IQD Calls Chat Friday Night 8-30-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Friday Night 8-30-19 Part 2 of 2

foxmulder   Dave LOL who cares ??? let the guy talk .... searching for answers as is everyone else !

Sparky   Dave ...and, has contact s...

Dave   insider trading hmmmm....paying a premium for dinar.......We are off to the RACES!

foxmulder   Dave LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparky   foxmulder ... agree ! ...let em speak...

foxmulder   SKELFLA IM sorry but do not say it is not sanctioned by the Central bank of Iraq , if it was not legal or allowed by them WE COULD NOT BUY IT THROUGH THE BANKS !!

Sparky.   ..he/she has not deviated from their statements...

foxmulder   oy vey !! what a day !!

SKELFLA   I think I have been very clear. Understandable that Neanderthals like * have yet to grasp what I'm saying....but surely most of you have ?

Dave   Hope some found some humor.....

foxmulder   SKELFLA easy fella

SKELFLA   foxmulder No. It is legal to own Dinar in fact it was made legal through an executive order under bush. But that executive order did not proceed to the GOI legislation.

Foxmulder   it is a binding agreement

foxmulder   the GOI did not have to approve these are issues settled previouly

SKELFLA   foxmulder no man. There is specific legislation in place that forbids the government of Iraq from exporting the IQD for the purpose of off book speculation.

Sparky   Dave ... the line in Reno is getting longer... I'm gonna have to charge you 3 Dinarz...

Dave   TUESDAY by the sounds of things

Sparky   SKELFLA ... interesting...

Tebow   SKELFLA Please cite that specific legislation. We will wait!

SKELFLA   Anyway as the conman Markz loves to say do your research. But in your case do real genuine enhanced DD and you might just be able to put the puzzle together.

Sparky   Dave ... don't forget the bud...

foxmulder   SKELFLA and what exactly defines speculation apart from the stock exchange ? it is the same as the big folks buying large amounts of dinar you speak of . how does one separate them

Dave   Sparky COVERED!

foxmulder   so the main ?? is , are implying that the dinar we hold is illegal ??

Dave   foxmulder KINDA?

foxmulder   SKELFLA mister back off !!

foxmulder   SKELFLA your more rude than he is !!!

SKELFLA   foxmulder Think of it as the old boys club. Whatever it is they plan on doing with this dinar you can be fairly confident of two things, 1) they will make money 2) it probably won't translate into a return for the average Joe.

Foxmulder   SKELFLA your wrong its currency anyone can play

Sparky   SKELFLA ... now, there, you lost me...

Tebow   SKELFLA again, you don't know the outcome.

Dave   Hard to lose Sparky

foxmulder   SKELFLA be sure of this as soon as the dod frank bill was repealed here in the US us little people can speculate as you can ..

Dave   I am in LALA land

Sparky   Dave a bad habit...

foxmulder   Dave ;chill

Dave   foxmulder why encourage it?

foxmulder   SKELFLA there ya go again ..... mister or Mrs whatever you have no Idea about me naive my * !!

Dave   thats why i prefer being pre Neanderthal

SKELFLA   foxmulder Yes, anyone and everyone can speculate. But certain financial instruments and mechanisms are closed to the average Joe. Call up JP Morgan ask for an institutional call account... Good luck with that..

foxmulder   SKELFLA this is simple currency for god when able to exchange I will ! wont need JP

Dave   foxmulder but go join up with those investors willing to pay a premium on dinar

foxmulder   Dave you first !

Dave   sounds sketchy to me......

SKELFLA   foxmulder you're still don't get it. Let's assume that one of my theories is correct. And these institutions are buying the dinar to form a complex trading derivative for the one belt one road initiative for which the participating countries respective central banks use for all cross border trades... How exactly would you benefit if these derivatives have a nominal change on the value of the IQD?

SKELFLA   foxmulder Now the institutions have benefited but you didn't .... So where does that leave you?

Dave   Sparky Hold your Position

Sparky   SKELFLA ...GCC Dinar...?

Dave   dont budge

SKELFLA   Sparky All participating GCC countries have their own respective currencies... So what do you mean?

Dave up and coming convo...hosted by SandyF

Sparky   Dave ... floating, can't help it...

Sparky   SKELFLA one currency for middle East... similar to Euro...

Dave   Camels aint currency

Dave   there yes   here no

SKELFLA   Sparky Yes, its possible but years away if not a good decade too much internal politics to overcome just look at Qatar & KSA ....

SKELFLA   These institutions are not purchasing the IQD in hope of converting it to a GCC currency ten years from now. That I am certain of.

Sparky  SKELFLA ...very interesting...

SKELFLA   Dave You might be surprised how much a quality camel sells for!

SKELFLA  Some go into the millions...

Dave   racing.... big business

SKELFLA   Dave Yup. And subsequently breeding

Dave   SKELFLA Invest in that then?

Sparky   Dave ;camel

Dave   makes sense

Dave   as long as it is not from Iran.......

SKELFLA   Dave lol no man. I currently have a yacht being built will be complete in 18months time.. Going sailing for a good ten years.

Sparky   SKELFLA Camel tricky derby...

foxmulder   SKELFLA one thing I have learned from today ! I will watch what happens no matter what anybody says period >> to be honest SKELFLA i have made money already off this !!! it has paid for what I have I loose nothing !!!! LOL LMAO LIFE IS GRAND LOL

Dave   foxmulder me too

SKELFLA   foxmulder Good luck with that...

foxmulder   Dave thes people have no power here

 Dave   But the Dinar we got M0....Malaki period.....ILLEGAL!

Sparky   SKELFLA pocket rocket yaught, still in my dreams... cruise the east coast...

SKELFLA   Sparky Good boats! Solid long keep very safe. I contacted their yard last year they never responded.

foxmulder   SKELFLA see there you go again !! arrogant soul

SKELFLA   foxmulder It is what is.. But like I said good luck.

Dave   OH OH.....

SKELFLA   Sparky keel not keep

Sparky   SKELFLA ... twin hydro plane... surfs very fast...

Sparky   SKELFLA ... economical also, at high speeds...barely touches the water...

SKELFLA   Sparky sorry man. I thought you were meaning Island Packet

Sparky SKELFLA ... Arrow Cat...

SKELFLA   Anyway had my fun for now. Good to finally talk to Kap.. Disappointed nonetheless. Might check in later.foxmulder watch your step tonight those trailers have a lot of trip hazards! Out.

foxmulder   SKELFLA your derogatory remarks through out the day are a very good indication of who you are !

Sparky... I better start working on my Captain's license...if you think this is about to rv...

Sparky... I'll take a float opposed to a rv never...

Wilder   So if my dinar is not legal. I will own 5th 3rd.

Sparky   Wilder ...not to worry ...if you black light it, it's good... Internationally...

Wilder   Yep

Sparky   Wilder those 2020 budget figures...72, my new friend Skelfla said..." somethings up "... institutional buy in of IQD...300 million USD is a , projection cost for total re build is 80+ billion dollars...USD...

foxmulder   Sparky not accordingly to the person that was in here earlier

Sparky   foxmulder ...?

foxmulder   Sparky t] it was stated that the currency was not sanctioned to be sold out side of iraq

Sparky   foxmulder ... thought said institutional investors...of which is affiliated...are buying up to 300 billion IQD... by the end of October...

Zig   I forgot to ask if if he knew whether or not Trump has a ton of Dinar......

Sparky   Zig ... now, that would be nice to know...

Portmagaland   Skelfa seems to be on same page of a comment I read on a Ytube channel awile back. The comment went something like this. "I asked an investment banker if the dinar was going to RI/RV and the banker laughed and then proceeded to state they already had plans to wrap up the dinar in some complex derivative scheme." I wonder if that was Skelfa. It's the Guru guy who uses the magic 8 Ball to start off his videos sometimes. Tell you what, his 8-ball has been correct compared to the gurus.

Portmagaland   The magic 8 ball guy is not Skelfa just some dude who reports on dinar

Sandyf   @Kaperoni If they float, it could take months or even years to get to something that we would accept.

When Eygypt floated the currency it lost nearly 50% overnight, how acceptable would that be.

Egypt has floated its currency in a move that has reduced its value by almost 50% against the dollar.

sandy   f@xyz Zig making the record straight. Its the % that matters - whether to call it a float or RV

That is wrong. Currencies on a floating exchange rate do not RV, they appreciate/depreciate under market forces.

sandyf   @chattels sandyf The reason I asked is that you are the first person that I have seen move the decimal points on the value of the dinar (1190 to 1.190) as opposed to the zeroes on the currency itself (25,000 to 25)

It is effectively the same thing, depends if you are talking domestic or international. Within the country concerned dual pricing would come into effect. In the case of Iraq for example, a loaf of bread would be either 1000 dinar note of IQD or a 1 dinar note of the new currency.

Internationally the IQD would no longer have any recognised value and the value of the new currency would start at 1000th of the IQD rate on the day the redenomination was implemented.

Within Iraq the IQD would retain an equivalence of 1000:1 for a specified transition period and thereafter only exchangeable at a specific banks.

sandyf   @foxmulder I do not have the documents I'll see what I can dig up but a country can have 2 different rates with their currency but I believe that has something to do with their accounting . But if there is a difference in value to the same currency it is very in significant

That is right to a certain extent but it is not official. Myanmar(Burma) had an international rate of around 6 and a domestic rate of around 900, even the government was using the domestic rate in the accounts. In 2012 the currency was floated to remove the difference.

From 2001-2012, the official exchange rate varied between 5.75 and 6.70 kyats per US dollar (8.20 to 7.00 kyats per euro).

However, the street rate (black market rate), which more accurately took into account the standing of the national economy, has varied from 750 kyats to 1335 kyats per USD (985 to 1475 kyats per EUR). The black market exchange rates (USD to MMK) decrease during the peak of the tourist season in Burma (December to January).

On 2 April 2012, the Central Bank of Myanmar announced that the value of the kyat against the US dollar would float, setting an initial rate of K 818 per US dollar.

Portmagaland   Good evening all. I do dont know about you guys, but Skelfa has my attention.

Portmagaland   I'm sticking with silver from now on. I have enough dinar and this diritave hypothesis seems legit because it's a fiat world and nothing like we are hoping for has happened. Can any of you name an instance in history where the global masses profited because they were allowed to be in the know?

Portmagaland   The Iraqi Dinar has a facebook page, it's no secret.

Portmagaland   It's crazy to think the puppet masters would allow us to have a slice of this pie. I was just hoping and praying that the world was going to change for the better and this time around instead of the too big to fail banks and auto industry being bailed out at the top, it was going to be us at the bottom that got the sunshine this time around.

Portmagaland   I still hold out hope and dont plan on abandoning ship. Plus, you guys are cool to chat with.

Matt   Man, Money, Technology, AI can not Fix this messed up world only the creator can. the fallin angles are the puppet masters thats the only thing that makes sense to me

Portmagaland   Matt

Portmagaland   I'm trying to figure out how they can tie the Dinar into dirivatives that could possibly F us

Portmagaland   Any thoughts?

Portmagaland   Matt I agree with you about the creator

Portmagaland   Matt I agree with the fallen Angel's being the puppet masters and if Armageddon is about to go down, let's get it on. Enough of this Evil Sh** running shotgun on us.

Portmagaland   Anyways, I know most here dont agree with us and some would prefer to leave our religious thoughts out of this, so I'll do my best to direct the convo back to this dirivative theory that sounds all too feasible to me.


Portmagaland  Currency derivatives are complicated and fir good reason. Most of us wont understand what hit us if this is indeed the route they use to route us. All we will be able to say is we got *, but we wont really understand how we got *.

Portmagaland   Interest rate swaps, fixed for floating tied to LIBOR, which is London Inter-bank offered Rate. We know Shabibi was given a prestigious position in Britain's banking sector. Maybe it was London that is buying up these large quantities of Dinar like Skelfie said. London seems to be the epic center of banking .... Just kicking around ideas

Portmagaland   If the Dinar ends up being tied to derivatives that originate in London, we're f'd.

Portmagaland   London is a cesspool of banking corruption.

Portmagaland   Sounds like Skelfie was talking about foreign exchange options which are agreed at set rates. So, the question earlier is why would they pay a premium for dinar compared to us, maybe the premium payer was promised something in the form of reconstruction projects, oil or you name it. Either way, this sounds more logical than than the Guru version of fantasy island.

Portmagaland   It says the foreign exchange options is the largest and most liquid market of all options and its lightly regulated, which would make it an easy mark for corruption.

Portmagaland   The last part was me interjecting

Portmagaland   Skelfie stated they were paying millions for billions, there must be an underlying agreement obviously because you dont give up millions of dollars, euros or pounds for trillions of Iraqi Dinar that has no value

Matt   Portmagaland I am not religious that is one of many things that desighned to divide us. But I believe in a creator and that is all that can save us.

Portmagaland   Matt I concur

Portmagaland   Matt Serial Brain just posted a video on YouTube

Portmagaland   Asians are selling gold and buying silver   Reports yahoo