IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-11-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD CALLS Chat Friday Night 10-11-19 Part 2 of 2

Kaperoni   In order to shed light on the history Iraqi currency was hired to study integrated worked on writing the responsible engineer Mahmoud Shaker al-Rubaie, who was able to document the history of the dinar in this country since its inception and so far,

which stated: - Talking about the Iraqi currency and a broad and large is linked political circumstances unstable experienced by Iraq, which led to the entry foreign currency of the policy of the occupied country, when Iraq was under Ottoman control,

the (Majidi) is the currency traded in the deal has been named this currency rate to the Sultan Abdul Majeed's father Sultan Abdul Hamid, and parts Majidi is (Alaqچh and righteous ) and continued deal Ottoman Palmgide until the entry Englishmen in 1917 and extract the country from Ottoman control was introduced with the British (Indian Rupee) as an alternative currency in dealing and trading and parts (Anna) and usual that the new currency expel the old currency ..

So ended the trading currency Ottoman having entered wild Indian to the Iraqi market and the reason for making the trading Barabah Indian instead lb English due to most troops English territories are Indians Sikhs and Alkirkh.

Having crystallized when the British idea of a (Kingdom of) in Iraq and became talk about A boys Sharif Hussein to rise this task has happened in 23 / August / 1921 as crowned Faisal Ibn Sharif Hussein king of Iraq must be of this political shift that is reflected at all levels and to find him there in the currency change.

It began pumping Iraqi currency called a new (penny) and this word is out of Byzantine and consists of a small circle of copper in the middle category number and below the word fils and around the circle Kingdom of Iraq and on her right Hijri and to the left Gregorian date other side image of King Faisal I written on it King of Iraq on the right and Faisal I on the left.

Dave   fils toooooo?

 Kaperoni   With the passage of (Iraqi penny) continued (Indian Rupee) trading until the first of October 1932 deal was canceled.

After the issuance of (penny) issued a coin is (two mites) and with the same specifications penny but larger than a little then appeared (pubic), a four fils a reward currency English (brown),

one of the parts pound continued to issue categories in ascending appeared ten fils a copper then Twenty penny called (the Koran) and the dirham and equal to 50 fils after emerged percent fils then two hundred fils and called (Rial) and equivalent (shilling) currency English which is made of sterling silver and a picture of King Faisal I on the one hand and the other three palms engraved on the thick branch of a tree which large size relatively.

and ten years after the coronation of King Faisal I was established Iraq Currency Board in London in 1931 and a law 44 of the same year by which printed paper currency in the sixteenth of March 1932 saw the light first Iraqi dinars bearing an image of King Faisal I on right and the name Kingdom of Iraq at the top and category number in the middle which is written in English and the second in English,

where the company (Dollarroa) British print dinar also been printed in small denominations of paper (quarter and half) in India and began the Iraqi dinar expelled wild Indian, according to the rule referred to even end the deal in October 1932.

Kaperoni     The Iraqi dinar equals 1,000 fils also been printed Order of five dinars and ten dinars and then was put carpaccio% Royal dinars.

Kaperoni   With the development of political events, specifically on 26 / November / 1934 appeared new dinar He holds a picture of King Ghazi has happened after the departure of King Faisal I quickly changed this picture to be replaced by a picture of King Faisal II in late 1939, when the departure of King Ghazi.

Has Council continued the Iraq Currency printing Iraqi currency until the Act No. 43 of 47 and under which was established (National Bank of Iraq), and specifically on the twentieth of July 1947 to adopt Multi printed Iraqi currency and the existence of this bank has been dispensed currency board and its Abolition in 1949, and after several years, specifically in the first of July 1956 a law was passed 72 under which changed its name National Bank of Iraq to (CBI).

has not changed form the Iraqi currency and continued printing until the Republic of Iraq in 1958 and the emergence of leader Abdul Karim Kassem in his time occurred many amendments on the currency notes and coins

It raised the pictures of the three kings of all currencies were replaced (slogan Republican) new and in the eighth of July 1958 and get a lot of variables on a coin as canceled class (Filsin) and added fils to (pubic) to become (five fils) and Hausa popular salutes leader his work is (lived leader who Zaid pubic . fils ..) as well as canceled (the Koran),

a twenty fils replaced (twenty five fils) while retaining Dirhams and percent fils and cancel (Rial) which is equal to 200 fils, the terms of paper currency,

the class percent dinars were canceled and keep the rest of the categories of paper with the addition of symbols Iraqi her like (Palm filling Darbandikhan filling Dukan and Fort Phaenicia and Daura and waterfall entirely on your beacon humpback and Basrah silo and Helicobacter and bull winged and Lion of Babylon and ascend Kut and harp and obelisk of Hammurabi has changed shape currency only a slight change until the revolution of the seventeenth of July 1968 and began to raise the banner

Dave   1000 fils for that coke?

Kaperoni   With the beginning of the eighties of the last century began to appear a coin to replace bank notes small Fezhrt 250 fils compared to quarter dinars and 500 fils, compared to half dinars and 1000 fils against the dinar also issued CBI alloy of gold to the categories (gold dinar and five dinars and ten dinars gold) and sold rate prevailing gold for a short period,

and in the mid-eighties of the last century began (feminine) size paper currency from quarter dinars and end Balashr dinars and more characteristic of this phase is the emergence of the Order of the ten dinars and has a picture of the world the great Hassan Ibn al-Haytham that Ohmt people that this currency is not Iraqi!!

With the deterioration of the political situation and falling exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar proceeded government to print new class bearing the number 25 dinars and on his face the first image of Arabian horses and the other side is for the coin was then put a picture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein instead of Arabian horses were printed this category in Russia.

Kaperoni     At second of August 1990 got evolution in Iraqi politics overshadowed the dark on the country in general and the currency, especially by imposing (policy economic blockade) by America and its allies, which led to the disappearance of original currency for each category and the emergence of currency printed locally Bmtaba newspapers and journals which lean and devoid of controls applicable universally. . With advancing years siege increased print size and say the dinar exchange rate against the dollar even arrived in 1995 to 3000 dinars to the dollar, which produced tons of currency printed locally.

That monetary policy is losing its balance due (currency prosthetic) For the purpose of controlling inflation large began printing classes undefined earlier, such as the fifty and one hundred dinars, carrying a picture Unknown Soldier new Baghdad clock hand and a picture of former President Saddam Hussein from th

Kaperoni   After more than thirteen years on the policy of blockade and the advent of the CPA and the occupation of the country by the United States and set the civil governor Paul Bremer, who began amending Iraqi laws as it deems is if adopted the Law on the Central Bank No. 73 of 2004 amended,

which provides for printing Iraqi currency new currency and rely on dinar Republican in terms of shape and change the category to be consistent with what the corresponding currency printed locally if adopted form quarter dinars to become 250 dinars and half becomes 500 dinars dinar becomes 1000 dinars,

 as well as five and ten dinars become five thousand and ten thousand dinars with the introduction of class new (25000) dinars to absorb hyperinflation in cash which are of red dye was also an instrument of coins from class 100 dinars and 50 dinars and 25 dinars,

but has not been activated widely because of the conditions of inflation and price increases have begun replacing the currency from 01/10/2004 until 28/02/2005 and continuing currency trading referred to above to the present day and talk about the intention of the government remove three zeros from the Iraqi dinar to reach levels comparable with the exchange rates of foreign currencies dry Iraqi dinar back to glory and weighs a healthy beautiful green color.

Dave   1000 fils for a coke

biff   I wish Iraq used the Kuwait model with 1/2 and 1/4 dollar notes.

 biff   along with fils

Kaperoni   think that a good article long but good.

Zig   Kaperoni : You are gonna cause an avalanche with all those long

Dave   would cost 70.00usd to mint enough fils to buy that coke

 Kaperoni   sorry long article. first paragraph key

Dave   Kaperoni expensive coke yeh?

Kaperoni   gotta go

biff   lata Kap

 Zig   Dave : You're like a broken record.....LOL

Zig   Fils.....skip.....Fils....skip.....wheel barrow.....skip.....wheel barrow.....skip.....skip.....

Dave   Zig easiest question one could ever have to answer.....that i Have asked ........1000xs Never gets answered

Young_SC   Kaperoni howcome you never answer Dave's question?

Dave   Young_SC consider the size of those ATMs//

Dave   sorry that I may be very simple.....but some understand my broken record.....wish i could get Kap to answer.....?

Zig   Just kidding, Dave.....keep trying......LOL.....maybe if Kap and you just chatted alone without others you would get an answer.....

Dave   could get into how hyper inflationary it would be with the release of the LDs considering the minting costs with no rate change......

Dave   notes cost 3-5 cent each coins about double

Dave   expensive coke?

Zig   Dave : With no rate change they would not need those coins....nor LDs......right??

Dave   Zig talking 3zeros gone   LDs out

TWWIII  Dave r the LD's out now

TWWIII   Dave yea Dave itz me asking

Dave   havent checked

TWWIII   Zig my friend email today that there r a lot of uSA reserves here in the gulf now, a lot

Baxter   TWWIII you mean troops?

Dave   TWWIII Planning an invasion of Canada?

TWWIII   Baxter Army, navy reserve troupes

Baxter   nuttin in canada we want

TWWIII   They are going thru Kuwait for briefings then being deployed from there to other gulf countries

Baxter   oh..ok

TWWIII   As I have said for yrs here, Kuwait is the key for the IQD

Zig   TWWIII : How so??

TWWIII   Look at Kuwait in 1991 & what they did with their currency

Dave   TWWIII look at the UAE did in a few decades ......from nothing

TWWIII   Yes Dave

Dave   Iraq has soooo much more

Dave   raw minerals gold sulferetc etc agriculture....

TWWIII   More clients coming in the door, today is funding day L8TRS

Zig   On a side note.....The irony is that I actually like XYZ.....and will miss

Dave   Zig i guess i will have to step it up a notch then when Kap shows

JoeSchmoe   do we have cause to be happy, excited, or down about this thing today?

JoeSchmoe   just stagnant I gues.....

Dave    protests on going........about time?

JoeSchmoe   Dave yea, but mixed emotions around dinarhea about that being good or bad for us

Dave   peeps want jobs and an end to corruption

JoeSchmoe   what will that do for the increase in value tho

JoeSchmoe   unless they are protesting wanting more wheelbarrows?

Dave   Stability.......the polititcians make out like bandits and the peeps get squat

JoeSchmoe   sounds like what we get too

Dave   JoeSchmoe have AC?

Dave   a job?

JoeSchmoe   air conditioning?

JoeSchmoe   oh them

Dave   yes

Dave   reliable electricity

JoeSchmoe   ah well, gues since we aint pumped about dinar today, I'm out

Zig   Dave : Let it will know what happens when it happens.....if it happens.....whatever may happen......then we will know who has guessed right...... ;chill

Dave   Zig guessing what?

Zig   Everyone is guessing exactly how this will turn out.....if you know I suggest selling everything you own and buy Dinar......

Dave   Zig got into to this by what CBI had to say...........Not Kap!

Wilder   From 5 years ago. Revaluation of Iraqi Dinar is Not Too Far: Kaperoni.

Crazycrypto   ART OF THE DEAL: President Trump SURPRISE China Trade Deal Phase 1


Francis Albert   making predictions is difficult, especially when it involves the future.

Crazycrypto   talks have been near completed about foreign currency exchanges

Crazycrypto   hmmm

Baxter   Crazycrypto thats between china and the U S Im afraid

Crazycrypto   no more manipulation from China?

Wilder   Be careful what you should e er say. Cant hide from Mrs . Google

Crazycrypto   i know that baxter

 Crazycrypto   just thought it was good news

Baxter   I think it is good news

Crazycrypto   also may play into the dong lets hope so

Baxter   could be

Francis Albert   All countries manipulate their currency. Value lowers when more is printed and value is raised when people have more confidence in the currency, which of course, has many factors affecting confidence.

Baxter   I dont know how china gets away with it without going thru the IMF

Crazycrypto   Francis doesnt make it right

Crazycrypto   it seems many got too comfy with corruption

Francis Albert   Baxter..good question. They own their own Central bank unlike U.S.

Crazycrypto   now its coming to an end

Francis Albert   Nothing right or wrong about manipulating currencies. It's all part of the game. All currencies are based on the dollar's price.

Crazycrypto   anyways have a good evening seems deals have been finalized China caved in

Crazycrypto   knew they would  so did Trump

 Francis Albert   China doesn't have debt. They create Yuan when they go short Yuan. The U.S. borrows dollars from the private FED when they need cash.

Francis Albert   FED announced they will be buying 60 Billion of U.S. debt per month, at least through March 2020. Why doesn't anyone ask "Why doesn't the UST just create the dollars rather than borrow them from a private banking cartel and owe interest?"

Zig   Baxter : Kap said he believed it would RV when he first started in this.....before he researched it.....

Baxter   Trump is going to louisiana tonight for a rally.... and the championship little league team for louisiana.... is on Air Force One with him.... can you imagine those kids.... wow

Francis Albert   Well, if it goes on FOREX higher than the present rate, it will IMO trade up to $3.00 range fast. So, it's the same thing..just not as dramatic as a classic RV

Wilder   Francis Albert when? We need to know.

Francis Albert   And I believe that is the scenario we'll see. Could be wrong, but don't think I am

Francis Albert   Wilder. Predicting is difficult when it involves the future

Francis Albert   AT leas most in this room realizes the whole GCR, Republic, Gold backed stuff is non sense.

Francis Albert   The most important thing I believe is work hard, cover your bases, take care of your family and expect the best.

Sparky   Zig ... please tell me Z is not banned for more than a day... I really appreciate her...!

Baxter   wow.. I missed that.... what happened now

sandyf   @Kaperoni Egypt flooded their currency about a year-and-a-half ago under the guidance of the IMF and an article yesterday talked about how their GDP in Egypt is up to 6% as foreign investment continues to come in the result will be significant including the appreciation of their currency they are a good example even though they don't have anywhere near the oil Iraq has.

The question is - How long will it take Egypt to recover the 50% it lost overnight?

Egypt has floated its currency in a move that has reduced its value by almost 50% against the dollar.

One US dollar is buying around 14 Egyptian pounds, up from the nine Egyptian pounds the central bank was trying to keep it at.

The country's central bank said the move was one of a list of reforms designed to strengthen confidence in the economy.

Egypt's main stock index jumped by more than 8% on Thursday.

The central bank has also increased interest rates by 3 percentage points to 14.75%.

The move is a key requirement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), from which Egypt is asking for a $12bn loan over three years.

Portmagaland   New York fines people $250 for saying illegal alien now.


Portmagaland   People can be fined up to 250k    Wow!

Portmagaland   Tell me we aren't on the slippery slop to 1984

Portmagaland   So, should I buy more currency tomorrow or silver? I'm leaning towards silver.

Sparky   Portmagaland ...yes... IQD...imo...but, I'm just a pumper...

Sparky   Portmagaland . . did you catch FrancisAlbert posts earlier ? ... good stuff...

 Portmagaland   Sparky Thsnks for the feedback, yeah, I've been watching Francis' posts and I like his vibe.

Portmagaland   You see Iran let women go watch soccer for the first time in 40 years? Remember the movie with Bill Murray, What About Bob? Baby steps and Iran just made one.

Portmagaland   Sparky I've had my differences with everyone in this room just about, she wasn't my favorite, but I dont agree with censorship. Just like I dont agree with NYC fining people up to 250k for speech. Sounds a lot like how China deals with HK and the NBA, no?