IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 10-5-19 Part 1 of 2

 IQD CALLS Chat Saturday Evening 10-5-19 Part 1 of 2

Larrykn   Saleh, al-Halbousi call for maintaining community security of protestors

larrykn   Arab League voices concern over unrest in Iraq

larrykn   Baghdad`s protests death toll rises to 100 and injuries to 4000

larrykn   Iraq refutes reports claiming Salih headed for KRG amid protests

madness   well I did read something that the protestors are giving them 15 days, if this does not go by the end of the month and some reform is done, well just have to keep baxters dime on life support and see what happens, maybe it might get them to move there butts and do something for the people

Young_SC   madness not sure why people are focused on instabilty. Give the citizens what they want and everything will be stable again

Young_SC   Yes protest will cause ruckus that is the point of the protest

Francis Albert   I believe the entire revaluation process was set up by first Invading, second take over the CBI, third hammer the IQD to .00086, fourth control the Country, fifth, set up U.S. bases, and finally revalue the currency so Treasury ends up with Dinar to trade for oil at super low cost till the end of time. The spoils of war

Francis Albert   So, to expect that the current "turmoil" doesn't have U.S. fingerprints all over it, IMO, is well, naive.

Francis Albert   And if the Iraqi's get a little of their purchasing power back...well, so much the better..keep them happy under a foreign invader

Francis Albert   Zig..been wanting to connect with Kap here some time to talk about the note count he often mentions and why I believe it is not an issue because of the way I believe the funding will happen.

Tebow the current "turmoil" is totally from Iraq not moving forward. Iraqis are tired of their government doing nothing

Murray   What is going on in Iraq?

Young_SC   Tebow Exactly

Dave   had green zone closed for yrs for that reason

Dave   Coup time?????   hopefully the peeps are finally fed up......

Sparky   Dave ... apparently...and, necessary...

Dave   yrs of chasing their tail  all the current leaders ...corrupt   sadly i believe things will get much worse before says my crystal ball   Maliki buddy buddy now......

Sparky   Dave ... agree... necessary, and my bong agrees also... hopefully short term delay...2021...

Dave   what a soap opera  These leaders are some of the richest folks in the world

Dave   agreed\   yrs of calm this.......worse than before

Sparky   ... I must admit, I do like our position...and the

Dave   12 days left for arrest warrants    1 of the demands of protesters   or was it 11?

Sparky   Dave ...the wealth of that nation... coupled with the greed of enormous proportions...on both ends...un f',n believable...

Dave   Mahdi states its too 1 yr

SparkyDave ...HOT

Dave   Sparky Call it folks may becoming familiar with this term

Sparky   Dave ...Abadi in before end of '19...bong sayz...

Dave   Mahdi set up ,,,,ran as an independent no party affiliation ....ergo no teeth

Sparky   Dave ...yup...thought Sadr would help things along...but so far...dormant...

Dave   Sparky more corrupt officials than not

Sparky   Dave ... Maliki alive and well...

Dave   Allawi Najaffi etc etc

Sparky   Dave ...coup is necessary...imo...

Sparky thinking that too

Sparky   Dave ... Barzani...etc... list goes on and on...70 %...

Dave   to the tune of almost 1 T usd

Dave   1,000.000,000,000 usd

Sparky   Dave ...5th richest...12th most corrupt...and their people are starving, and living in cemeteries...?

Dave   Sparky 12th....thought 5th?

Dave   close enough....192 countries ish

Sparky   Dave ...take all the ministry...and let them go the way of Saddam...

Dave   Sparky folks did much better with Saddam than now

Sparky   Dave today is that disgraceful...what a statistic...

Dave   Sparky given their wealth think

Sparky   Dave ...hang them all...let God sort them out...they all have their fingers in the cookie jar...

Dave   look at what the UAE did....with nodda....except for oil

Sparky   Dave ... I recall your time elapsed video...can you repost that please...

Sparky   ...desert to city...lots of crane action... lickety it done...

Sparky   ... demonstrates what oil money can do, if used correctly...

Sparky   ... below above ground... transition...and, for their citizens...

Sparky   UAE citizens aren't hurtin...

Sparky   ... anywho... I think YoungSC and I are pretty much on the same page... basically...simply differ on route to positive outcome...

Dave   yeah...00086 outcome lol   1 dime ok......   less......LOP

Baxter   looks like we have plenty of time with all the ruckus going on over there..

Dave   just hope it has teeth this time

Sparky   ...Sadr and Sistani trying to calm the protestors... a little late for that I get those reforms going... before fit hits the shan...and gets worse...

Dave   And now M aliki posturing himself as a saint

Young_SC   Sparky lolol

Young_SC   I agree

Young_SC   I think its getting to a point where they have no choice now

Young_SC   Maliki trying to make himself look good

Dave   Young_SC thought that for yrs now

Young_SC   Dave Its getting worst now

Dave   yep.....

Young_SC   The citizens are very loud now

Dave   11 days???

Young_SC   Dave hmm   I wonder what Kap thinks

Dave   Exacctly

Young_SC   Lol

Dave   thought all the newly elected technocrats were going to change things

Young_SC   Dave nope

Young_SC   Not unless they feel the pressure

Dave   Young_SC Maliki still in Baghdad?

Young_SC   Corrupt politicians living good while the citizens struggle

Young_SC   It will get worse if the citizens are not given what they want

Young_SC   It will not stop

Sparky   Young_SC ... Mahdi is lame affiliation with any majority... and running chicken...Z...

Young_SC   Indeed

Young_SC   While Iran making them their puppets

Dave   Maliki not going down without a fight......?

Young_SC   The corrupt has had their hands in the pots for way too long now

Sparky   Z not scared, just referring to a late night post a few days ago...

Young_SC   It needs to stop

Sparky   Young_SC ... Abadi has been posturing for comeback to pm for last 6 months... separation from DAWA party...was, that is Maliki / Iran machine...

Sparky   ...SOL sux...imo...

biff   Biff Border Wars

Young_SC   Sparky indeed

Dave   Sparky Think a big Coup would work faster?

Sparky   Dave ... I m starting to think so...

Dave   These dudes aint going down without a fight....

Sparky   Dave .. status quo could go on forever...need a kick in the get a little giddy up in their get along...

Dave   Sparky About time?

Dave   new elections all over again another few yrs to form a Govt?

biff   The protest must get to the Greenzone

Dave   biff Closed now.....

Sparky   biff Maliki loves chaos...

biff   he's day will come lol

Dave   Sparky Status QUO

biff   yes

Dave   create another crisis....good at that

Dave   delay tactics

biff   If Obama would have sign the SOFA Agreement iran would not br there

Sparky   Dave ...and steal all the money with his left hand...

Dave   most of them?

Dave   much better transparency about passing laws.....immunity etc

Dave   thats what they are scared of

Red   15 mins ago -

 Former Prime Minister of #Iraq has said that the current #Iraqi government has lost all legitimacy and must step down immediately.... Abadi tweet translated –

"Demanding the government has lost the capacity to run the government, I ask the country's leaders to set an initial date for early elections. Ensuring free and fair elections with broad public participation is a testimony to the seriousness of the political forces to respond to the calls for reform demanded by the people. Information Office Haider Abadi 2019/10/5"

Dave   yes.... then await for another 3-4 yrs for them to form a new Govt..........

Francis Albert   I think Abadi is just throwing hail Mary passes at this point. New elections? Not going to happen IMO