IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 10-5-19 Part 2 of 2

 IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 10-5-19 Part 2 of 2

Red   Dave I'm watching the hashtags on twitter. It's a mess.

Dave   Why not just pass the laws tomorrow?

Francis Albert   Chaos could be a good time to get creative with their currency scheme..or not. Politics is a strange beast regardless of the Country

Francis Albert   I am virtually certain the Dollar Inc. crowd controls the CBI, and has since the

Francis Albert   "liberation"

Dave   Francis Albert CBI likes Poliical stability?

Francis Albert   Oh who knows Dave what they like. Central banks make money when things go up and when things go down.

Dave   CBI has done very well

Red   Many people are gonna need these lessons cause they gave up and sold their dinar. Or they didn't believe and mocked it.  :popcorn

Sparky   biff ... you in the sand ?

Francis Albert   And if we are waiting on "political stability" in the Middle East, we may as well sell our Dinar and go to the track with a fist of cash.

Dave   Bahrain UAE Saudi Kuwait pretty clm

Dave   calm

Sparky   Francis Albert ... relatively stable... hopefully will make greed take over... for outside investment...

Francis Albert   All Central Banks have big balance sheets, because they create "money" and monetize debt instruments the FED has 3.7 Trillion their balance sheet. They monetize debt, that's all they do.

Francis Albert   We know for certain The Iraqi Oil trust was initiated upon invasion, run by J.P. Morgan to "look after" the oil revenues. Still going on.

Francis Albert your good point. The world is salivating to come into Iraq..Oil, fertile land and water...lots and lots of water

Francis Albert   Which is why the U.S. came in and set up these massive bases.

Francis Albert   And I believe that is where the funding for Dinar investors will come from. The monetization of debt. All currencies are debt instruments. Central Banks can and do "monetize" debt instruments.

That's what they do for a living. You bring your Dinar into Wells Fargo some day, they create the Dollars, take the Dinar, take a cut, work with the FED, who takes a cut for running the war, Treasury ends up with the Dinar to trade with Iraq for probably $30 a barrel. Till the end of time.

Francis Albert   Ah..the spoils of war

Francis Albert   And this is the piece that this fellow Kap, I believe is missing. I may be wrong, but don't think I am.

Sparky   Francis Albert ... wow...good stuff...still trying to process all that... I remember JP involved initially...

Francis Albert   Kap continues to argue that with Trillions of Dinar out there, the value could not go up because Iraq would have to come up with the Dollars to is not that simple.

Francis Albert   Yes, research it. The Iraqi Oil Trust

Francis Albert   This whole thing, IMO, was well planned out. The bankers, the Neo Cons..the Cheney crowd. Make up the WMD thing, go in and take over the Central Bank. Same thing in Libya...Iran is next

Sparky   Francis Albert 43 T IQD in circulation.. how does that reconcile with 1.8 USD in 1:1 ?

Francis Albert   Sparky...sorry..don't understand please 1.8 USD in circulation?

Dave   Sparky 43 T show me please

Sparky   Francis Albert ... you are on point my friend...

Francis Albert   Well, banks say a lot of stuff. We have no idea of how many Dinar are in "circulation" and where they are etc...the important details.

Sparky   Francis Albert .. how much USD in circulation ?

Sparky   ...or, I am starting to see your point...hmm...

Francis Albert   Good question. "They" stopped putting out real numbers M1, M3 and L in the late 90's, but I had a dear friend who taught me this stuff for 25 years...he's was on it...and best estimate about 30 Trillion Dollars in circulation, and 96% of it is digital, not paper.

Dave   can you show me 43 T.........PLEASE?

Dave   i can show you want was printed yrs back to replace those 2003 notes

Sparky   Francis Albert ... interesting... please continue...

Francis Albert   And then when you add in potential money, or what we call P....derivatives about 2.5 quadrillion of those rascals floating around

Sparky   Francis Albert ...and potential of Iraq.. ?

Dave   Francis Albert based on a 1 to 1 rate......?

Francis Albert   Which is why, IMO, all this gold backed stuff for U.S. is just non sense.

Francis Albert   Don't understand Sparky what you mean potential at 1 to 1 rate?

Dave   2.5 quaddrillion   from 30 trillion

Sparky   Francis Albert ... sorry... simply asking your thoughts on potential value of Iraq ... resources...

Francis Albert   The only real value is gold, silver, oil, water, land for agriculture. The "money" is just fiat stuff. The word fiat is cool. It is when something is given a value by fiat. So, a bunch of people decide what currency's are worth every day by how much they print and how much they suck out of circulation.

Dave   usd to dinar

Francis Albert   yes, a quadrillion is a thousand trillion. Estimates are 2.5 quadrillion in derivatives. Just bets on this or dollars.

Sparky   Francis Albert ... and Tigrus and Euphrates...

Dave   Sparky 43 T ......still waiting????

Sparky   Francis Albert ... thank you for your thoughts my friend...very interesting indeed...

Dave   Sparky tick tick tick..........

Sparky   Dave ...go to IMF, article 4 consultations, and click on the tab that says Kap...

Francis Albert   My pleasure. I've just seen some of Kap's postings on Recap, so thinking I would come in here and chat about his main point he keeps bringing up.

Dave   Sparky not there....send a link please

Sparky   Francis Albert ... thanks... looking forward to your chat with Kaperoni... brought some very good stuff... I appreciate you...

Sparky   Dave

Dave   Sparky nothing from Kap though

Dave   just thast little bit...43T?

Sparky   Dave know that I don't do links... everything I type, is know that. .

Francis Albert   I think that with out a deeper understanding of the big picture, folks tend to hang on to some gurus selling hopium, and it's a shame really...they believe these people.

Sparky   Francis Albert ... I value all thoughts...

Sparky   ...and so does my bong...bong sayz FA is knowledgable...

Dave   Sparky aint there thats why  


Sparky   Dave ... click on the tab that starts with Kap...

Dave   Sparky oh ...okay just not quite in your dimension yet

Sparky   Dave ... oh, ok..., still good with 1000 fils for a coke though...1 Deenarz....

Sparky   ...1:1...

Dave   funny i have asked Kap numerous times to show me........43T still waiting.....

Sparky   Dave ... you know why?...they don't tell non central bank clique...

Francis Albert   I think there' s been may numbers thrown out Dave on Dinars out there. And again, where they are, whatever the number is, an who has control over them no one knows. You can't audit Central Banks, they are private

Dave   oh Kap never said it was leaked to him......

Francis Albert   sorry ...many numbers...

Sparky    IMF...and all central banks... are a clique...imo...

Dave   Sparky and they okay doky who enters

Francis Albert   UST could have, could have tons of Dinar...which they could burn, if it would serve their purpose

Sparky   Dave ...false numbers...

Dave   looong pullllllll

Sparky   Dave ... We are not insiders,... therefore know Jack...

Dave   Sparky Kap Knows!

Francis Albert   Central Banks "extinguish" money all the time.

Sparky   Dave good one...

Sparky   ... just his opinion...let it go...

Dave   Sparky He must be greedy ....wont ever share that tidbit

Sparky   Dave ... don't bong and me have a good feeling about this...

Dave  Sparky After the Revolution?

Sparky   Dave .. yup... apparently, that is what It is going to take...

Sparky   Dave ... could be a smokescreen while Abadi had a time out...who really knows...?

indiana holder   Question.... The one thing my friend never told me .... what to do with the currency when it does pop off

Matt   indiana holder That is up to you but I will Exchange it or at least some of it for USD

Matt   BTC / Bitcoin $8,151.13

indiana holder   I only have 50,000 Dinar