due to both being speculative investments

Deano   May get beat up for this but it's ok. Anyone here think this could be the month ? And if so, why?

Red   @Portmagaland Thx. US ->Can exchange rate is a little high for my budget though. If the $$ drops though...

Portmagaland   Dave Sweet Dave Canada is selling the Riyal still, good to know, just on case, I have to drive to Vancouver for some strange reason.

Portmagaland   Red who pays more for Dinars, Canadians or Americans?

Dave   Portmagaland pegged to usd

Red   @Portmagaland You'd definitely get more bang for your US bucks

Dave   25%

Portmagaland   Dave We pay less for something, yeaeaeaea

Red   @Portmagaland I was paying $1300 per 1M so about the same on US ebay sites with conversion.....though prices are going UP!

Dave   Red ouch.....

Dave   paid no more than700ish 10yrs ago ish

Red   @Dave Yup. but I didn't have to deal with customs or mailing and I had it in my hot little hands right away Lol


Dave   live in BC

Portmagaland   1,048,000 IQD for 1,000.84 USD

Portmagaland   At that mall in the link above

Deano   I'm on ebay right now. You can get half a million for $580.00

Portmagaland   I should just buy from my spot and sell on ebay, but ebay taxes so not worth the hassle

Red   @Dave I'm a newbie in this speculative investing... I figured I'd give it a shot. Prices on ebay are going up fast.....possibly due to the news coming out of Iraq and supply vs demand

Dave   Red try the link i sent

Red   @Deano That's US$ add 30% for Canadians

Deano   @Red oh ok. Sorry didn't really realize that. Was gonna say that prices look the same to me.

Portmagaland   I just checked Ebay, funny on one seller, looks like they created a certificate of Authenticity with the computer, made me laugh.

Deano   @Portmagaland I seen that too.

Red   @Dave That toronto now button gets error on all 3 currencies showing

Dave   Hmmm......?

Portmagaland   Red Bummer maybe the Rial is illegal in Canada after all

Red   @Portmagaland Canada doesn't have sanctions against Iran, but US putting pressure on. I've bought some on ebay...but if they lop well ...I won't be out of pocket too much.

Portmagaland   Silver made a nice jump last Sunday, but it's still showing Fridays closing price?

Deano   So I'll ask this again. Anyone think that this month could be the month that @Baxter gets his dime?

Portmagaland   Deano I dont know about a dime, but a possible answer

Deano   Lay it on me

Portmagaland   If I felt stronger I'd go down in our favor the street to the mall and get another 250k

Deano   I'm thinking about purchasing another $50,000

Sparky   ...only risking 30% tops...imo...

Portmagaland   I'm looking to see what Trumps say on 9/11, there are rumors, but the 4th turned out to be a big letdown

Portmagaland   Sparky 30% tops? What do you mean?

Red   I will try again this week at local exchange to see if they received any more IQD, but from the sounds of the last phone call, they've been cut off.

 Wilder   Nickel im retiring. Comes in at 1 to 1. Might let wife retire

Sparky   Wilder

Red   @Portmagaland 3 BOOMS supposedly for Sept 10th. Waiting for IMF to announce gold standard....

Portmagaland   I cant pay off my house at a nickel, but I'd still take it with a smile

Deano   @Wilder I can't retire at either one.

Portmagaland   Red I'm starting to question X22, why hasnt his channeled been pulled on YouTube like so many others?

Deano   Now 1 to 1 will pay off my home, student loans and buy new home. And maybe a new home and truck. Or new truck and new drum set. Can't make up my

Portmagaland   Deano 1 to 1 buys me a banana plantation in Hawaii

Sparky   Deano home in western Carolina hills ?

Deano   @Sparky at 1 to 1 no. That will buy my wife's new home here in Florida and leave me dreaming about my log cabin home in the mountains.

Red   @Portmagaland Don't know...could be attached to WH? ...don't watch it that often...too many other research tabs open. Watch Abel Danger.

Portmagaland   Red I watch Abel Danger, but I question their pitch on the Zim


Deano   @Baxter I admit it was me.

Red   @Portmagaland I question everybody's pitch. Will wait and see.

Deano   @Baxter you say dime I say quarter. We'll split the difference lol

Baxter   This is Fact... 20 dollars of ONE POUND.. One Million Dollars in Dimes... is 50,000 pounds... or A Semi Tractor Trailer Full...

Portmagaland   On a brighter not Portland PD raised one Antifa members house and the county DA just pressed charges against 13 more.

Red   @Portmagaland Hope they sweep up the mayor too. Office needs a good cleaning. Lol.

Portmagaland   So, my call scaring the mayor Wheeler of Portland, office and having them send a police officer to my house may have done the trick.

Red   @Portmagaland (thumbs up) Lol

Deano   Wouldn't do me any good to have a run in with any Antifa morons

Portmagaland   I told the cop, get Antifa off the streets and you wont hear from our side again and boom!

Sparky   Portmagaland ... yup, that would do it...

Portmagaland   The cop was a Marine, so we are brothers, I'm sure he told Mayor Wheeler I said get rid of Antifa, we are a national joke because of Wheekers lack of leadership

Sparky   Portmagaland ... social media will get them to whatever place, to do battle...

Portmagaland   With the recent arrest and then the 13 being charged here in Portland gives me hope that the commi's running shotgun in Portland are over

Portmagaland   The Money GPS says the Fed is going to go into negative interest rates, I wonder what that will do to silver?