IQD Calls Chat With Kaperoni 8-30-19

IQD Calls Chat With Kaperoni 8-30-19

Zig   Hi Kap

Kaperoni   I would like to know what you claim I said to be horse crap?

Zig   Kaperoni is here

SKELFLA   In fact the only Arabs I trust are the Qataris and the Iranians which are technically Persians... When it comes to business. You can forget about Saudis and Emirates.

Zig   SKELFLA : Kap asked you a ? above.....

 SKELFLA   Hi Kap... Glad you joined its the primary reason I'm on this board.. First was your claim about China's monetary supply. You completely misread the published figures...

Zig   @madness: Didn't you want to speak with Kap??

Kaperoni   I don't follow China so I don't specifically know what you're talking about but I don't claim to know anything about China

Kaperoni   And the only research I ever did what it is when it pertain to Vietnam and the scam of selling Dong

SKELFLA   Kaperoni First of all, compared to the majority of clowns on these boards you are by far the one with the most reasoning. But you claimed that China only had 55billion Yuan when in fact its in excess of 55 trillion... This was a conversation you had on twitter.

Zig   SKELFLA : Did you mean Iraq's money supply??

SKELFLA   Zig Yes he was having a debate about Iraq's money supply but he sighted China as an example

Kaperoni   Again I'm not research in China but I'm sure it's a simple search that could find the exact amount and if I'm wrong I stand corrected on that but I doubt it's 55 trillion

Kaperoni   I know one thing that it's documented both at the CBI and the IMF that Iraq has an excessive 42 trillion dinar in circulation. Which no country could ever RV substantially at

Zig   Kaperoni : He agrees about no overnight you have that in common.....

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Fair enough... There was some other statements you have made recently which are patently wrong. But truthfully I don't want to get in an argument with you. I would prefer it if you gave your take on the IQD being used as the bases for trade for a complex trading derivative. Meaning there are currently institutions by large amounts of Dinar at a significant premium. 20/1

PM Matt   SKELFLA What news source do you prefer? I often watch RT English version

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Some transactions took place late last year paying as little as USD 10m per Billion IQD more recently the institutions have been paying in excess of USD20m per 1 Billion.... Any theories?

Kaperoni   I have no knowledge of any large blocks of dinar being purchased only rumors and that goes back to even the Russians buying dinar at times. But unless it's in print in some capacity I'm not interested

SKELFLA   Matt Im not a conspiracy theorists all news mediums have a tint towards a certain political standpoint. I listen to CNN a lot purely due to the fact that in travel a lot and most hotels have CNN

SKELFLA   Kaperoni I'm not concerned about whether you have knowledge or not. Just if you have an theory on why they would be and why such a significant premium..

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Just a theory .... If you were forced to come up with one ....

Kaperoni   Zig, there's so many factors that come into play that would make no sense for Iraq to ever RV. Most contradict all of the policies that a central bank stands for

Kaperoni   I don't speculate

Matt   SKELFLA Oh my the Clinton news network / Corrupt news network really disappointed to hear that bummer

30 Aug 19, 01:03 PM Matt   You have to admit CNN is been proven to be very biased

SKELFLA   Kaperoni You've disappointed me. Coming up with theories is not speculating. After all everything you post is speculation. So that's a cop out.

Matt   CNN has No journalism just scripted

SKELFLA   Matt Yes, as is every single network.

Matt   RT less so I find

Kaperoni   Not true at all. What I post is well-documented and anyone who wants to validate that can look it up themselves my information comes from professional documents, articles, reports, etc.

SKELFLA   Matt The closest you will get to unfiltered news. Is the BBC world service.

Matt   Not sure I agree with that sorry to interrupt

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Fine. But with all your years research surely it can't be too much of a stretch to come up with a theory on why institutions are covertly buying large quantities of IQD and paying a significant premium.

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Just assume its true... Surely you could come up with a theory on why they would be executing these trades...? No?

 Kaperoni   I don't randomly go out in search of some answer to something that is not factual. Provide me with some source proving that what you're talking about exists and I will research it otherwise it's just another speculative post

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Then we find ourselves at a dead end. It would have been good if you theorised a little. But I'll respect your stance although claiming you don't speculate is a false truth as literally everything you post whether based on research or not is a combination of assumptions and thus speculations!

Kaperoni   I don't know your education or skill level and I don't want to insult you in any way but if you understand the terminology used to discuss monetary policy it should be very clear to you what the IMF told the Central Bank of Iraq to do in 2013. The IMF Article IV Consultation clearly lays out the direction for the dinar.

Doug_W   it surely IS nice to see sevility in here today

Kaperoni   That's your opinion Skelfla but I disagree.

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Both my education level and on ground experience in the GCC and Iraq is more than sufficient. I have personally consulted for the CBI. Care to expand on these Russian trades you heard about ? Or was it just rumours ?

Kaperoni   And subsequent moves accomplishments since then have indicated they are following that directive

Kaperoni   No the Russian trades were nothing but rumor but similar in the sense that they were buying up dinar at times

Zig Doug_W :    Civility as :na;

SKELFLA   Kaperoni And these Russian trades ( rumours) stipulate that a premium was paid ?

Kaperoni   I never researched it because it's speculative and rumor and I had no interest

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Fair enough.

Kaperoni   But I will comment on the dinar that is outside the country. Because I was able to prove factually in a professional document from the CBI

SKELFLA    comment on what exactly? The quantity ?

Kaperoni   Some have stated that the dinar sold outside the country was done illegally or done without approval. And that is not the case a specific document from the CBI going back to when Shabibi was in charge talked about a "controlled leak"

 SKELFLA   Kaperoni And has your research come across the fact China has been negotiating currency swaps with several countries one of which will be Iraq in the near future.

Young_SC   Lolol@ professional document

Kaperoni   Yes I think anyone who researches this knows that some countries have done currency swaps with others or transactions only in currencies of their particular countries

SKELFLA   Kaperoni You're sort off correct. During Shabibi's tenure that may have been the case its no longer the case. This is one of the reasons why the institutions are paying a premium as the tranches have to be approved directly by the CBI.

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Yes but specific to Iraq. ( currency swaps)

Young_SC   Kap cried out RV 5 years ago now its a ohh no such thing, there can only be a float now because of so much dinar out in circulation 

Young_SC   Lolol@ Research

 Kaperoni   Young, I like everyone else got into this investment wanting to prove one way or another the potential, and so yes I was a believer in a RV until 2012 when should baby was run out of the country and significant documentation surfaced otherwise at which time I announced that that no longer was my opinion. I am sure you will find just about every individual who's invested in dinar initially had such thoughts.

SKELFLA   Young_SC Kap is right. An overnight RV is a mathematical & economical impossibility. Sorry but that's just the truth.

Kaperoni   Error above..Shabibi

Young_SC   SKELFLA where is your CBI contact 

Zig   Kaperoni : When I first go into this I listened to Tony.....thought I would be a millionaire every

Kaperoni   Exactly Zig

SKELFLA Young_SC    The fact is I'm not directly invested in the IQD my interest is solely in finding out more about the current play on going with the IQD by several institutions. I don't believe it has anything to do with an RV but I know that these institutions are not in the habit of losing money.

Kaperoni   I was a believer in some capacity for the first 3 years I was invested that some type of RV could occur. But I have been steadfast since 2013 that is not possible

SKELFLA   Young_SC    Five of my classmates now hold senior positions in both the CBI & Ministry of Finance. I consult for three of main royal families in the GCC. I speak fluent Arabic and Farsi. Believe what you want .... My motives are completely different when it comes to the IQD and the majority of people here.

SKELFLA   Young_SC I missed that last post but from what I did see you were obviously having another dig. That's fine.

Kaperoni   Skelfla, you will find that most of these chat rooms or websites pump the artificial belief of some overnight riches and those that follow them can get quite insulting because they don't want their dream to die.

Kaperoni   I have had many personal attacks, emails messages sent to me over the years

SKELFLA   Kaperoni LOL yes, I have gathered that. Frankly, I came on here out of a combination or boredom and a desire to chat with you. I have already received a fair share of flak.

Kaperoni   I have to go. Nice chatting with you but you can always reach me on Twitter or at

SKELFLA   Kaperoni Copy that.

Young_SC   Kaperoni brother stop forcing your in accurate false info claiming it to be facts when it is not. It is your opinion and it stops at that. Its getting annoying now because your opinions about the dinar is filled with major potholes and you keep feeding it to newbies and to others as if you know everything about how currency works.

You are in no position to dictate on who does what with their currency because the more you feed this opinion to which i strongly disagree with the more manipulation you are causing to those who do not understand

Sparky   Young_SC forcing ?

Sparky   Young_SC an opinion only...if understood...forces your brain to think about it... nothing more...

Zig   Kaperoni : Bye, Kap....always

Young_SC   Sparky define forcing

Zig   Kaperoni's tweets are also posted at

Young_SC   Kaperoni you come on the internet preaching and telling people that RI/RV is impossible because back in 2010 or 2013 this happened and that happened

Sparky   Young_SC ...simply processing ideas through your will decide which ones resonate with your individual self...

Young_SC   Nothing relevant

Zig   Sparky : I like your style in here....have an open mind.......

SKELFLA   That was a bit of a let down. I have to hand it to Kap he stands by what he says and from what I gather he's profiting in any substantial way which is recommendable when you see all these clown gurus monetising b*. But to claim he doesn't speculate is a falsehood as that is exactly what everyone is doing. Myself included.