IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-11-19 Part 1 of 2

 IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-11-19 Part 1 of 2

 Francis Albert   Baxter, IMO while the Oil Credits may be, and I believe are, an important factor. If they are an illusion, then that leaves no real avenue for U.S. to profit from the war..which was the whole point.

And secondly, you may want to scroll up and look at some postings I did earlier about the banking system in general. All banks can and do monetize debt instruments. (create the dollars), and all currencies are debt instruments. So, if the banks so desired, they can make this work for Iraq with taking up to ten years for Iraq to pony up.

Baxter   I believe the oil credits will go thru our government... maybe after ten years or so

Francis Albert   If they are real, yes, they would end up the UST

Spankie   Bush sr said it will pay for itself

Francis Albert   Politicians say a lot of things LOL

Baxter   yep    for sure

spankie   he meant something

spankie   oil credits would be the only way to recoup losses

Baxter   I agree spankie... about the only way they could ever pay for this

Francis Albert   President Trump has been against the Iraq war quite publicly over the years. But, it will be easy enough for him to say...We've been working with Iraq the past few years to help them get back on their feet, so upping the value of their currency is being done with our help blah blah.

spankie   right now they can sell everything to china but w oil credits---

Francis Albert    Disagree. You all haven't looked at the earlier posts about banking in general, and the Dollar Inc people can pull this off with out blinking an eye and still fulfill their mission.

Francis Albert   IMO the Oil Credits I believe are real, but if they are not...we'll there's always a way

spankie   agreeing w u francis

Francis Albert   thanks, but agreeing with me is not important. What may be valuable is to help others look at the big picture and possibilities. Things are not all black an white talking in a chat room

spankie   well kaps lop makes sense tooo

Francis Albert   Not to me. Who benefits? Not the invaders

spankie    also .00086 to .86 makes more sense     lop does nada

Francis Albert   Right, and remember if they launch at .86 on Forex, a Dinar is still just a Dinar in Iraq and they just adjust prices.

spankie   there is like 195 trillion yuan out there- numbers

Francis Albert   And Iraq will always sell the most important asset, Oil, in dollars. Always

Francis Albert   Wouldn't doubt it. About 30 Trillion Dollars

Francis Albert   sorry...30 Trillion, our best guess, are circling the globe. 95% are digital.

spankie   I think global there is about 250 tril in all currency

spankie   derivitives going to pop the bubble    gotta go  - thx francis

Francis Albert   Spankie, I've never been a crash a holic for the Dollar. Folks have been predicting the end of the Dollar for 50 years. IMO the only way it ends is if they run out of zeros.

Francis Albert   great pleasure

Doug_W   they can have a few from me 00000000000000000000000000

spankie   lol- sorta like all those tracking #s at ups

Doug_W   free too

Francis Albert   Zim had so many zeros they ran out of paper LOL

Zig   Baxter : What is PTR Dan, Gary, and crew saying these days?.....any minute?

Zig   @Young_SC: I agree with you that most conference calls are a waste of time.....though entertaining......just opinions.....

Baxter   Zig yep... they are really on the oil credit scenario......

Sam I Am   spankie Bush never said the war would pay for itself. That's guru BS

 Kaperoni Hi sam, zig

Sam I Am   Hi Kap

Sam I Am   Where's my pizza?

 Kaperoni   hmm nothing happen yet. so we wait. but today is a good day for a pizza :)

Zig    Kaperoni : Are you sorry that you ever heard about the Dinar??

Sam I Am   So is there no panic over the protests in Iraq?

Dave   Sam I Am protests good.........

Sam I Am   Dave how so?

Dave   Sam I Am Try listening to DP call.......

Kaperoni   Sam I Am Bush didn't but a member of US Senate Committee did..


Kaperoni   95 min mark

Dave   Kaperoni now we are splitting hairs....

 Dave   what sanctioned country allowed to sell currency abroad?

Kaperoni   Zig probably lol

Kaperoni   Dave you talking about 13303? I wrote about that in 2013 I break down what it really means. worth reading...

Francis Albert   Kaperoni, in your opinion what would the process look like, work etc. for IQD to post on Forex at a higher rate than they have now?

Kaperoni   Executive Order 13303

Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has An Interest

Part 1...

The first part is the order related to the DFI which must be renewed.

This order is the protection of Iraq’s money (known as the DFI fund) which is where all proceeds go from the sale of Iraqi assets such as petroleum and petroleum products, etc. The purpose of this order then allows the revenue to be used in an orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and maintenance of peace and security in the country.

This is scheduled to expire May 22nd 2013. Since this would expire, Iraq would have to be in a position to fully manage their financial obligations or fall risk to unresolved creditor and debts.

As an example, the Paris Club debt agreement with many countries totaling 100 billion in debt relief was conditional. In order for the debt to be forgiven, each country negotiated acceptable resolutions and terms with Iraq.

Much of this is known as “benchmarks” that Iraq must achieve to fulfill those obligations, thus granting the debt relief. Those terms were incorporated into the recent IMF Stand by Agreement that expired February 23rd, 2013 (after extension).

 If Iraq failed to meet those “benchmarks” these funds could be at risk and subject to seizure once EO 13303 expires. This part of EO 13303 must be renewed every year until Iraq is self sufficient or risks asset seizure.

Part 2...

The second part of 13303 terminates previous Executive Orders (restrictions)

This part requires no review or extensions. It does not expire, and it would take another Executive Order to reinstate. This is the part that, as a result, gives US citizens the right to invest and do business in Iraq.

This order EO 13303 simply terminates three other orders… Executive Orders 12722, 12724, or 13290 that were already in effect pertaining to Iraq.

biff   Kap I have investments in Iraq ( bank accounts ISX Brokerage Accounts) how this affect me with the 40 trillon in circulation. You seem to have knowledge about this subject. ;c-ball ;$$$

Kaperoni   Part 2...

The second part of 13303 terminates previous Executive Orders (restrictions)

This part requires no review or extensions. It does not expire, and it would take another Executive Order to reinstate. This is the part that, as a result, gives US citizens the right to invest and do business in Iraq.

This order EO 13303 simply terminates three other orders… Executive Orders 12722, 12724, or 13290 that were already in effect pertaining to Iraq.

As a result, investment in the new Iraq is then guaranteed under the Presidential Order 13303 because it removed previous orders which were blocking investment and trade.

13303 in essence, by the termination of these three previous EO’s allows for a restructuring of the banking system in Iraq. And US citizens to invest in Currency, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate and do Business in Iraq. This was a discrete and indirect way of lifting and canceling previous orders on Iraq giving each of you the right to own the New Iraqi Dinar.

Since Iraq is opening up to the global economy and integrating with the world, there is no need to consider or impose any such future orders limiting or preventing investment.

133303 terminated the following previous three Executive Orders…

Executive Orders 12722 – blocking iraqi government property and prohibiting transactions with iraq

Executive Orders 12724 – blocking iraqi government property and prohibiting transactions with iraq

Executive Orders 13290 – Confiscating and Vesting Certain Iraqi Property


 Dave   USA allowed Dinar to be trade-able other ch7 nation allowed to do so?

 Francis Albert   Those EO's memorialize what Countries do when they invade and take their stuff

Sam I Am   Kaperoni I'm not hearing it

Dave   Kaperoni doing research.......

Sam I Am   nothing about the war paying for itself

 Dave   hear air force 1 is loaded with Dinar

Kaperoni   well Sam it is there. Not listened to it in a long time but it there.

Kaperoni   US Senate Committee Video Hearing: Iraq -The Challenging Transition to a Civilian Mission (states cost of war will be paid by Iraq @ 95 min mark)

Baxter   TRUMP and CHINA have just tentatively agreed on a 50 billion dollar trade deal.... on fox news

biff   Hey Kaperoni what happend to the guy on your Ernest ;pizza;

Francis Albert   Kap, in your opinion, what would the scenario look like for investors if IQD goes in FOREX at a higher rate than today?

Sam I Am    95 minutes meaning 1 hr 25 min?

Sam I Am   35

Kaperoni   Francis Albert my belief it would go on at whatever the current rate is and rise from there.

Kaperoni   Sam I Am I assure you it is in there.

Dave   Kaperoni lots of wheel barrows flooding the streets.....

Francis Albert   What if they were to delete the zeros on the echange rate as CBI has said they are going to do?

Kaperoni   Dave what are you talking about? Do you live in the world of nonsense?

Dave   yes your world

Kaperoni    xyz you should now too

Kaperoni   lol

Sam I Am   Kaperoni ahhh ... you're referring do Sen. Menendez (D)

Sam I Am   he wasn't part of the Bush administration

Kaperoni   I just bring the facts from documentation. you can do what you want with it.

Kaperoni   Sam I Am yes

Dave   wallets of wheelbarrows?

Kaperoni   sam i didnt say he was..i said.. US Senate Committee

Dave   easy question.....

Sam I Am   Kaperoni right, but the other guy claimed Bush said that

Francis Albert   KAP...CBI has talked about for years deleting the zeros off of the exchange rate. They could go on FOREX at .86 in that model

Sam I Am   Francis Albert deleting zeros means LOP

Dave   Sam I Am wheel barrows or wallets?

Francis Albert    Not necessarily. Off of the exchange rate and currency are different in my understanding... Could be wrong.

Kaperoni   I choose to think there is a couple different perspectives. One of which is a float and the other is parliament passing a law to LOP.

Dave   Kaperoni wheel barrows or wallets?

Francis Albert   Who would benefit from a LOP KAP?

Kaperoni   Francis Albert If they LOP they reduce the money supply from trillions to billions and make the dinar similar to other world currencies without zeros

Dave   Kaperoni wheel barrows or wallets

Kaperoni   That being said, I think it also could have significant ramifications

Dave   Kaperoni wheel barrows or wallets

Francis Albert   Kap, Say the Dollar Inc. people would lOP the Dollar. Dollars with a zero or two are still currency that has to be honored.

Dave   Kaperoni wheel barrows or wallets?

biff   1.20 kaperoni ;pizza;

Kaperoni   Francis Albert Iraq benefits

Dave   with wheel barrows lots of them? Kaperoni ?

Francis Albert   See above post on Dollar please

Kaperoni   Francis Albert hard to follow with these clowns in here

Dave   1000 of them fils for that coke?

biff   Kaperoni I saw a document print out in 2005 in Kuwait from CBI. The printout had calculated that the Iraq Dinar would be revalued at 1.20.

 Dave   Francis Albert SAME easy question for how many yrs now?????

Francis Albert   Sorry Dave, don't understand

Kaperoni   biff not true. you are miss stating what was really said. I am sure the goal is to get to a dollar but nowhere did it ever say it would get there overnight

Dave   LDs rate change....with fils .... Francis Albert 1000 Dinar for that Coke?

Dave   Francis Albert oops

biff   750 fil for soda in kuwait

Kaperoni    Alright i got to go. maybe another time. See ya all later.

Sam I Am   biff They use a period where we use a comma. That article probably means a redenomination to 1.2 dinar to the dollar which would be about 86 cents

Zig   It is indeed a problem when some just disrupt.....and others wish to chat......there is a better way to voice objections than to just spoil others' conversation attempts....wait until the conversation stops......

biff   ok Kap

Dave   1000 dinar for a coke in IRAQ

biff   If its a dollar inside of Iraq what will it be outside of Iraq 3.22 Kaperoni.

Dave   Francis Albert easy question?

Kaperoni   He is a great older article but the link don't work no more...

Kaperoni   Reveal the intentions of raising the value of each Iraqi dinars to equal one dollar  ----  Added by two rivers News

A source at the Central Bank of Iraq for four companies currently competing to win a draft print the new Iraqi dinar, which will generate graceful after deleting three zeros from him, while Samay central bank to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down to the day to start replacement where the value will be in the absence of a fluctuating one Iraqi dinars equivalent to U.S. dollars one.

Kaperoni   The source said the bank and after remarking that blockbuster buy hard currency from the auction, which is supervised by the Central deliberately to sell the dollar worth less than the previous by 3.4 points, with the imposition of conditions buy to prevent the exploitation market meet the demands of neighboring countries,

which suffer from sanctions economic and devaluation of their national currencies, all of this to re-balance the local market, which saw the result of what male fluctuate rapidly in prices dinar,

adding that everyone knows that the central bank succeeded actually raise the value of the dinar is thoughtful and intelligent since 2003 until now that the price of the dollar equivalent to 240 dinars,

but now price tag rose to 1120 per dollar, and this is one of the most important tasks of the central bank, which is responsible for monetary policy in the country, and one of the most important endeavors is to raise the value of the national currency to achieve a higher purchasing power of the Iraqi citizen.

The Central Bank of Iraq announced, yesterday, doing the buying and selling dollar at 1166 dinars during the auction, which is evaluated daily with the participation of 23 banks, after it was sell it and buy it at the price of 1170 dinars to the dollar.

Kaperoni   The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in statements to the media », that« the bank to work on raising the prices of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar during its sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currency by four dinars and by 3.4% to reach to 1166 dinars to the dollar »,

indicating that« dinar nominal is not commensurate with the purchasing power to him or the real price of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.

Saleh added that «the current account of payments Iraq where a large surplus relative to GDP and by 5-8%», stressing that «the surplus is the signal strength and not vice versa as well as the presence of large reserves of the Bank».

Saleh pointed out that «the dollar exchange rates in the Iraqi market which recently experienced a slight increase will be affected by the decision of the Central Bank of Iraq, saying that «the Iraqi dinar will be attractive in the Iraqi market.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh earlier this year for efforts to obtain the approvals executive and legislative authority to ask three major categories after deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the process of replacing the currency will take two years.

As Saleh announced in (January 6 2012) from higher reserves the Iraqi Central Bank foreign currency to $ 60 billion, for the first time in the history of Iraq, while stressing its ability to curb inflation if arrived at two places decimal places, considered that current levels do not raise anxiety.

Kaperoni   Noteworthy that the CBI is being daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the exception of public holidays during which depends on those auctions.

And Zkrmzar Mohammed Saleh, said that the size of the money supply, which will be printed soon consist of 28 30 billion dinars, with calculation of the currency in circulation now reaches more than 32 trillion dinars, and you measure the size of Limbering which dominated the national currency, and the size of the benefits that will befall this project where withdraw monetary inflation and reduce the amount of cash and other.

He revealed that the shape of the new currency would be like a mirror reflecting the history of Iraq and specifications will be even better than printing the dollar, and are impossible with falsified, and will be charged properties technical and aesthetic features of an Iraqi national tells the story of civilization and achievements since the dawn of history, as well as she would Arabic and Kurdish as the constitutional text on This addition to the English language as a global system in place in all countries of the world.

He said the groups would be equal between the metal and paper issued class (25, 50, 75 and 100) dinars metal and there are groups of 5, 10 and 25, 50 and 100 dinars paper.

Dave   Kaperoni So.....wheelbarrows or wallets>?