IQD CALLS CHAT Early Tuesday  8-27-19 Part 1 of 2

IQD CALLS CHAT Early Tuesday   8-27-19 Part 1 of 2

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 Wilder   chattels hold on a sec.

Wilder   If there was going to be a lop. Wouldn't the dealers quit buying back our dinar if was willing or needing to sell back?

Young_SC   Whats up with this chatroom and LOP talk when iraq has already stated they want citizens to have purchasing power currency will increase in value against other foreign currencies

Young_SC   Including the article back in March

Young_SC   Has anyone in here seen an article or source from the CBI or government stated that Iraq may LOP the currency???

Young_SC   We've seen purchasing power statements including an article that came out last week so why are you guys talking or creating false narratives of a LOP??

Larrykn   Iraqi leaders condemn air raids targeting paramilitary groups

larrykn   2 ISIS hideouts destroyed in Kirkuk: Interior Ministry

larrykn   MP rules out dismissing Abdul-Mahdi

larrykn   One killed in blast in Diyala

larrykn   The Bahraini Foreign Minister supported bombard Israel to the popular crowd and regard as self defense

The Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid Bin Ahmed on Monday expressed support for Israel in the popular crowd forces bombing in Iraq, as well as Syria and Lebanon, bombed in response to Iranian threats [as].

Chirp bin Ahmed on his account on Twitter, "followed" tomorrow ", saying" Iran is declared war on us, Lebanese and its revolution guards mobilized in Iraq and preacher arm in Yemen and other "don't blame from their stockpiles and destroys it hits them self defense."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has indirectly admitted in an earlier statement his involvement in bombing the hardware stores and the popular crowd camps in Iraq and the popular crowd on Sunday accused what it has dubbed "evil crows Israeli forces shelled 45 Brigade in Anbar province on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

She had the crowd in a statement operations "tomorrow", "a series targeting Iraq's Zionist Israeli targeting of evil crows reconvened the popular crowd, this time by remotely piloted aircraft deep into Iraqi territory in the Anbar province on the road to Akashat based It is about 15 kilometres from the border."

 She pointed out that the bombardment "led to the martyrdom of the Mujahid and another wounded seriously." she added, "this blatant assault came with air cover by American Airlines to the region as well as a large observation balloon near the scene.

The bombing "coincided with the start of the fourth phase of the Will of Victory operations in western Iraq with the participation of our heroic forces of army, police and mobilization, which are pursuing the remnants of terrorist groups," the group said.

larrykn   She concluded by saying "Iraqi people promise that this attack will not deter the popular crowd forces on national role in combating terrorism and defend Iraq's land, security and dignity and deal with aggression and his supporters." Al-Anbar operations command of the popular crowd, Confirmed Sunday, killing two and wounding the third remotely piloted aircraft bombing in Anbar operations.

Command said in a statement received "tomorrow," "two, two marches unidentified people, today, fixed point of 45 popular build Brigade in Anbar operations (15 km from the Iraqi-Syrian border), killing two fighters and wounding 45 Brigade Most burning gig. "driving with her attached pictures of the wheels that have been bombed

larrykn   The three presidencies to leaders of the crowd: attacks crowd attempts to drag the crowd of concern about his role in homeland defense

The President met with Barham Salih, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Monday, in the presence of Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi and House speaker Mohamed Al-halbusi, Chief of the popular crowd Faleh Fayad and many leaders of the popular crowd.

A presidential statement said [where] printer-friendly version of it, that "during the meeting, emphasizing the importance of the heroic role by various popular crowd forces along the rest of our military formations, and Liberation battles ISIS militants and terrorism."

"It was emphasized that attacks the crowd lately are partly attempts to drag the crowd and national defense system to concern about the continuing important role to eliminate the remnants of ISIS and final disposal of terrorism and risk against Iraq and the countries of the region and the world.

And these attacks are blatant hostile action targeting Iraq forces Al-muqtadir, Iraq will, through the Government and across all channels and all international and regional organizations that would deter aggressors and defend Iraq, security and sovereignty. "

larrykn   "And in this context stressed the audience the importance of focusing on the fundamental objective of fighting terrorism and Iraqi ground clearance of regrouping and not worry about all that would divert attention from this battle with emphasis to Iraq's sovereignty and the safety of his sons red line and that the State shall protect them And defend them before any target and requires all Iraqi units and national unity in support of his heroine, respect for the rule of law and emphasize the reference State institutions and abide by whatever strengthens this role and saves security and peace and stability of Iraq. "

larrykn   Central Bureau of statistics: rising GDP in Iraq for the first chapter 2019

Business & money   Economy news _ Baghdad   Central Bureau of statistics, announced Tuesday, rising GDP in Iraq for the first half of the year 2019.

In his report he had seen him "economy", "GDP at current basic prices for the first quarter of the year 2019 reached 60613 billion dinars, or the equivalent of 51.3 billion dollars.

"The GDP for the first half of the year 2019 rose from the first quarter of 2018 by 8.9% to the current basic prices with decreased output chapter 4% 2018", noting that "the reduction was attributed to lower output of agricultural activity due to the calendar-and lower construction activity on Investment budget and implemented and ratios declined due to delayed ratification.

He noted that "the amount of crude oil exported contributed an exclusive 44.97% of total GDP at current basic prices with a quantity of crude oil exported during chapter 357.8 million barrels to 4 million barrels a day, while the average price per barrel to $60.5 source."

He noted that the "General Government activity current prices ranked second where he contributed by 16.52% according to transport and communications activity and storage third with 10.49% contribution rate.

larrykn   Rising gold prices with a marginal decline of the dollar

Economy news _ Baghdad   Gold prices rose with a marginal decline of the dollar, amid cautious optimism investors care about cool trade tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Metal futures rose 0.26% yellow or $4 to $1541.2 a Troy ounce, at 09:50 am Mecca time, as he climbed 0.4% delivery rate 1532.9 dollars.

And the dollar index – which measures the greenback's performance against a basket of six currencies – slightly 0.14% to 97.9 points.

In his remarks to the G7 Summit yesterday, the US President said "trump" that China would like to reach a deal "urgently" to end the trade war, adding that Beijing had contacted the commercial team to propose the resumption of talks.

larrykn   Iran exports its goods to reach Iraq to one billion dollars a month

Business & money   Economy news _ Baghdad  Economic reports that Iranian goods exports to Iraq come closer to one billion dollars a month.

And Hamid said Husseini, Secretary General of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce in his remarks, export goods by an average of 30 million dollars a day to Iraq right up to a billion dollars per month, which means high that value to about $12 billion a year.

But remarkably, while Iranian exports value is positive for Tehran, however, Husseini said that exports so far in 2019, the lower level in 2018 for various reasons did not elaborate on details.

Hamid said that the Iranian rial exchange rate fluctuations against the dollar, us economic pressure, impact on the prestige of Iranian goods in the Iraqi market, after describing the "painstaking" has been restoring many Iranian goods to Iraq as tomato paste and milk.

larrykn   have a good day all

 Chattels Young_SC    Gave you a link above. Here it is again.    LINK

Chattels   The 2020 General Census awaits implementation: deliberate attempts to subordinate the census to political agendas

Tuesday 27 August

chattels   Political analyst Abdul Amir al-Moussawi believes that the census will provoke political crises because of the insistence of some to include the field of doctrine or title of clan or nationalism as well as the problems of the disputed areas within Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, which is competing for the purpose of obtaining its oil and natural resources, likely a dispute new between the center and the Kurdistan region because they are waiting to find out exactly to demand that Baghdad more money by raising the percentage allocated to them in Iraq , the financial budget, which is estimated today at 17% annually numbering ..

chattels   " ................ the census will provoke political crises because of the insistence of some to include the field of doctrine or title of clan or nationalism as well as the problems of the disputed areas within Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution,..........."

chattels   So, the general census is not the Article 140 census per se.

foxmulder   chattels there is alot of talk about a lop.not encouraging to say the least . I paid about 20 to 28 dollars for a 25,000 note ! If they lop maybe break even .

chattels   foxmulder Understood.

chattels   The Federal Supreme Court confirms that there is no difference in the legal status of men and women in the membership of the House of Representatives

Tuesday 27 August 13:17 2019

foxmulder   chattels not the best investment choice I made , to say the least

chattels   foxmulder Perhaps the return on our investment will not meet hopes/expectations.

chattels   foxmulder Nor I at this point.

foxmulder   chattels very well could be

chattels   The central bank sells more than $ 265 million at a currency auction

Tuesday 27 August 14:04 2019

mudder   The chattels brought in about a LOP is dated Oct/18..... Old news chattels...Try and keep up with the times please

foxmulder   With all the statements coming out from my Iraq and the CBI about having a higher value against the dollar a lop sure doesn't seem like a viable solution

foxmulder   mudder Been in this for many yrs same talk about a lop has never ended.

foxmulder   mudder yes it was an old article!

foxmulder   mudder it seems the times are staying the same as in previous yrs

foxmulder   chattels we will wait it out and see the final outcome will be ... I'm going to

chattels   foxmulder I am in it until the end, but one cannot ignore the possibilities. If it was a slam dunk then everybody would have dinar.

chattels   Have a fine day all.

Baxter   we are watching the reset of the world currencies

Baxter   ;ice-cream;

foxmulder   Baxter I just want to see one currency reset ...Iraqs....

Baxter   so do i

foxmulder   Baxter aand not a lot lol

foxmulder   Lop

Baxter   it wont lop

larrykn   you guys are really freaking out over this Lop thing, that won't happen, they told us years ago what they had in mind and a lop was not it.

Baxter   that link i brought in above is worth the ten minute listen..

larrykn   let me find it I'll listen

Baxter   about ten minutes above

foxmulder   larrykn Most people who seem to think that they know what is going on ,are saying Iraq is going to follow what each and every other country has done on removing the zeros ..I myself a wait and see what the end result will be

Larrykn   foxmulder they told us what they wanted to do. this is Iraq not another country , I really don't believe they will lop , people are just trying to stir the pot thats all

foxmulder   larrykn I also think Iraq has different plans

madness   Good Morning all

madness   you guys are plastered all over Recaps   talking about LOPS

Madness   still waiting on your dime, the GOI comes back sept. 3rd then the fun should start to begin

Baxter   I cant wait

madness   yeah Oct. 1st changes the next banking quarter

madness   win loose or draw, from the articles coming out of iraq they are moving full steam ahead with going international 2020 with a bang

Baxter   lets hope so...

madness   and iraq has stated they do not want to lop, they are just removing the 3 zeros in country and then raising the rate