IQD CALLS CHAT Early Tuesday  8-27-19 Part 2 of 2

IQD CALLS CHAT Early Tuesday  8-27-19 Part 2 of 2

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madness   dont know why these idiots keep saying rv rv this weekend, duh parliament is on recess urr vacation until sept. 3rd common sense would tell you nothing is going to happen until after that

foxmulder   madness Iraq has told us many times what their intentions are , and now all this talk from everybody else about the normal procedure of dropping the 3 zeros are . which would result in a lop , none of this is making any sense to me . I'm just going to listen to what to the CBI says.

madness   yes drop the 3 zeros IN country and re issue smaller notes, that should have no bearing on our value, you think the US treasury that is holding trillions in iraq large notes is going to loose money, I think not they would have a hissy fit

JoeSchmoe   foxmulder yea, we have heard it all over the last decade plus.

JoeSchmoe   madness they can't only do this in country. Most likely a farce

JoeSchmoe   article is prolly an oped too

foxmulder   Like I said earlier dropping the 3 zeros and lopping the currency is not a viable way to add strength of the dinar against the dollar

larrykn   Baxter interesting thoughts

Baxter   larrykn yes it is

foxmulder   Yes good video

JoeSchmoe   see, these kinds of discussions are good. Bring LOP into the convo, talk it out...use common sense, talk yourself out of the idea

madness   well on the good side of the news, not heard in the last decade, iraq has stated they want to raise the dinar exchange rate against foreign currencys gee thats about as black and white as it gets

Baxter   where Iraq ties into it.. who knows

JoeSchmoe   madness we HAVE heard them say this before unfortunately

madness   oh did not know that\

foxmulder   madness it sure is !!

JoeSchmoe   but it is always good to hear it again. Maybe they will finally follow through

madness   now they are saying they are going to release coins guess that is bad news too

JoeSchmoe   madness now that is good lol

JoeSchmoe   IF they do it

madness   yeah its iraq I know joe lol

JoeSchmoe   madness you don't remember them saying at least twice before in the last decade that they want to raise the exchange rate against the dollar? I have

madness   in all fairness though they are making progress and they do have an ego too so I do see this going in 2020 maybe before maybe not, but they sure want on the global arena and that cant be too bad for all of us dinar holders no matter what the out come

JoeSchmoe   lets hope

madness   well joe there was an article in 2015 I think

JoeSchmoe   I know I have seen/heard it at least two other times other than recently

JoeSchmoe   maybe in the past year? I hope it is that recent, then maybe there is more to it

JoeSchmoe   time does not exist when it comes to this thing

madness   well I did as much back home work I could, but come march next year that will be 2 years for me so guess you could call me a noob

madness   well all sanctions have been lifted, I think the IMF said go ahead, I think they just have to work out the wrinkles before going on forex

JoeSchmoe   I wish I could go back to being a noob, I had money then

madness   lol dont feel bad joe my diner is in a folder and I drank it already I consider it long gone

madness   LOL I said diner I meant dinar

JoeSchmoe   I consider my dinar found money. Win or lose, it will either let me retire or be wall paper

JoeSchmoe   I sold stock to buy most of my stash 10 years ago. That stock would have only yielded me maybe 10k

madness   well it will worth something, there not going demonetize there currency the question is how much that all

JoeSchmoe   I don't know if they are smart enough to pull something off, like get everyone down with LOP articles...then raise the rate to maybe 10 cents just to get everyone to sell

madness   well I stop buying im done, I have enough to be happy with what ever the outcome is

madness   yeah my buddy said the same thing, bunch of trolls calling a lop when iraq has stated they do NOT want to lop, all this lop talk makes me want to lop my foot off in some gurus you know what

JoeSchmoe   well you can bet that Sam has a raging 'you know what' right now with all this talk :laugh

JoeSchmoe   im out, time for my morning surf check

madness   yeah well I will just and keep focused on what comes out of the CBI and GOI and so far it has not been bad, they just move slow as heck but they are moving

Tebow   madness sandyf thinks otherwise

madness   well unless sandy is dating the head of the cbi I will just stick with what they say and not what people think, it does get hard sometimes to understand what they are saying, but im sure we can all agree on one thing and that is they want on the international market

madness   and in order to be international you have to have your currency follow I would think that would be common sense, but common sense is not so common these days, so guess we see what we see

Young_SC   Tebow lol  And dont forget about Kap   Lollol

Young_SC   Articles last week stating purchasing of power for citizens of Iraq, coins new notes etc etc and some still say no such thing will happen when the article for the government just showed you in printb

madness   there intention is to piss you off, does not take a rocket scientist to see the articles coming out of iraq and just take a step back and see and say ok thats what they want to do

Young_SC   From*

SKELFLA   Anyone care to explain how Iraq can "RV" to any meaningful level when there is more that 42 TRILLION Dinar in existence? How exactly is that mathematically or economically even remotely possible?

Tebow   SKELFLA what makes you think they have 42T in circulation


madness   umm maybe just maybe there is not 42 trillion out there, governments do tell little lies once in a while, do you have a picture of this so called trillions

Tebow   the CBI is not going to truely tell you what they are going to do

SKELFLA   Wow. When facts don't line up with your believes the default position is they are lying?

Madness   plus iraq has so much gold oil god knows they are a wealthy country they could probably cover 100 trillion

Tebow   SKELFLA and you think the CBI is giving you the true facts

SKELFLA   Madness... In sorry but that means nothing. I have worked and consulted for the CBI albeit a number of years ago.

madness   well then break out the spread sheet and let get number crunching

SKELFLA   Don't get me wrong... I am not a nay sayer. As I have first hand knowledge of several institutions who have been covertly buying large quantiles of IQD and paying a significant premium. So something is up. I just don't believe its due to a "RV"

SKELFLA   Thanks for the welcome Zig.

madness   well its probably because they been on the path to go international and at some point a little money is to be made, that might be a clue

SKELFLA   Not necessarily madness. As the premium is significant.   A 20/1 premium

madness   thats what makes it exciting no one really knows, its cat and mouse all we can hope for is baxter gets his dime, then we all win or not but it was still worth the ride

SKELFLA   Yes, but it would be interesting if not potentially profitable to know why the institutions are doing these transactions. I have reasonable contacts in the space and even the those involved in the transactions are not privy.

madness   well ske thats why its call speculative

Zig   SKELFLA : No offense but anyone can come in here and make all kinds of statements claims, etc.....but not provide any we have to take it all with a grain of salt.......

SKELFLA   True... But with an RV being an economical & mathematical impossibility I would be keen to know what the reasoning is behind the institutions.... I suspect we will never know but they obviously have an angle.

SKELFLA   I agree ZIG.

madness   well sometimes the impossible becomes possible or they would not be saying they want to raise the rate of the dinar against other foreign currency's thats pretty much sums it up

SKELFLA   Well it was good to have a quick chat. May join again in the not too distant future. Take care. Bye

Young_SC   This chat room got interesting again once Tebow, zig and xyz came back lolol

madness   well young dont forget about you too

Zig   SKELFLA : Bye....visit more often and bring some friends!!..... :)

Zig   I am going to PM Kap at Dinar Alert and see if he will address your come in and chat sometime today.....but he may be scared

madness   lol

Young_SC   Lol

Zig   Okay.....message sent.....told Kap his "Admirers" wished to chat with watch for his visit.....LOL.....Try to be civil if possible.....Yikes.............

Tebow   economical & mathematical impossibility right Kap!

Whitelions   Good morning all . I see we have another Trillion spotter lol there is no where on the cbi site that tells you how much is in curlation I for one would like SKELFLA where it is . lol

Matt   Johnson & Johnson sued big time yay not on mainstream news though only in RT news

madness   its in her head, how can we print it out and put on a spread sheet is the question

Matt   Opioid addiction's drugs Johnson & Johnson lost the lawsuit they gotta pay big time


Whitelions   dose anybody know about this guy on dinar guru called invster Jeff ?

Zig Whitelions : Yes....all his recordings can be found at The Mod and I have both invited him to come into chat.....

Zig   Jeff and Kap do not get

Whitelions   Zig thanks I dont agree with his giving a date to shoot for it gives people to much hope just to be disapointed but his following of what is really going on in Iraq is very good .

Zig   Whitelions Ya know, Kimberly, you are the most optimistic person I have ever known regarding this investment.....true....

Whitelions   we have gone through sooooo meny gurus and people still follow blindly it always amazes me what pure greed can do to people both the follower and the con leading them

Whitelions   Zig I did me resurch and still do it everyday and through all the bull I can see the prize and thats all I see the rest is just talk

Whitelions   Zig Ive made my share of misstakes ive almost called it a cupla times but then I go back and look at the Iraq agreement and see that we were not really there , But now they are at the last part of the education part of it and thats the last part I'm not calling it but the light is the britest I have ever seen it ;:));



Zig   Baxter : I would take a nickel in an you would never see me again..... :na;

Baxter   shhhhh ... so would I   but dont tell anybody

Dave   Baxter thanx dimes for me

Dave   at least sparky has my back....

Zig   Dave : What rate would satisfy you??

Dave   a dime....

Dave   less than that would be a lop

Zig   Of course most people do not have enough Dinar to be satisfied by a relatively low rate.....I understand that.....

Dave   10,000% roi?

Dave   coins......could cost a dime a piece to mint

Dave   ergo a dime works for me

Dave   did they not say that they wished that the coins have value?