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Samson:  Parliamentary Economic: Kurdistan got the highest percentage in its history of the budget

31st August, 2019
The Committee on Economy and Investment Nabiip, Saturday, to exceed the share of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget for the current year more than 17%, indicating that the region exceeded its highest share of history. 

Committee member Nada Shaker Jawdat said in a statement to the information that the budget ended without Baghdad to get any financial resource from Erbil. Despite the prior agreement, which makes the share of Kurdistan rise to more than 17% of the federal budget. 

Jawdat said, "The region sells oil through Iraq's share in OPEC internationally, but does not give Iraq any barrel despite the agreement between the parties, which requires the commitment of the regional government to deliver 250 thousand barrels in addition to the resources of customs and airports, which makes the region's share is rising at an unprecedented rate."

She pointed out that "the previous government estimated the proportion of the region by 12% after checking the record of staff and needs, as well as being forced to hand over the revenues of the Kamarak and oil, but the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi is the weakest and has been unable to commit Kurdistan to the application of budget items." 

Jawdat said, "Kurdistan MPs make fun of Arab deputies during negotiations with them on the share of the region where the answer is immediate that the region is benefiting from those surplus amounts, unlike the southern and central provinces that go to the pockets of corrupt."    LINK


Samson:  Trump: The Fed is the problem of the United States
30th August, 2019

US President Donald Trump, said that the problem of the United States does not lie in the subject of customs duties but in the Federal Reserve system. 

Trump wrote in a tweet on 'Twitter': 'The price of the euro is falling for the dollar crazy, which gives him a great advantage in export and production .. But the Federal Reserve does nothing! Currently, our dollar is the strongest in history. Sounds good, right? But not for those who put products for sale outside the US ... We have no tariff problem (we bring bad or unfair players back to their senses). We have a problem with the Fed. They don't understand anything. '

It is known that President Trump is constantly criticizing the US central bank for its incorrect policies that hinder the development of the US economy and negatively affect the dollar. 

The US Federal Reserve meeting on monetary policy and loans in the United States will be held on September 17-18.    LINK

Samson:  Trump: 13 trading companies will leave China soon

31st August, 2019
US President Donald Trump told reporters on Saturday that about 13 percent of companies will leave China because of trade wars he launched in Beijing.

"I just saw the news that 13% of companies will leave China in the near future," he said. "That's a big issue, and I'm not surprised. I think the number will be much higher because they can't compete with the taxes they imposed." "They have devalued their currency and pumped more money into the economy."

But Trump did not say whether it was only American companies or all foreign companies in general.

Earlier, Trump said the United States will increase tariffs on goods from China worth $ 300 billion from September 1, not only 10% as planned, but 15%, while another $ 250 billion increase in other Chinese goods. US dollars per year will not be 25% as of October 1, but 30%.

Negotiations held since 2018 between the United States and China on terms of bilateral trade have been suspended after another wave of mutual increases in tariffs.

After the escalating trade war, Trump confirmed that China had contacted US sales representatives and expressed its willingness to return to the negotiating table.

According to the US president, negotiations on the issue should start in the near future, but China has not confirmed the information and only expressed the hope that the United States would abandon its wrong steps and create conditions for the resumption of trade consultations. 

The international community as a whole is now focused on talks between the United States and China against the backdrop of the trade war between the two countries and their possible negative repercussions on the global economy.   LINK




 A member overheard some tellers reviewing their procedures on directing currency exchangers to their 800 number. They have to work this weekend.


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Frank26 broker one day called me and said 'we're gonna have to limit the amount of dinars that we sell to 1 million per customer'  ...The CBI said 'we're not going to sell our currency to any brokers, any dealers any money exchangers no more...and the CBI stopped selling its currency.

 (They only did it by selling through the auction) with what...we told you yesterday

Whales and sharks cannot go inside Iraq and come out with a whole bunch of dinars...they tightened up their borders and this is fantastic.  And you don't do this for toilet paper currency.  You don't do it for a program rate. 

You do it to secure your borders because you're about to have a currency that is so valuable that it's going to become a pivotal currency in the heart of the Middle East... [Reference Guru Frank26 post 8-30-2019]


Newshound Guru Jeff  ...the UN is seeking to get Iraq ready to become International...the UN was just in Iraq back in July.  The UN is back in Iraq now...back in July...they were only there for the consultation.  They weren't reviewing all of Iraq's progress. 

The only reason why the UN would be reviewing Iraq's because Iraq is advancing to their next stage.  They're becoming international.  This is huge. 

That's why I have brought such a large emphasis on the month of September...You have the UN in Iraq.  You have Iraq telling you they're gonna finish the formation of the government.  This is huge...

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