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Manu68:  I stated a while ago that Mahdi needs to go - really felt he was Iranian influenced. Good to see this is on the brink of happening - we would never see the MR while he was in power. What i find interesting is it was the US that put him there - to what end?  

StephenMac63:  From what I'm seeing, everyone that has been in the position of the Prime Minister all have served a purpose. Maliki was chosen because he had 6 brothers that suffered the fate of Saddam and logic tells us that he would do anything to NOT be like Saddam....well, I guess logic didn't work on that one, he went rogue as he had the taste of riches and left the country riddled with ISIS.

In fact, he was encouraging ISIS as he gave the direct order that if ISIS shows up, drop your weapons and high tail it out of there. This allowed ISIS to have up to date equipment because we provided tanks, hummers, and ammo to the Iraqi Army that bailed.

Got rid of Maliki and inserted Abadi.....Abadi spent the majority of his term calming the people, encouraging the Iraqi Army to take back the country (with a little help from the USA being advisers) and the monetary and economic reform programs resumed after a hiatus due to ISIS and Maliki. Then Abadi was booted as the progress wasnt quick enough....couldn't form a government, ect.

Then we got Madhi, Madhi's primary purpose was to get both reforms on the fast track to completion, well, you know how that went. They kicked the can so many times, China won't even take the can for recycling because there isn't anything left.

Now, the citizens have had enough of Madhi. They are at the point that "anything would be better" because what they've got isnt working. So each PM has served their own purpose, all towards a goal. I think that the majority of folks there are Iranian influenced, either being born in Iran, or married an Iranian or even by the same religion.

Hopefully, they come up with new requirements for parliament members, such as being born in Iraq, married to Iraqi and more importantly....not to have Dual citizenship with any other country.

IMO, of course

Coco:  Adil Abdul-Mahdi took office as Prime Minister of Iraq on October 25, 2018 and was given one year to complete the reforms.Wondering if he will complete his mission in the time frame given, will an interim Prime Minister give the citizens their monetary reform or will it be Haider al-Abadi possibly winning the emergency election who completes it???  Frank has always said Abadi would be back, there would be life on Mars and Hillary will be there in the end.

Samson:  Hundreds of members of the Iraqi community demonstrate in Germany, Britain and the Netherlands

6th October, 2019
Hundreds of Iraqi community demonstrated in Germany on Saturday in Britain and the Netherlands in solidarity with their countrymen who continue protests for the fifth day in a row in Baghdad and a number of provinces demanding a radical change and reform of the regime.

The city of Bremen, Cologne and Leprin witnessed demonstrations by the Iraqi community supported by a number of other Arab communities.

While dozens of demonstrators in the British capital London, and in the city (The Hague) in the Netherlands, according to a number of Iraqi community Twilight News.

Demonstrators of Iraqi origins called for an end to the demonstrations of the people of their country and to speed up the implementation of all their demands no matter how high their ceiling. The protesters in the three countries chanted slogans and national slogans, expressing their indignation at the ruling class in Iraq for not responding to the demands of the people, stressing that they will continue to support the demonstrations of their country, as a number of them said:

The demonstrators returned for the fifth day in a row to continue their protests in central Baghdad, where they fell shortly after they were killed and others were shot by security forces fired at them. Baghdad and a number of other Shi'ite-dominated provinces are witnessing bloody demonstrations sparked on Tuesday.

These demonstrations are the most violent since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003 and so far, where thousands of protests took place in protests demanding the provision of services, improve the living conditions, provide jobs for the unemployed, and eliminate the phenomena of widespread unemployment in the society, and financial and administrative corruption rampant in state departments and institutions .

Sadr's leader, Moqtada al-Sadr, called on Friday for the resignation of the government headed by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a right to Iraqi blood, and went ahead with early elections under the supervision of the United Nations.

\The office of Iraq's top cleric, Ali al-Sistani, called on the three authorities in Iraq to take steps leading to "real" reform, in a statement read out by his representative on the protests in Iraq. LINK


Samson:  Kurdish blocs participate in the Iraqi parliament on Monday

6th October, 2019
A deputy from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, on Sunday, that the Kurdish blocs will participate in the next session of the House of Representatives.

The local Kurdish media quoted MP Dylan Ghafour as saying that the Kurdish blocs will participate in the next session of the House of Representatives, and must unify the attitude towards current events and study the situation well.

She added that "the Kurdish blocs must study the situation well, in all respects such as the resignation of the government or give it a time limit for reform and the rest of the possibilities." She continued that "the Kurdish blocs support the stability of Iraq and confirm its support for the demands of the demonstrators."

It is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives, on Monday, its regular session to discuss the demands made by the representatives of the demonstrators to the Presidency of the House of Representatives.   LINK


Samson:  Halbousi: Big whales must be put in jail
6th October, 2019

Parliament Speaker Mohammad al-Halbousi said a cabinet reshuffle would be considered if Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi requested it.

"If the demands of the demonstrators are not met, I will come down with them to the street," Halbousi said in a televised interview, broadcast at an hour earlier. "Big whales" from corrupt people should be put in jail, he said.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on Friday, the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to resign and hold early elections under the supervision of the United Nations. The death toll from the protests in Iraq days ago to more than 100, mostly demonstrators, and wounded about 4,000 others, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, said Saturday. LINK

Moparman:  This is a step in the right direction!

Don961:   Iran plans to announce the death of Sistani to break the thorn of the demonstrations .. And activists: Sistani dead a century ago

Saturday, 05 October 2019 03:45 PM

Iran is planning to announce the death of Ali al - Sistani to break the demonstrations with a fabricated story about his assassination, to save their tails in Iraq by any means, according to informed sources .

Activists on the social networking site "Facebook", that Sistani is dead a century ago and does not exist and does nothing and does not exist at all inside Iraq.

There have been violent protests in Iraq since Tuesday, starting from Baghdad to demand better public services, job creation and fighting corruption, before spreading to provinces in the south.

The demonstrators raised the ceiling of their demands and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, after the security forces resorted to violence to contain the protests.

Activists said it had been many years in which Sistani ruled Iraq without anyone seeing him. Does he really exist, is he sick, or is he dead, but they keep quiet about his death?

Certainly this Sistani is incapable of action, movement or pronunciation. It is often a patient who is not aware of what is around him, but his seal and signature come out fatwas from time to time.

According to informed sources, Sistani, since his last public appearance talking to people many years ago, has fallen into a coma and can no longer meet anyone or talk about anyone. All the letters and fatwas issued by Sistani are not known about them.

The militias and references rule in the name of a dead man is Sistani and therefore does not appear and can not appear even on the occasion of the Iraqi elections, the most important political event in Iraq.

The " Baghdad Post " monitors the reactions of Facebook activists to the Iran- Sistani plan :

The account said "" Zara Khoshnaw, "is dead became his horn Shaw last time he got out of his head?".

"Honar Duhoke's account added," My brother is already dead by age ۲۰۱۱ if he was a live video or even new photos. "

He continued the account, "Prince of honor," "is already what exists, if any does not increase or decrease."  link

Iobey777:  Really?? Been dead for a century, huh??   LOL

Rommy:  So you're saying Sistani has been cloned?

BWS:  Well that's bizarre!

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