News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday Morning 10-12-19


Dr.Linda:  Well, here is a good story for you’all! I have been looking at a new car for the last 5 months, and I told the salesman that I am waiting on an “investment” to come in later this year, and that I want to pay in full and in cash.

I told him the investment was part of the coming Global Currency Reset & the US going back on the gold standard. I told him that our economy was really going to improve because of this Reset & that I expected that his business would get really really good when this happens, because a lot of people are also invested!

So, he called me this afternoon, and said he believed that I would be coming to get my special car THIS WEEKEND! I asked “Why?” He said that in the last 2 days, he has sold 3 cars, ALL TO PEOPLE PAYING IN FULL & IN CASH, and he remembered what I had said about my investment! He said that all 3 customers said they had had a payout of their “investment” from the Global Currency thing!!

I told him that Tony & Okie had told us today that this was probably our week! And I think that his customers were probably part of the Tier 4A group. So, as a Tier 4B person, I AM REALLY EXCITED!!!


Dajen:  I hope this is what we are looking for the initial phase of trade talks with China are agreed on. Steven Mnuchin said both sides had "almost complete agreement" on currency and financial services issues……Steven Mnuchin said both sides had "almost complete agreement" on currency and financial services issues

Vinterv:  Dajen...heard that!!!! Exciting!!!!


Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Breitling:   ...It [protesters] actually has an advantage for our investment.  Because it's putting pressure on the Iraq government to add value.  So not only are the oil prices going down, not only has the reserve been depleted, now you have people rioting because they are not being taken care of and they need to add value to their currencySo it advances our investment.  It advances our speculation...


Samson:  Oil prices rise after an explosion on an Iranian tanker off Jeddah

12th October, 2019

Oil prices rose during today's trading due to an explosion in an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea off the coast of Jeddah.

Brent futures rose 2.01% to $ 60.29 a barrel by 09:00 Moscow time, according to Bloomberg data.

US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 1.83% to $ 54.53 a barrel.

According to the agency "ISNA" an explosion occurred in an Iranian tanker near the Saudi port of Jeddah today, resulting in a fire on board, while experts did not rule out that the explosion was caused by a terrorist act.

As the tanker exploded, Gulf tensions reignited over the oil markets, with markets worried about the impact on global oil supplies.    LINK


"President Trump's Gold Tie, and Currency" by Sierra (NZ) - 10.12.19

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 1:44 AM EDT on October 12, 2019

President Trump wore a splendid gold tie at the Oval Office press conference to announce the successful signing of the US/China Trade Deal.

The sight of that tie gladdened my heart, and I am sure the hearts of many currency holders. The gold curtains behind him (gold backed) added to a very positive picture. Here is a link to the press conference...

President Trump talked about currency issues during the press conference: 'Another big issue we have come to conclusion on is currency, foreign exchange...' He then gestured to a man called Steve seated in front of him to elaborate on the subject...

Steve: 'As you know Mr President, currency has been a very big concern of yours since the campaign, and we have an agreement around transparency into the foreign exchange markets and free markets, so we are very pleased with that...'

Later in the press conference, President Trump said: 'This is to do with more than trade. This has to do with world peace. This has to do with getting along...This isn't just a deal with trade...This has to do with a lot of friction, a lot of bad things that are happening in the world...'

'Yesterday we broke a stadium record in Minnesota (during a Trump rally), and my poll numbers are going way up. The impeachment is a hoax...China expects that I will win (the election) otherwise they wouldn't have signed the deal....There was a lot of friction between China and the US and now it's a "love fest".'

President Trump then gestured for the Chinese Vice Premier to speak. This is what the Vice Premier said: 'The whole world is will bring peace and prosperity for the whole world.'

Indeed. These two men signed one of the most historic trade deals ever to be negotiated between two of the most powerful nations in the world. How could there be anything remotely impeachable about this extraordinary President? The answer is simple: there isn't. The Deep State is dead. The FISA report will be released next week, confirming that the Deep State is dead.

Meanwhile we lightworkers need to stay calm and centered. We will be needed to reassure people bewildered by the information in the FISA report. Our mission is to show loving compassion to humanity during these turbulent times.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

Economic Collapse News - Negative Revisions To GDP Data, More Job Cuts, Consumer Credit Trends

Silver Report Uncut:   Oct 12, 2019

Economic collapse news October 2019. First we begin the the negative revision in the GDP Data. Also the 2nd quarter GDP saw a print of only 2% that's not exactly good news. WeWork continues its collapse as the company plans 500 more jobcuts.

This is becoming hard to track as the company just announced mass layoffs of 2,000 employees last week. Let's look at consumer credit trends an interesting change is underway as there was a rush of activity in paying down credit card balances for september.

This type of activity is typical if people anticipate we are heading into a recession. We covered recently how more and more people have been moving to cash due to recession fears, this is another example of the same trend