IQD Calls Chat Friday Night 8-30-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD Calls Chat Friday Night 8-30-19 Part 1 of 2

Zig   SKELFLA : You may also enjoy chatting with "Sam I Am" would be interesting as well.....he thinks the whole thing is a scam......

JoeSchmoe   say our usd wasn't what every other currency was pegged, so say it was pegged to the euro. And say our usd was exchanged at 1-1 to that euro. If all of a sudden the usd appreciated in value 10 times to the euro, and I had $100,000 in my account, would that increase in the exchange rate to the euro make me a millionaire?

Sparky   Zig ... everyone's input and opinions help me navigate these waters...

JoeSchmoe  imo, NO it wouldn't

SKELFLA   Zig I know of him... But remember I'm not a proponent of the "overnight" RV I'm just trying to piece together a puzzle concerning these institutional transactions. So far it doesn't appear I'm going to he successful. Kap was one of my last hopes... which was obviously unfounded.

JoeSchmoe   so if what I think above is accurate at all, and if skefla's thoughts are anywhere close to being accurate with 80% of the dinar being in country, then they only have to cover what is out of country

JoeSchmoe   so the 72 trillion isn't what they have to cover

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ...need to cover in 80 %

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe What? Why would they only have to cover what is outside of Iraq? You mean to say that Iraq would become the worlds biggest charity to the detriment of their own people? Lol

JoeSchmoe   Sparky why, when dinar is worth a dinar no matter what it is worth to other countries currencies

JoeSchmoe   wouldn't the price of goods just increase? Use my example of IF our usd was pegged to something else

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ... would equate to purchasing power for Iraqis...

JoeSchmoe   I'm just trying to use kap's figures of there not being enough money in the world to cover it. THAT is just using a usd exchange too

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe You're playing checker economics ... Monetary policy doesn't work like that. I suspect you have listened to breitling one too many times. I could list a dozen things he has stated that a patently false.

JoeSchmoe   imo, all these that say this are insinuating that iraqis that hold say 1 million dinar, are all of a sudden going to become millionaires

JoeSchmoe  SKELFLA i have never listened to him. I am just trying to use what common sense I can think of

SKELFLA   JoeSchmoe Fair enough...

JoeSchmoe  maybe if the iraqis exchanged their dinar for usd, and used usd forever.

Sparky   JoeSchmoe when the IQD rises in value, they can buy more at the store, with less Dinar...if my logic is correct...

JoeSchmoe   Sparky I always thought the prices on goods would reflect the rise

JoeSchmoe   and those prices wwould increase

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ...why ?...

JoeSchmoe  I'm not saying I am right, just trying to use common sense

Matt   So we're all speculating and we all have our own opinions

JoeSchmoe   Sparky use my example from above

JoeSchmoe   about IF our usd was pegged to the euro

JoeSchmoe   instead of having every currency pegged to us

JoeSchmoe   what would happen to my $100,000 in the bank if the rate rose, say for a obvious stupid example, 10 times. Would I then be a millionair?

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ...not sure of why you would think products would rise in cost...

JoeSchmoe   Sparky maybe I'm just getting confused, as goes with this whole thing. But I think something would happen to reflect the increase

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ... again, not sure...but I have an account in Iraq... just in case... digital / electronic...

JoeSchmoe  Sparky through warka?    or forex

Sparky   JoeSchmoe yup...

JoeSchmoe   would that money, if an increase occured, be in dinar or dollars?

Sparky   JoeSchmoe easily to hold an account, must have both USD, ...and IQD... I m currently getting 6.5 % interest in my Warka account...

JoeSchmoe   Sparky are you of iraqi or middle eastern decent? Not saying it matters, just wondering because you have this.

Sparky   JoeSchmoe nope, Irish American...lived here all my life...

JoeSchmoe   gotcha. Just opened the account to deal with this whole thing?

Zig   Sparky : Did you ever try and withdraw some of your money in Warka??

JoeSchmoe   might not be a bad thing to play the iraq stock market, if youre smart enough to do it.

Sparky   JoeSchmoe yup, and to try and cover my bases, if they change

Sparky   Zig no...not even sure if I ever will be able to...

JoeSchmoe   Sparky yea, that went through my mind back when warka, or whatever it was, made it so we could open accounts

JoeSchmoe   but I wwanted to have it more tangible, that I could actually hold it

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ... agree... I prefer it in my hand...

JoeSchmoe   Sparky do you have ALL your dinar with warka?    or some in hand too

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ...maybe, 10 % in Warka...

JoeSchmoe   smart   okay, enough dinar. Got better things to do today lol

Sparky   JoeSchmoe ...will probably go via a brokerage firm when the rate changes...and, Warka is on line with the ISX...

Sparky   ...Citi Bank will be my first call...

Baxter   8-30-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...keep in mind Iraq is still under UN Chapter 7 sanctions...Notice how the UN is back in Iraq over the last few days...Iraq is fulfilling its obligations to get out of Ch. 7 to become international. And notice how they're doing it in Q3. Article quote "Commitment show by Iraq in fulfilling all remaining international obligations..." This is showing you Iraq is on its way out of Ch 7 and that's why the UN is there now. This is huge...

Zig   Baxter : I invited Jeff a couple of times recently.....he asked for the link but so far has not come.....

Baxter   Zig.. I know you did..   probably looked at us..and ran

Zig   LOL......True.....

Sparky.   .. SKELFLA may be the real deal, let's give a chance...

Zig   Who knows...   I am skeptical of everything.....but it can be fun.......

Sparky   ... interesting input by Skelfla...think it's legit...

Young_SC   Sparky you think everything is legit so why not the other gurus like Beni lol

Sparky   Young_SC ...can you dispute anything said by Skelfla?

Dave   Sparky SKelfa?   a lopstert

SparkyDave yes, new contributor to the room...

Dave   Sparky Contributing what....../

Sparky   Dave ... thoughts,    

Dave   school buds in high places...?

missme   If this is an opinionated chat, why is anyone penalized for challenging the opinions of others?

SKELFLA   You guys are quite the bunch!


Dave   welcome to the Asylum

SKELFLA  Tebow And what is it you do exactly? From what I've seen nothing you say has any substance whatsoever..

Tebow   SKELFLA From what I see neither do you!

Sparky   SKELFLA no offense meant...

SKELFLA   Sparky none taken... I expect people to take shots I would do the same.

SKELFLA   Dave I was very disappointed with my discussion with Kap today for someone who has been in this thing for as long as he has and purports to have done his research he is a little clueless about the mechanics of global monetary systems. Not putting him down just a little disappointed.

Young_SCSKEL   FLA its better for someone to stay quiet then to come into a chat room to create false narratives

Young_SC   My CBI contact??

SKELFLA  Young_SC What false narratives have I been propagating?

Young_SC   SKELFLA the amount of dinar in CIRCULATION


SKELFLA   Dave The very fact you claim my statements are b* contradicts your own argument!

Dave   wrong Kap DOES!

missme   SKELFLA If you honestly feel that way, why does what he say bother you? It seems to me that you are secure in your opinions?

Young_SC    SKELFLA And your CBI contact nonsense talk

Dave   SKELFLA not refering to you at All?

Sparky   Young_SC ...can you prove wrong yet ?


SKELFLA   Young_SC Once again I need to clarify myself! The facts are clear there are over 42Trillion in circulation... That's a fact!

Sparky   Young_SC ... consultant...only shared basic information..

Tebow   Zig I'm doing pretty good at staying out of the gutter, huh?

SKELFLA  Young_SC What confidential information would that be?

Dave   SKELFLA How much of that is CBI currently sitting on?

Dave   just because they could be sitting on it need nort mean ots out of circulation

missme   Even though I can appreciate all opinions, in my opinion, much talk is pointless because we simply are not well-informed enough of what the CBI is actually doing or going to's all speculation...

SKELFLA   Young_SC Nonsense talk really ? When and if Baxter contacts me I'll send him a video of a seminar where I'm the guest speaker ! A CBI seminar five years ago where a blond eyed European ( that would be me ) is speaking Arabic during the whole call!

Young_SC    SKELFLA Where is your proof?    I'll wait

Tebow   missme correct

Zig   WE WANT PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave   Zig some prefer crystal balls

Young_SC   Dave lol

Young_SC   SKELFLA but yet you are here? For what reason

SKELFLA   Young_SC Honestly I'm wondering myself... Originally it was to have a chat with Kap. Now that's done .... I suppose it must be ego... Not sure ... I find it entertaining for sure

Dave   SKELFLA How much of that note count is CBI currently sitting on?

SKELFLA   missme I don't know other than an educated guess. But I know for a fact how much they have stored outside Iraq mainly by throughout out Europe.

Dave   Air Force One is loaded with dinar i hear

Sparky   Dave ... billions over Baghdad...

missme   SKELFLA Educated guess is not sufficient....and what you claim to know still does not warrant anything conclusively concerning the CBI and its desired outcome....

SKELFLA   missme really ? Okay I'll give you something ! Even Kap will not know this.... The IMF has a redemption programme in place to buy Dinar at a premium from pre approved institutions that have purchased Dinar including foreign central banks such as the ECB.

Sparky   missme ... sound educated...

Tebow   Sparky Google it

missme   SKELFLA Your information still does not warrant a conclusion of what the CBI is going to do....that's my point! You yourself has already agreed to that as to your cumulative theories....

Sparky   SKELFLA ... interesting...

Sparky   Tebow ... how do you spell Google ?

SKELFLA   missme What? Lol if you are going to take me on at least get your grammar right! "Warrant a conclusion" don't try so hard ! Lol

Dave   SKELFLA Could you provide the link for that

SKELFLA   missme But yes , you are correct I don't know what the CBI's intentions are and I'm pretty sure neither do they !

SKELFLA   Dave To what ? A link to what ?

Dave   SKELFLA Nor did they when I first invested......

Tebowpay attention

missme   SKELFLA I'm not engaging you as to your allegedly intellectual prowess on the can question my grammar all day long as I'm not in a chat for grammar purposes...thank you for your admission that I am right as that is my point to you and everyone else...

Dave   The IMF has a redemption programme in place to buy Dinar at a premium from pre approved institutions that have purchased Dinar including foreign central banks such as the ECB. SKELFLA

Dave   aand how much of this note count is CBI sitting on currently

SKELFLA   Dave Its not public knowledge..and yes, I know the criticism that will now be slung my my but its a fact. And that will definitely be made public before the end of the year.

Sparky   SKELFLA ... still on your side...

Dave   ASked Kap response

SKELFLA   Dave If he had known he would have said something during our discussion today. He didn't.

Sparky   SKELFLA ... sounds legit...

Dave   Sparky speculative at best!

Tebow   Dave yes

Sparky   Tebow ...S said previously, not personally invested... just seeking opinions as to why institutional investors would pay a very high premium, to get in this game...

SKELFLA   Sparky That's 100% correct.

SKELFLA   But TEBOW then proceeded to call me a dinar pumped?!?! Lol


Sparky Dave ...that would be the question...

Dave   must be BAD investors      SKELFLA ILL take a DIMe NOWWWWWWWWW

SKELFLA   Dave Good point... But the dinar the institutions are buying are in quantities than no reseller could come close to filling plus as I have stated previously there are other prerequisites including but not limited to CBI approval.

SKELFLA   Dave Also Dave with all the KYC & AML regulations in place do you really think an institution is going to be allowed to buy Dinar via eBay??? What compliance department would approve that?

Sparky    SKELFLA ...and am seeking a profitable outcome... otherwise, I wouldn't be wasting my time...

Sparky   SKELFLA ...only constant is change, and time is our most precious commodity...

Dave   TRy toronto dinar 100m dinar today

SKELFLA   Technically the CBI is not allowed to sell IQD offshore. Something even Kap doesn't know.. So things become very complicated as the institutions clearly stipulate CBI clearance .....

SKELFLA   Dave You keep missing my points... Those exchanges cannot provide the documentation not even close... Its a completely different ball game.

Dave   SKELFLA I see next chat will be no documentation.......counterfeit

foxmulder   SKELFLA if the C.B.I is not allowed to sell offshore or out of country then please clarify off shore ! as far as I know it is legal to sell I.Q.D in the US , amount of sales should not matter .

Sparky   SKELFLA .. your only talking 300 million USD...

SKELFLA   foxmulder Incorrect... None of the dinars sold through those exchanges have been legally sanctioned by the CBI. The majority of that Dinar was taken out of iraq illegally ...

foxmulder   SKELFLA I will not need documentation if and when I exchange.

Sparky   foxmulder ... correct...

foxmulder   SKELFLA b* it is allowed through the US treasury period . if it was questionable then we could not buy it

foxmulder   the C.B.I knows exactly about the dinars sold in the US

SKELFLA   foxmulder As I have stated previously I'm not an believer in a mythical overnight RV. That is clearly an economical and mathematical impossibility... I have a huge disdain for all the b* these so called gurus propagate.

Dave   foxmulder thought big wigs in banking would know the rules

foxmulder   SKELFLA I never said I was either , but I do know currencies fluctuate ! that is my hope a swing in the positive direction.

SKELFLA   foxmulder I'm not disputing that ! Yes of course they know about the speculation they have made money of it. And its not illegal to own dinar. But technically its illegal for Iraq to export dinar specifically to speculators.

Dave   foxmulder i think SKELFLA is trying to tell us we are allscrewed

foxmulder   SKELFLA all currency trading is speculating > as is all trading of stocks and currencies.

SKELFLA   Dave No not necessarily. But I also believe that whatever it is that is going on may not necessarily impact the average speculator.

Tebow   US Treasury Registered: is registered with the United States Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB). Seems legal to me!

Sparky   Dave knows only that institution investors, are playing...